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Silicon Valley has been a Mecca for geeks from all over the world. The Geektrip to Silicon Valley is a one week long trip, focusing on the technology, business and innovations. During 5 business days Geektrippers have a chance to meet remarkable people and learn from the best companies in the Valley. Contact us, we will talk about the startups you're interested in! We can customize, and organize exclusive Geektrip for your Corporation. GeekTrip | Main page GeekTrip | Main page
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Pictarine - Zest of life This policy was last modified on September 4, 2012 Introduction The Service Pictarine is a service owned and operated by Pictarine, Inc. ("Pictarine", "We", "Us" or "Our") which makes various services (the “Service” or the “Services”) available on our mobile application or (called the "Site") including, but not limited to, photo sharing, link to your Pictarine account third party websites or services you want to monitor (including but not limited to: photo-hosting websites, social networks, email providers, micro-blogging services, etc. (collectively "Third Party Services")), Newsletters, and other similar services for personal, non-commercial and home use.
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