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Octal IT Solution is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with its physical presence in the USA, UK, India, Singapore & Dubai, and serving its clients across the globe. Established in the year 2004, Octal IT Solution has developed more than 1,100 Mobile and Web Apps for over 700 clients from all parts of the world. With a team of 150+ seasoned professionals, we offer innovative solutions from our well-established development centers as well as through onsite work environments. With top-notch & affordable solutions, Octal IT Solution has earned notable associations from technology leaders like Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Acquia, STPI, D&B and many more. We are appreciated by hundreds of clients on AppFutura, Clutch, GoodFirms, AppLancer, Appdexa and Extract, consistently being among the Top-10 Mobile App Developers on these platforms.

B2B e-Commerce trend of 2021

How to Create an MVP in 2020- Step By Step Guide. A sort of minicomputer to be put on like a normal pair of glasses - glasses capable of exploiting augmented reality to not be a simple pair of glasses.

How to Create an MVP in 2020- Step By Step Guide

The idea is brilliant and the creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is necessary if you want to understand the usefulness of the product. Tom Chi, co-founder of Google X, knows it well and for this in less than a day, with a micro camera, a battery, adhesive tape, Plexiglass sheets and a series of electronic cards equipped with microcontrollers, he develops the first MVP of Google Glass. True, maybe that's the way we have a little interest, but I find it a perfect example to explain what an MVP is. A perfect example that encompasses speed of execution, containment of expenditure (economic resources, people, time) and willingness to test the essential features of the product - in order to evaluate (and subsequently implement) user feedback.

In a nutshell MVP means: If well managed it is the necessary premise. 1. 2. How to Create an MVP in 2020- Step By Step Guide. Why it is beneficial to invest in a News App or an Online Magazine. Websites, newspapers, social media are not the only sources of news in today’s time.

Why it is beneficial to invest in a News App or an Online Magazine

With the evolution of technology and its reach, new mediums have also come into being. While social media is the quickest way to get an update on any news story, it is always good to have a mobile application for your online news portal to increase the reachability of your organization. Social media might not always have the most accurate information, however, people always rely on confirmed sources for any news story. Within a span of just 5 years, the news industry has grown tremendously. There is a tough competition among the online web portals which have teams working for all news beats. A news app has its pros and cons, and the news developers have to be very quick and attentive to make an app going strong in the news world.

Still, thinking of ways to make your app attractive and get more users? Easy navigation: You should ensure smooth navigation on the news app. Develop a Mobile App keeping these points in mind. Apple and Google app stores had over 220 billion downloads in 2019, according to an App Annie study.

Develop a Mobile App keeping these points in mind

Every European spends 90 minutes a day in apps on their mobile phone. Yes, it is true when companies say: We need an app. In this blog article we summarize the different app options and describe the advantages and disadvantages for clients & what is the keeping in mind when develop a mobile app. Mobile apps are in. In 2019, sales of apps in Germany rose 32% to $1.2 billion. Why Octal is the Best Company for Food Delivery App Development. Food delivery app development is the next big thing in the digital market.

Why Octal is the Best Company for Food Delivery App Development

With everything coming online, people are forgetting the old trends of calling at the restaurants and ordering food. To develop an app that is compatible with the latest techniques of phones, you need a development team that is ahead of everyone and develops the best food delivery apps. Octal is a one-stop solution for all these food delivery services as we have a team with expansive experience who offer the best services and put in all their knowledge and efforts in creating the best product for our clients.

Now you can stay ahead of the curve and serve your customers through the best food ordering app development in the entire market. We provide all app solutions depending on the size of an organization. Buy & Sell Used Car App Development- Cost & Key Features. Have you been wondering over how the auto business is growing rapidly with each passing day?

Buy & Sell Used Car App Development- Cost & Key Features

At one point in history, the automotive business was generally one of the most receptive industries to emerging technologies. The penetration of the Car mobile application era has completely changed the automotive industry faster than we could have anticipated. In addition, tens of millions of apps downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store indicate a completely new landscape. How to Succeed in Restaurant Food Delivery Business? Craving a pizza, but can’t head out?

How to Succeed in Restaurant Food Delivery Business?

Well, with these millennial food delivery platforms at your disposal that really is not a problem anymore. No matter what you are craving for, whether pizza, pasta, burger, continental, or Chinese, they are all just your fingertips away, and you can enjoy them while binge-watching your favorite show on Hotstar. Mainly, it is this amazing convenience that is behind the insane popularity of On-demand food app.

Today the preference of people has shifted from traditional dine out to on-demand food delivery services, with Uber Eats, Swiggy, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, all of them offering their own. And with the availability of wide-range of restaurants, eateries, unlimited cuisines, and ease to make single tap payments, people are gravitating more and more towards these food delivery apps. So with more and more businesses, constantly entering in the industry, often it is wondered whether there are any sure-shot ways to make it big in this landscape.

Why Should You Invest in a News App or Your Online Magazine? E Learning Application Development Cost and Features. With the advancements in technology, every industry has transformed its operations.

