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Group Tools. Protovis integration - JS data visualization framework. Basic integration of Protovis JS visualization library + network and resume visualization Last updated 1024 days ago This plugin is mainly an integration of Stanford JS visualization library :

Protovis integration - JS data visualization framework

Draft - Developper Sur Elgg. How to Build Your Own Social Network with Elgg? Réseaux sociaux - Elgg - créer un réseau social avec Elgg. Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Engine. Group Moderate. Last updated 1467 days ago This plugin allows to moderate group creations, so that, every user is allowed to create groups, and groups entities are indeed created though they immediately turn disabled.

Group Moderate

The admins of the website then have the capability of running through the disabled group entities and enabling them. Google Tools. Piwik - Open Source Analytics. ELGG communauté francophone.