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Facebook Twitter Clean, Free Energy. Innovations & Ecologie. Découvrons cette fois ci un autre beau domaine de créativité qui est d’actualité, l’éco-innovation.

Innovations & Ecologie

Nous relevons avec enthousiasme les défis écologiques avec ingéniosité. Les enjeux sont de taille: la sauvegarde de nos forêts, éliminer la pollution marine, atmosphérique, la gestion de nos déchets, l’utilisation intelligente des ressources d’énergies disponibles. L’Homme prend conscience des effets néfastes qu’il peut avoir sur son environnement et renverser la vapeur ne pourra que nous faire du bien! Les principales sources d’inspiration sont par exemple: le développement des énergies renouvelables tels que le solaire, l’éolien, les bio énergies et le marin, le recyclage et l’utilisation de matériaux recyclés ou biodégradables dans la conception de nos produits.

Mes mots clés tendances dans ce domaine: #Upcycling #BioFuel #EcoDesign #Bionique L’efficacité des technologies augmente rapidement et on innove donc dans leur miniaturisation pour les intégrer dans les objets autour de nous.


Material. Recycling / Resources. Smart Eco Design. MIT Wristband Could Make AC Obsolete. The Wristify prototype is a personal climate-controlling wearable. Image: Wristify Here’s a scary statistic: In 2007, 87 percent of households in the U.S. used air conditioning, compared to just 11 percent of households in Brazil and a mere 2 percent in India. Another one: By 2025, booming nations like those are projected to account for a billion new consumers worldwide, with a corresponding explosion in demand for air conditioning expected to arrive along with them. 8 inventions techno-écolo ! Des végétaux très au courant.

8 inventions techno-écolo !

Synthetic creatures could "save nature" says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. Synthetic living creatures would be released into the wild to save endangered species and clean up pollution under this futuristic proposal by designer Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (+ slideshow + interview).

Synthetic creatures could "save nature" says Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Called Designing for the Sixth Extinction, the project is designed to trigger debate about how artificial organisms could be used to solve environmental problems. "I'm looking at how we could do rewilding using synthetic biology," said Ginsberg. Led Mushroom par Yukio Takano. Des champignons dans une maison, un bureau … c’est jamais très bon signe.

Led Mushroom par Yukio Takano

Sauf quand il s’agit de champignons que l’on dirait tout droit sortis d’un conte fantastique et qu’ils sont destinés à illuminer votre bureau. Le designer japonais Yukio Takano a imaginé un concept eco-design de lampe de bureau dénommé Led Mushroom. Portant un certain intérêt aux champignons, Yukio Takano a réalisé cette série de lampes à la fois amusantes et très réalises représentant des champignons poussant sur des souches de bois. Les champignons sont réalisés en matière synthétique et sont incrustés de LED pour offrir une petite lumière d’ambiance. La base en bois sur laquelle il repose, abrite une batterie qui va servir à alimenter le dispositif en énergie et un bouton marche / arrêt. 3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production.

Engineer Jim Kor and his design for the Urbee 2.

3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

Photo: Sara Payne Picture an assembly line not that isn’t made up of robotic arms spewing sparks to weld heavy steel, but a warehouse of plastic-spraying printers producing light, cheap and highly efficient automobiles. New Invention Makes Ocean Water Drinkable. Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism July 2, 2013 Chemists with the University of Texas and the University of Marburg have devised a method of using a small electrical field that will remove the salt from seawater.

New Invention Makes Ocean Water Drinkable

Incredibly this technique requires little more than a store-bought battery. Called electrochemically mediated seawater desalination (EMSD) this technique has improved upon the current water desalination method. Richard Cooks, chemistry professor at the University of Austin said : “The availability of water for drinking and crop irrigation is one of the most basic requirements for maintaining and improving human health.” Cooks continued: “Seawater desalination is one way to address this need, but most current methods for desalinating water rely on expensive and easily contaminated membranes. Révolutionner le carton. Outsmart Waste.

Upcycling Ideas and Inspiration. La première champignonnière urbaine va sortir de terre à Paris. Un papier imprimable par jet d'eau - News Santé: Sciences. Environnement Pour éviter le gaspillage d'encre et de papier, une équipe de chercheurs chinois a mis au point un papier réutilisable à volonté sur lequel on imprime au jet d'eau.

un papier imprimable par jet d'eau - News Santé: Sciences

A lieu du jet d'encre, l'impression fonctionne à jet d'eau.Image: (photo d'illustration)/Reuters Signaler une erreur Vous avez vu une erreur? Merci de nous en informer. Veuillez SVP entrez une adresse e-mail valide Partager & Commenter. Qui est Boyan Slat, le sauveur des océans ? - - Cartridgeworld Magazine. Ce jeune homme sauvera-t-il nos océans ?