E Learning Application Development Cost and Features

The approach of mobile applications has made learning all the more captivating and fascinating. Presently, you can locate a mobile application for any work. With the assistance of mobile applications, you can begin eLearning as and when required from anyplace. The education industry has experienced revolutionized changes like smart class rooms, e-learning applications which facilitates a platform where kids can enhance their learning irrespective of faculty availability. It cannot be denied that most of the students spend their time on gadgets like mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc.

We at Octal IT Solution possess immense experience in developing interactive e-learning applications, educational learning software, etc. with enriched features and performance. Hiring a Dedicated resource to boost your business. Each organization has its strategies and ways of working, however, one thing that is common among them all is that they all flourish on the efforts of dedicated teams that work behind making them reach their goals.

Hiring a Dedicated resource to boost your business

The efficiency of a business depends on how well the employees work. Professionals with a good amount of experience will always bring in fortune, also good revenue can be generated only through dedicated resources. While everything has gone online, the professionals are also called in for interviews through the medium. The right person, who fits well in a profile is selected from among the numerous candidates who apply for a role in an organization. By hiring the most talented personnel, you might reduce the cost of training, infrastructure, etc.

If an organization is looking for an app developer to work on their new project, they must ensure that a professional with good experience is hired and someone who understands the nature of their work. . • Search engine optimization. How to Develop a App Like Uber For Trucking : Cost & Features. If you are looking to grasp an understanding of how to develop an Uber-like app for the logistics business, you have come to the right place.

How to Develop a App Like Uber For Trucking : Cost & Features

In this post, we will discuss and explore the various aspects of on-demand transport and delivery services. The Uberization of the economy and the logistics market at large was driven principally by the unprecedented success of Uber. The fast-expanding company has not just revolutionized the taxi industry but also reinvented the logistics of the transportation industry by launching Uber Freight in 2017 and thus, abolishing the middle man trader.

Currently, the market giant Amazon is also setting its sights on establishing a feat in the logistics industry. Trucking growth is increasing gradually by adopting technological advancements. House Painting Application development- Cost & Key Features. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak much.

House Painting Application development- Cost & Key Features

This statement completely defines that a house design and its interiors speak more of your personality rather than words. Hence in order to reshape or redesign a house, a specific design needs to be created which covers house colors, patterns, textures, etc. Therefore with a perfect design one can make the house looks amazing and attractive. Top 10 Programming Languages in 2020 According to Github. In this technical era, people are keener to learn programming languages to have a great command over writing a computer program. Today technology is facilitating every industry, be it the autopilot mode in the aircraft or digital speedometers in the vehicles.

Computers are everywhere and helping companies to enhance their business operations. Moreover as per the changing needs of the market companies also require professionals who possess strong knowledge of more than one programming language. Manual vs. Automation Testing: A Complete Guide. It is best to be sure of what you are launching, and if the application or website being launched inefficient enough to enthrall and engage the users.

One of the most important stages of a website or mobile app development process is the testing phase. If you don’t take time to evaluate what you developed, then you might not get the response you are seeking. A company launches an application to meet the requirements of the customers online, hence, it is important for you to test and see if you are satisfied with its performance. It helps you maintain a quality check, and allows you to make any amends in the initial stage only. This stage also helps you refrain from indulging in big blunders which might happen if the app is not tested. This phase has its own significance, let’s look at the advantages of testing: How AI is Empowering Customers Experience in Mobile Banking?

Innovation and steady advancements go connected with each other. We have additionally perceived how the machines around us are getting more brilliant continuously. Artificial intelligence is one of the most vital reasons for this change. It enables the gadgets to get clever. Likewise, it has changed how organizations serve clients and continue business operations today. Further, it has advanced into basically every industry you can consider, including banking. A look at the unit economics of Zomato for food delivery. Gone are the days when you used to cook meals for your lunch and carry it in a lunch box with yourself to work. With work tasks multiplying and long working hours, it has become very difficult for a person to keep up with the household chores along with the office work. This is why online food delivery App like Zomato has flourished so much. Almost all smartphones in the country have the food application downloaded. It is the easiest solution to control your hunger pangs and get food delivered in any corner of the country.

The meal delivery applications are not too old, but they have gained widespread popularity and people are drawn towards monthly or annual subscriptions. Full stack engineer vs Specialize Developer: whom to choose? Today quick changes in the IT industry are increasing expectations of quality and aptitudes. It is required that a designer must possess expertise and knowledge of different frameworks rather than being a professional of a specific field. Therefore the demand for these changing trends is full stack developers and rapidly these developers are turning as the first choice for various organizations. Now the question here arises that is it necessary to hire a developer possessing knowledge on multiple platforms rather than a specialized programmer of a specific technology.

Here in this, you will get a reference to the basic question that arises while picking the developers. Before beginning let’s get a complete insight into what is a full stack developer and specialist developer. What is the Role of Chatbots in the Growth of Your Business. How to develop an app for Apple Watch. Why every hospital should have a Hospital Management System? Managing a hospital is no mean feat. After all, running any hospital consists of a plethora of tasks like storing tonnes of information and a lot of decision-making is involved.

