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5 Health food trends in the UAE to keep an eye on | Bolst Global. The UAE, like many countries across the world, is seeing huge changes to its population in terms of attitudes to eating and consumption habits. But just what are these trends and what could they mean for your product’s entry into this huge market? Trend #1: a growing hunger for organic foods Organic food is the biggest and fastest growing market in the UAE region, driven by high disposable incomes coupled with a greater awareness of health issues and the benefits of organic produce; in a recent study in the UAE, around 80% of the sampled population agreed with the suggestion to improve availability, pricing and education in relation to organic produce. This is in line with government targets, as farmers are increasingly encouraged to use land to grow organically. However, the market is hugely limited by the climate of the area, as the lack of potable water and the high costs of desalination means that the UAE must rely heavily on imports.

Trend #1: a growing hunger for organic foods. Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse – PlantPowerDubai. The perfect juice cleanse: detoxify, hydrate, heal and nourish your body. Are you ready? Why juice? A juice fast is a cleanse that rids your body of toxins by shutting down the digestive system. All required nutrients for the body to function are provided through a series of fresh, raw cold-press juices.

Fasting has been used for thousands of years to reap many health benefits; from physical, mental and spiritual benefits. How does it work? On a daily basis we will deliver six fresh cold pressed juices in an easy to carry around cooler bag. When juicing we eliminate all solid food for 3, 5 or 7 days to give your body a break from the digestion process. Our Flavours Assile's Story Our Cold Pressed juice cleanse program was born out of my own experience of juice fasting and how it transformed my life.

A week of no food for an emotional eater seemed impossible, but by the 3rd day, all I was hungry for was my return to nature. Since then, Juicing has done wonders for my life. Eat it or Save It - Goumbook. Ecomz - Advanced ecommerce website builder tailored for you. Edama Organic Solutions. Foods 09 00463 v2. Gulfood 2020: UAE aims to cut food waste by 50% There is enough food for the people on the planet but still millions of people go to bed hungry due to massive food wastage, a senior UAE official said on Monday. "One-third of food being produced globally goes waste when over 800 million people go to bed hungry every day.

So, there is enough food but distribution is not efficient," said Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, the UAE's Minister of State for Food Security. "Food security is necessary because we are heading towards very high number of people, therefore, food demand will rise. But our planet doesn't have more resources to give so we are going see food gap," Mariam said while giving the opening speech at the Gulfood 2020. "The UAE aims to reach 50 per cent decrease in food wastage by 2030 and we have KPI (key performance index) for that because the UAE imports 90 per cent of food, therefore, food safety and security standards are the top priority. " ITC. Juice Cleanse Dubai | Cold Pressed Juices and Cleanses – Cold Press Juices Dubai UAE GoOrganic ME. Meet the top 5 investment harvesters of 2020 | MAGNiTT. As of November 2020, Agriculture startups in the MENA and emerging markets space have witnessed 18 investment rounds take place this year.

Agriculture, or as we are seeing now, Agritech, is a fast-growing (pardon the pun) industry that involves the practice of a variety of technologies to help disrupt the traditional sector as we know it. Around 90% of food in the GCC is imported, which in itself attracts several issues, including food security and food waste. Traditional ways of Agriculture in the region also carry problems, from water scarcity and soil erosion to a lack of mechanical innovation and 'poor quality' of land. We are now seeing regional startups using innovative and cutting-edge technologies to help solve these challenges, transform the archaic ways of the industry, and improve sustainability. Despite the funding rounds and increased interest in Agritech, the industry within the region is still developing, but appears to be on the up-and-up. 1. 2. 3. 5. Nutrition Transition in the United Arab Emirates U.

Our Innovation | SmartGourmet. TGTW pitchdeck UAE. The Emirates of Startups: Which startups have helped shape the UAE in 2020? | MAGNiTT. MAGNiTT’s 2019 UAE Venture Report revealed that there has been significant growth in the number of deals over the years, with 2019 being the best on record; not forgetting Uber’s landmark $3.1B acquisition of Careem, resulting in the first-ever unicorn exit in the country/region. Similarly, in the first half of the current year, the UAE has continued to account for the largest share of total funding (59%) attributed to several large funding rounds (keep reading to learn more about these deals!). The UAE has emerged as a strong and resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem; from creating a collaborative environment and strong infrastructure, to supporting and nurturing its talent across various prominent sectors, the country is cementing its place as a central innovation hub in the region. Discover more than 2,800 UAE-based startups on MAGNiTT Meet the 5 top-funded startups in the UAE so far this year: 2.

Kitopi Foodtech startup Kitopi stands for Kitchen Operation Innovation. 3. 4. 5. UAE working to cut food waste by half by 2030, says minister - The National. The UAE aims to cut its food waste by half over the next decade, the Minister of State for Food Security has said. The average person in the country wastes around 197 kilograms of food each year – more than double the figure for Europe. Speaking at the opening of an annual food industry conference this week, Mariam Almheiri said food security was a “top priority”. The authorities in the Emirates have reported that the issue costs the country a staggering Dh13 billion annually. “The UAE aims to reach 50 per cent decrease in food wastage by 2030,” the minister said.

“Because the UAE imports 90 per cent of its food, food safety and security are the top priority.” Studies have shown that substantial food waste is most prevalent among developed countries. Experts have said this is due to consumers in rich nations failing to plan purchases properly and buying more than they need. Ms Almheiri has argued for some time about the need for the UAE to “step up” its game on food waste. Yearly food waste in UAE pegged at 197kg per person | Uae. Annual food waste in the UAE is estimated at 197 kg per person, compared with 95 to 115 kg in Europe and North America, a top official of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) told Gulf News on Tuesday. In an exclusive interview ahead of the World Food Day October 16, Mageed Yahia, director of WFP Office in UAE and Representative to the GCC, said the figures were based on a recent research report released by the Dubai Industrial Park and The Economist Intelligence Unit on the sidelines of Gulfood 2019.

“The study also noted that the Government of the UAE is taking steps to develop a regulatory framework to enable recycling of waste into compost,” he said, adding, “The UAE is aiming to recycle 75 per cent of its countries’ municipal solid waste over the next decade.” Yahia’s comments come in the wake of the #StopTheWaste movement for change, launched by WFP globally across social media platforms. Sources of maximum waste UAE activations What can you do to prevent food waste.