Qui est Boyan Slat, le sauveur des océans ? - - Cartridgeworld Magazine

Boyan Slat, étudiant néerlandais de 19 ans, a un projet fou : débarrasser nos océans des millions de tonnes de plastiques qui l’envahissent, et forment aujourd’hui ce qu’on appelle les 7e et 8e continents. Creating Plastic Out of Thin Air. Newlight Technologies co-founder Mark Herrema shows off AirCarbon pellets | Image credit: Dan MacMedan/USA TODAY We’re hearing more and more often about inventive new ways companies are turning waste into valuable resources — from turning everything from CO2 and methane gases to human and food waste into fuels, and plastic into bacteria-battling “ninja polymers.”

Creating Plastic Out of Thin Air

This week USA Today explored another breakthrough — a process that extracts carbon molecules from methane gas and turns them into plastic. California-based startup Newlight Technologies is using captured methane gas from dairy farms and turning it into AirCarbon, a durable and versatile plastic that can be used in everything from furniture and food containers to auto parts. Compostable Material to Replace Plastic? Hydroelectricity.

Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.


It is the most widely used form of renewable energy, accounting for 16 percent of global electricity generation – 3,427 terawatt-hours of electricity production in 2010,[1] and is expected to increase about 3.1% each year for the next 25 years. Hydropower is produced in 150 countries, with the Asia-Pacific region generating 32 percent of global hydropower in 2010. China is the largest hydroelectricity producer, with 721 terawatt-hours of production in 2010, representing around 17 percent of domestic electricity use.

The Solar Energy Timeline. Innovative Wind Turbine Smaller Than a Penny Could Power Your Smartphone. Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have developed a renewable energy technology smaller than our smallest form of currency, yet capable of charging smartphones. The micro-windmills designed by electrical engineering professor Dr. J. -C. Gravity Battery Concept. The Crystal Cell - turning coherent quantum flu. Electrical Power from Water Vapor Fuel. Power plant claims to produce hydrogen by splitting water with sunlight. The plant would use an array of mirrors to focus sunlight onto a huge towerThe tower heats up to 1,350 °C - enough to liberate hydrogen from steamScientists describe the process as the Holy Grail of a hydrogen economy By Ellie Zolfagharifard Published: 18:07 GMT, 1 August 2013 | Updated: 11:31 GMT, 14 November 2013.

Energy-producing shell covered with hairs that can extract wind energy. Belatchew Architects presents a visionary idea called STRAWSCRAPER, the first project to come out of their business called Belatchew Labs. STRAWSCRAPER is an extension of the south tower on Södermalm in Stockholm with a new energy-producing shell covered with hairs that can extract wind energy. What was originally meant to be 40 storeys became only 26. We're One Step Closer to Nuclear Fusion Energy - Wired Science. The gold cylinder where fusion reactions take place at NIF. Image: NIF Scientists with the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced today that they have achieved a critical step in fusion research: For the first time, their hydrogen fuel has given off more energy than it took in. Though an important milestone, the result does not mean that your Delorean is soon going to sport a Mr.

Fusion reactor. NIF would need to sustain temperatures and pressures much greater than they are currently capable of before they can harness fusion energy. Graphene Batteries Offer 5-Second iPhone Charging. Researchers at UCLA have discovered a way to make graphene batteries that charge super fast, are inexpensively produced, are non-toxic, and that blow current battery technology out of the water in terms of efficiency and performance.

An iPhone powered by a graphene supercapacitor could charge in five-seconds. SheerWind claims world's first 25 MW wind power tower (Video) Kite power getting off the ground in Germany. Despite offering numerous advantages over its rotating brethren, most notably the ability to reach the high-speed winds found at higher altitudes, kite-based energy systems are yet to really get off the ground in a meaningful way. But things are looking up. Citi: The Solar Age Is Dawning. Phone Charger Uses Crystal Orbs to Focus the Sun's Rays. A $149 solar smartphone charger called Beta.ey features a ball lens and minuscule multi-junction solar cell that can charge a smartphone one and a half times per day. RawLemon The theory underlying the project is that gleaming crystal globes can concentrate diffuse sunlight, or even moonlight, onto a tiny, hyper-efficient photovoltaic cell.

Apple's iWatch Could Charge With Magnets And Sunlight. Deep Green Ocean Energy Solutions.