Fantasy Football Application Development Cost and Key Features

14 Factors that (highly) affect mobile app development cost. Well done! If you’re here, it’s because you’re super ambitious, you want to launch your own mobile app! Surely you have an innovative idea? Finally, I wish for you. List of top 10 software development firms. Why Healthcare IT Service Providers Should Adapt IoT. How small businesses can benefit from the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)? How to build a city guide app for travelers? Top Software Development Companies in Toronto. Fantasy Ice Hockey App Development Cost and Key Features. Enhance store retail experience with software development. If you think about the retail industry, you’d probably be on the side of the vast majority of people who think the whole shopping experience is online. The mere idea of physical stores may seem outdated or, at the very least, obsolete, especially when compared to the convenience of shopping with one’s own smartphone.

However, you would be wrong to assume that the physical stores are decaying. In fact, recent results indicate that 90% of all retail sales in North America are in physical stores. Moreover, it is estimated that over the next five years, this percentage will only decrease by 10%. This means that in-store retail is still important. In fact, new technologies offer innovative opportunities for retailers to meet the needs of consumers by offering them a more convenient and sophisticated shopping experience.

In-store recovery: Even online marketers love to touch and feel what they buy. These are some of the biggest trends in retail today, for one very specific reason. Things to Know Before You Hire Offshore App Developers. Create a Feature Set for Turning an App Idea into Product? An app is considered as a small software program that is generally used on mobile devices.

Kiosk Software Development- Everything you Need to Know

Common Challenges Faced by the Developers in the Making of Wearable Apps. Things to consider to succeed in your restaurant franchise business. How to Create and Grow Your Female Health Tracking App? Almost all of us must be using one or the other health tracking apps. With a wide variety of wrist trackers, wearables and health applications available on the market, this trend has become rather prevalent. However, this health tracking app market has been long populated by fitness apps, disease management apps, diet and nutrition apps, etc. In the meantime, the niche of women’s health tracking apps stayed fairly small. Why Load Test is crucial for the success of any app or web ? Once the mammoth task of app creation is successfully accomplished, next comes another critical task that ensures the ultimate success of a mobile app, server, or a service.

How much does it cost to develop a tow-truck booking app? How APIs are transforming the Banking & Finance sector? What are the 6 reasons for killing an app through a bad UX. How to Create a Loan App? Tips to Start & grow your Business. Is Flutter Overtaking Native App Development in the Future?

Effective Ways to Minimize Problems In The Food Delivery Industry

How Much Does it Cost to develop an app like Urbanclap. Octal Ranked on the Clutch 1000 List of Top B2B Companies. Steps to minimize problems in the food delivery industry. Ways to increase the pace of retail and E-Commerce using logistics optimization. Common challenges faced by Food Delivery industry. Is Flutter Overtaking Native App Development in the Future? Why Taxi Business Should Invest In Taxi App Development.

How to Build a Team Task Management App

Android Q vs. iOS 13. List of 5 Steps that Describe the Planning Budget for App Development. How Much Does it Cost to Create a Fantasy Golf Mobile App? How Much Does it Cost to Create a Fantasy Golf Mobile App? Web app or hybrid app? No thanks. Why are native apps the best? How to develop an app like Telegram in Singapore? What is popular in New Jersey? Sports betting or fantasy sports?

Everything You Need to Know about e Scooter App Development. The Impact of Data Regulations on Contact Centres. How can you turn your app idea into reality?

Confirmed! Whatsapp pay to launch in India soon

Flutter Mobile Application Development: What are its Pros & Cons? Importance of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for mobile app development. What are the right ways to choose the best mobile app development company to build your app? Which are the Top 5 Food Delivery Services in Singapore? How Cyber security frameworks (CSF) are essential in Healthcare industry. How popular are fantasy sports mobile apps in India. How MEAN stack development can make a difference to your app project? How Android Jetpack is helpful in the App Development process?

How to select a Mobile App Development Company? Flutter vs Xamarin vs React Native detailed comparison. Know how much it costs to create a Taxi-booking Mobile App-like Uber. How to Create a Mobile App Like - Instagram? What is iBeacon Technology and How Are Businesses benefiting? How to Become Next Fantasy Sport Business Sensation like Dream11? How Fantasy Sports Platforms Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy. How to Become Next Fantasy Sport Business Sensation like Dream11? Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps To Earn Cash Daily. Fantasy Cricket Mobile App Development to boost your Sports Business! How to Become Next Fantasy Sport Business Sensation like Dream11? Why Launch Cricket Fantasy App before 2019-20. How Fantasy Sports Platforms Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy. Top 10 Fantasy Sports App Development Companies. The Laws Relating to Fantasy Sports Games in India. How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11?

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop E-card Maker Mobile App? Mobile Application Development. Exploring the benefits of Waterless Carwash in UAE. How Much Does It Cost to Develop Grocery Delivery Mobile App. Why Google Duplex is the Best AI Voice Assistance ? 3 Food Delivery Platforms for Better Business Opportunities. On-Delivery Liquor Delivery Mobile App: Development Cost and Features. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Octal It Solution - Accueil. Octal IT Solution. Octal IT Solution (@octalitsolution)

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