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Occupy EARTH: REAL IMPACT. Easily 400 people attended OCCUPY EARTH worldwide, a 24 hour online music and poetry festival; Occupiers raised enough funding to keep over 200 hands warm this winter at Occupy Wall Streets all over America and the World.


Literally ALL DAY December 17, 2011, this truly global event featured 5 hours of Live Poetry Readings, 7 hours of Live Music Concerts, and 10 hours of Incredibly Fun DeeJay Parties. Welcome To The United Police States of America, Sponsored By Twitter. Imagine my surprise this morning when, without warning, my shiny new Twitter account (@d_seaman) was suspended and taken offline.

Welcome To The United Police States of America, Sponsored By Twitter

No more tweets for you. You now have 0 followers. My crime? Talking too much about Occupy Wall Street (I'm not an Occupier, but as a blogger and journalist it strikes me as one of the most important stories out there -- hence the constant coverage), and talking too much about the controversial detainment without trial provisions contained in the FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would basically shred the Bill of Rights and subject American citizens to military police forces.

The same level of civil rights protection that enemy combatants in a cave in Afghanistan receive! But no, my tweets were 'annoying our users,' according to Twitter's suspension notice. A Sign Occupy Wall Street Is Having Political Impact. Von der Dunk: 'Hoe erg vindt Den Haag etnische zuivering?' - Thomas von der Dunk. Thomas von der Dunk − 10/11/11, 13:38 © anp.

Von der Dunk: 'Hoe erg vindt Den Haag etnische zuivering?' - Thomas von der Dunk

PVV Tweede Kamerlid Raymond de Roon. Het PVV-Kamerlid De Roon beschuldigt het Egyptische leger van etnische zuivering. US war veterans key to OWS movement' 'US war veterans key to OWS movement' Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:8PM Interview with American activist, Kathy McConaghi.

US war veterans key to OWS movement'

Poll Results - Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year 2011? UC cops' use of batons on Occupy camp questioned. A debate over the use of police force has reignited at the UC Berkeley campus after videos surfaced showing officers repeatedly shoving and jabbing screaming students who tried to keep officers from dismantling a nascent Occupy encampment.

UC cops' use of batons on Occupy camp questioned

The videos taken by protesters, journalists and casual observers show UC Berkeley police and Alameda County sheriff's deputies in riot gear ordering students with linked arms to leave a grassy area outside the campus administration building Wednesday. When the students didn't move, police lowered their face shields and began hitting the protesters with batons. University police say the students, who chanted "You're beating students" during the incident, were not innocent bystanders, and that the human fence they tried to build around seven tents amounted to a violent stance against police. But many law enforcement experts said Thursday that the officers' tactics appeared to be a severe overreaction. Sgt. Questionable actions Handling civil disobedience. Legends of the Fail.

Occupy Wall Street: Music Central To Protest. By DAVID BAUDER, The Associated Press.

Occupy Wall Street: Music Central To Protest

Plastic bullets available to police for Wednesday's student protests. Riot police clash with students during the November 2010 demonstrations in London against tuition fees.

Plastic bullets available to police for Wednesday's student protests

Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/Press Association Images Baton rounds of plastic bullets will be available to police chiefs in an attempt to prevent disorder from breaking out in the capital during the latest round of student fees protests. Trained officers will be free to use baton rounds for "extreme" measures as 10,000 protesters march through London on Wednesday to voice their anger over tuition fees and cuts. Scotland Yard commander Simon Pountain said about 4,000 officers will be on duty to police the event amid fears the march could be hijacked by anarchists. Extra police are being deployed to help prevent a repeat of the scenes in November and December last year, when hundreds of arrests were made during protests over student fees.

Slavoj Zizek: 'Now the field is open' - Talk to Al Jazeera. From the Middle East to the streets of London and cities across the US there is a discontent with the status quo.

Slavoj Zizek: 'Now the field is open' - Talk to Al Jazeera

Whether it is with the iron grip of entrenched governments or the widening economic divide between the rich and those struggling to get by. Fighting in the Fifth Dimension - Al Jazeera World. It has been called the 'fifth dimension of warfare'.

Fighting in the Fifth Dimension - Al Jazeera World

Along with land, sea, air and space - the cyberworld is increasingly becoming a new frontline. Innovations in technology are changing the tactics of modern-day conflict. There are new tools in today's arsenal of weapons. Helped by advances in electro-magnetics and modern information and communications technology, a new form of electronic warfare has been created. Live News Video on 7online. Occupy Wall Street Protest Reaches a Crossroads. Lone protester camps at Taunton church. 4 November 2011Last updated at 15:30 Mr Watkins said he felt compelled to do something after he saw the protests outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Lone protester camps at Taunton church

The latest crackdown threat to hit 'Occupy' Mayor Michael Bloomberg is talking tough again, darkly hinting that he may have to take action to shut down Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street's Message Gains Momentum In Congress. WASHINGTON -- Occupy Wall Street is finding a louder voice in Congress as lawmakers invoked its rhetoric repeatedly Wednesday in attempts to crack down on speculation, punish dangerous mine operators and pass a jobs bill. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) acknowledged that the Occupy movement could help advance legislation they rolled out designed to "squeeze ... volatility out of the market. " Joined by Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), the chairman of the Populist Caucus, Harkin and DeFazio introduced the Targeted Wall Street Trading Tax bill.

Harkin said the bill targets large-scale investors. The tax, Harkin said, "is a matter of simple prudence, fairness, and fiscal sanity. " Further, DeFazio argued that economic recovery requires tamping down the most excessive activities on Wall Street. House Republicans are adamantly opposed to all such tax measures, including on transactions, so the measure stands little chance of becoming law. Occupy Oakland: police to be investigated over Scott Olsen injury. Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen is seen lying on the ground after he was apparently hit by a projectile at a protest. Photograph: screengrab via YouTube Oakland police are to be the subject of a formal investigation after Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull at an Occupy Oakland protest last week. Oakland's Citizens' Police Review Board is launching the investigation after it received a complaint on Friday.

Police in Oakland are bracing themselves for a general strike on Wednesday, which has been announced by the city's Occupy movement and is expected to cause disruption across the city. Olsen, 24, was seriously injured after allegedly being hit on the head by a police projectile. People power versus the global economy - Inside Story. The Occupy movement is spreading around the world and gaining momentum.

And with no end in sight, it is causing concern to governments everywhere. It began in New York but has now spread to more than 900 cities across the globe. The protesters, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, continue to express their anger at the global financial system, corporate greed and government cutbacks. Occupy Oakland general strike – live. 12:00pm: Thousands of protesters are expected to gather in Oakland, California, for a general strike and mass day of action in support of the Occupy Oakland movement.

Workers, university students and school pupils are all being urged to rally near the Occupy camp, with banks and large corporations expected to be targeted by marches. The strike aims to "shut down" the city, culminating with a march to the port of Oakland to prevent the transit of cargo. Activity is expected to centre on 14th Street and Broadway – where Scott Olsen, a former marine, was hit and seriously injured by a police projectile last week. 'Occupy' demonstrators battle wind and cold as storm moves in. NEW: Protesters in Seattle set up camp at a local collegePolice in Denver, Colorado, fire pepper spray at protesters; arrest 7Snowstorm moves into New York as demonstrators huddle in tentsAuthorities removed their propane tanks and generators Friday New York (CNN) -- Demonstrators encamped in a Lower Manhattan park faced New York's first snow storm of the season Saturday without the benefit of propane tanks and generators that they had been using to cook food and keep warm.