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The Center for Mindful Eating - Home. 13 Things Nutritionists Actually Want You To Know. Nutrition and Digital Bytes - Food Byte. Monash University Low FODMAP Diet. EatRight PA Blog - PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Lead Purposefully, Not By Passion by Clancey Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND People call me passionate but I have little passion.

EatRight PA Blog - PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

For years passion diminished the potential influence I had as a Registered Dietitian. Passion was the roadblock in my career path because I was too busy trying to achieve big dreams. I was suffering from what some physiologists call the passion paradox. Over the years I was driven by three main goals: I wanted to be the best blogger but had 3 failing blogs.I wanted to be the best mom but was overscheduled and the quality time with my kids was sacrificed.I wanted to be the best Pediatric Dietitian but did not have time to focus on pediatric nutrition. In 2014, I became the President of the Al Beech West Side Food Pantry and everything changed. During this time, I was recruited by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics to be a leader on the Community Voices Project.

I learned poverty is fluid in the United States. At first, I had a new passion. Nutrition Blog Network. Summer Tomato - Upgrade Your Healthstyle. SDA Blog Archive - Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) Keep Food Safe Blog. IFIC Foundation - Your Nutrition and Food Safety Resource. The Truth About Coconut Oil - Ellie Krieger. Although it’s been more than five years since coconut oil began its meteoric rise in the U.S. marketplace, the confusion about it has not waned a bit.

The Truth About Coconut Oil - Ellie Krieger

“Should I switch to coconut oil?” Is consistently one of the most common questions that come across my desktop — not surprising given that you could throw a dart at the Internet and hit a claim about the oil’s amazing healing power. Mostly, there has been a paucity of good science on it, but a meta-analysis (a systematic review of the existing research) published this year in Nutrition Reviews has shed some light on the topic.

I spoke with the lead researcher, Laurence Eyres, chairman of the Oils & Fats Specialist Group at the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, for further insight. The study found that coconut oil, which is 92 percent saturated fat, raises LDL (bad) cholesterol less than butter does, but significantly more than unsaturated plant oils do. Coconut oil has a lot going for it from a culinary perspective. Fooducate. This is a guest post by Fooducate community member Glitchtastic.


I've recently lost 20 pounds. People ask me how I did it. I’d love to tell you that I was sitting around one day inspired to get up and get fit, but unfortunately that is not how it happened. On July 20th, my fiancé was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. We knew that it was possible, that he could get it. Had you asked me in June if my family had healthy eating habits, I would have answered yes without hesitation. In the short time since I've lost weight there is one question I get asked consistently - “What’s your secret?” I wish I had an answer that people wanted to hear. Diet has become such a negative word that equates for many to deprivation.

Truth be told, you really don’t have to feel like you are missing out on anything. Food Politics by Marion Nestle. Food & Nutrition Magazine. Food & Nonsense - Nutritional Ponderings from a Registered Dietitian. Obesity Action Coalition » OAC Blog. Is Bariatric Surgery for Me?

Obesity Action Coalition » OAC Blog

Ask Yourself these Questions Posted on October 13th, 2016 by admin in Bariatric Surgery BlogThis Post has No CommentsTags: bariatric surgery Disclaimer: It is important to talk with your healthcare provider before making or starting any treatment decision. This blog post does not reflect the views of the OAC, the National Board of Directors or staff. Information contained in this blog post is not based on scientific research and has not been... Common Barriers to Maintaining Your Weight-loss After Bariatric Surgery Bariatric surgery is a great tool which gives you a powerful leg up in the weight-loss game. Creating the OAC Image Gallery: The Story Behind the Camera Posted on September 14th, 2016 by admin in Blog Weight BiasThis Post has No CommentsTags: image gallery stock photo weight bias In our latest blog post, we introduced the very beginning of the OAC’s image gallery that was launched just last month! OAC Launches Image Gallery to Reduce Weight Bias!

Dietitians Online Blog. Blog - Sodium Breakup. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant to the American Heart Association (“AHA”) and its successors and anyone authorized by it the following unrestricted rights and release, all of which may be exercised without geographical, time or other limitation: In regards to the submission of stories, video or digital recordings, whether of an audio or visual nature, and photographs (collectively “Submitted Material”) for use by the AHA, I hereby release the AHA from all liability, and make the following grants and representations in connection therewith: (c) I represent and warrant that the information provided to the AHA is a true and accurate account, is original, does not infringe on another’s copyright or other proprietary rights, is not defamatory and that I have full right and authority to disclose and convey the Story or provide the Photograph(s) and/or video recording to the AHA.

Blog - Sodium Breakup

Authority Nutrition - Daily Articles About Nutrition and Health. AICR Blog – Research news and views on preventing and surviving cancer. Nutrition and healthy eating Expert Blog.