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With Zoho, you focus on your business while we take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive. "One of our favorite cloud office suites comes from Zoho" "Zoho is the most comprehensive suite of web-based programmes for small businesses..." "I typed this story in Zoho Writer, even though I had never even tried it until this week. So far, so good..." "Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu weighs in on cloud computing business" More More Than 5 Million Users Work Online With Zoho More Than 5 Million Users Work Online With Zoho
Buy a printable PDF in English and in French. Read the French version – Thanks to Gilles Peyroux. See a text-only version We’ve now has Rhetological translated into German, Italian and Spanish. Thanks to Klaus-Michael Lux and Iván Galarza for their great work. Rhetological Fallacies Rhetological Fallacies
» 55 Ways to Get More Energy Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Greg Go, co-author of Wise Bread‘s new book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget. Buy the book today (by Monday 11:59pm PDT) and get a $15 Ebates bonus and a chance to win a brand new Flip Cam. If you’re tired all the time, a change in what you eat (diet) or what you do all day (activity pattern) may be all you need to turn things around 180°. You won’t be able to do everything on this list all the time — you’d tire yourself out trying to get more energy — but do try them all to see which ones work for you and your schedule. » 55 Ways to Get More Energy
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The storm inside Illustration: Frank Maiorana THE first stark pain of the newly arrived day is upon you the moment you wake. The depression has already beaten you to it. It's up and about, waiting for you ahead of time. Not being asleep is bad news in itself, with the challenge in front of you of another 15 hours (or less you hope, if you can wangle it, maybe) of coping with the terrible weight. The storm inside
Upside-Down-Ternet My neighbours are stealing my wireless internet access. I could encrypt it or alternately I could have fun. I'm starting here by splitting the network into two parts, the trusted half and the untrusted half. The trusted half has one netblock, the untrusted a different netblock. Upside-Down-Ternet
My plot hook character questionnaire worked really well. : rpg
**IMPORTANT** Okay, since the massive amount of interest in a list like this
NerdKits - learn electronics with our educational microcontroller kit
Orange Crate Art [Mark Trail, April 16, 2014.] Mark Trail has a new artist: Jack Elrod has passed the ball to longtime assistant James Allen. And Mark is back home after catching a poacher. Orange Crate Art
IAMA student attending a high school in Japan. AMA : anime
I'm a retired French riot police captain. AMA. : IAmA
UberStudent - Linux for Learners (College and Advanced Secondary Students and Lifelong Learners)
Zorin OS Zorin OS Last Update: Saturday 22 February 2014 14:42 GMT OS Type: LinuxBased on: Debian, UbuntuOrigin: IrelandArchitecture: i386, x86_64Desktop: GNOME, LXDECategory: Desktop, Live MediumStatus: ActivePopularity: 13 (815 hits per day) Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed especially for newcomers to Linux. It has a Windows-like graphical user interface and many programs similar to those found in Windows.
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Collection: Animals (by CrazyGolem
Collection: Earthly Creatures (by tomat
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I hope this is the right subr: I've discovered a simple but odd sort of relaxation exercise and want to know if anyone else has done something similar. : self I originally did this as an attempt at lucid dreaming. This was not successful, but it's fun and relaxing It's the middle of summer so I'm pretty lethargic and unfocused. I don't kow why but tonight I just decided I need to try to pull my shit together mentally. I hope this is the right subr: I've discovered a simple but odd sort of relaxation exercise and want to know if anyone else has done something similar. : self
I have $50 to spend on food for the next two weeks. What are some cheap, nourishing meals I can make? : food This should not be a problem at all. The trick is to have good meals so that you don't need to buy snack at mark ups. For breakfasts, go get bagels and cream cheese or eggs and bread. If you eat a reasonable portion you can do this for $1/portion. $36 left. For lunch, if you make a salad with quinoa, rice, barley, chickpeas, or another good filler, you will have a hearty meal. I always have a piece of baguette with mine to make it even more filling at little expense. I have $50 to spend on food for the next two weeks. What are some cheap, nourishing meals I can make? : food
Kitchen | On A Dollar A Day Cookbooks We have quite a collection of cookbooks, but the ones listed below are the ones that we use the most frequently. Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope RomeroVegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra MoskowitzVegan Planet by Robin RobertsonVegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant TerryEat, Drink, and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton Recipes Here are a few of the recipes we used during our experimenting: Kitchen | On A Dollar A Day
Broke college students, this one is for you! The cheapest, easiest pasta salad ever! : Cooking I know how hard it is to eat healthy on a student budget. This recipe helps me when I need a boost from some good veggies. Here's a couple of the awesome advantages of this recipe: It's completely vegetarian.
There's a website that will determine when you should go to sleep to wake up at a proper time according to the standard sleep cycle. via A community to share tips and tricks that will help yourself improve on activities, skills and various other tasks Remember before you submit you should remember what this subreddit is for. YSKs are about self-improvment on how to do things not for facts and figures, that is what /r/TodayILearned is for.
[YSK] 15 Hygiene Habits You Shouldn't Miss in Your Daily Routine via
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Language Hacking Guide, written by multilingual Benny Lewis | Fluent in 3 months
Your Paintings
‪The Books - 01 - Group Autogenics I - The Way Out‬‏
Going Green: 365 Ways to Change Our World: Book review via
TIL the supernatural phenomena alleged to happen during the crucifixion—walking ghosts, earthquakes, darkness, etc—are copied from the portents of Julius Caesar's assasination. via
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