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Sautéed Happy Family: ESL Games and Activities That My Students Love. How to Teach Word Order: Help Them Remember the Patterns. How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses. You can read a version of this story in Spanish here.

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

Pueden leer una versión de esta historia en español aquí. José Urbina López Primary School sits next to a dump just across the US border in Mexico. The school serves residents of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked city of 489,000 that is a flash point in the war on drugs. There are regular shoot-outs, and it’s not uncommon for locals to find bodies scattered in the street in the morning. Blog - English Teaching & Travelling in Korea. February 25, 2014 admin Tags: classroom, esl lesson plan, new teacher, preparing, teach english, teaching overseas admin I know it seems like Bingo is an obvious choice for a game to any teacher, especially us ESL teachers.

Blog - English Teaching & Travelling in Korea

However, I’d like to revisit this life-saving game and explain alternative ways of playing bingo that spice up the normal routine. Bingo with – listening ,reading and finding. The Best Ways to Connect in Just 10 Minutes with Kids of All Ages. To start this year, since so many people would like to have more patience or more connection with their kids, I am sharing a small piece of my online course, Everyday Connections.

The Best Ways to Connect in Just 10 Minutes with Kids of All Ages

You can join the wait list for next time time course is held right here. Special Time - Special time is a simple concept with big results. The good news is this doesn’t even require boat loads of patience. Dr Who. Multi-Level Concepts and Lessons. How English sounds to non-English speakers. Teaching in a Korean Public Middle School. How to stop your child’s whining. The game Almin taught me. One of my best friends, Almin, taught me this game when I was about 11 years old.

The game Almin taught me

Teaching English in Korea – the big guide. Are you thinking of coming to Korea to teach English?

Teaching English in Korea – the big guide

This page aims to tell you everything you could want to know about teaching English in Korea. This article is updated regularly. If you think there is a resource I should have included, or a question I haven’t answered, then please let me know in the comments. Most recent update: March 9th, 2014. English Ressources. I TO I TESOL COURSE. Dialogues. Sean Banville's Blog. Packing Tips for Expat Teachers. Among the greatest challenges facing the international teacher is the relocation process itself.

Packing Tips for Expat Teachers

For most, "relocation" means compressing life into two checked bags and a carry-on -- a daunting task under any circumstance, but particularly challenging when you're faced with prospects of setting up a classroom as well as a new home. Most of the information that follows is geared toward teachers bound for South Korea.

Some general tips will apply to everyone, but I can't comment on the availability of various items in Singapore or Slovakia because I've never lived in those countries. Clothes If you're picky or larger than the typical Korean, pack enough underwear to last you the year. Health/Beauty Contrary to what some people seem to think and what some older sites suggest, toothbrushes, sugar-free toothpaste, dental floss, Tylenol and deodorant have all made their way into Korea. Teaching Materials Food Spices and seasoning mixes -- Garlic, ginger and cinnamon are widely available. A discussion and critique of ESL education and teaching.

As Far as the Eye Can See: a Tour. From Roam With Love. I randomly came upon this video the other day, and for someone who teaches both Kindergarten and 2nd grade, this video is like teacher voodoo.

From Roam With Love

I mean seriously these kids look like professional actors in comparison to the daily dose of calamity that seems to rule over my class. I’m totally planning on trying to introduce the ‘blow the answer in your hand’ technique tomorrow. The key word here is trying. Now I’ve been teaching in traditional and non-traditional ways for quite a few years now, but watching these “Whole Brain Teaching” videos made me feel super teacher-y, and also super inspired.

Both the class and the teacher appear to have a great understanding and love of learning, which who doesn’t want for their class. Where the Wild Things Are. I love the book Where the Wild Things Are, I have since I was little.

Where the Wild Things Are

I remember when my Kindergarten teacher read the book to the class, I also remember that I was convinced that it was a book written by her husband since both their last names were Sendak. To honor and remember the awesomeness that was Maurice Sendak’s literary legacy, I decided yesterday’s Current Issue class would be a great way to introduce some of Mr. Sendak’s Wild Things to some of my Wild Things. My “Current Issues” class- which is a current events class that usually gets passed up for coloring or random fun time on Friday, was used for a great purpose this week. My class, along with the other kindergarten classes, spent the afternoon in Orion class for a story and a craft.

First I read them Where the Wild Things Are, although the kids were more interested in the pictures- but they’re 4 and 5 and who doesn’t love awesome pictures at that age. After the story, I had the supplies ready to make “Wild Thing” masks. From Roam With Love. The Fourth of July is not only the holiday I almost share my Birthday with, but also my favorite summer holiday.

From Roam With Love

Since you don’t get the day off of work for another country’s Independence Day, we decided to teach the kids about the Fourth and America. While trying to do some planning for the lesson, I was looking at Pinterest for some craft and/or activity ideas and came upon this awesome activity. It had a lot of things going for it: it was cute and interesting (+1), it was easy enough that I didn’t have to make them all myself (+5), it took a lot of time (+10), and it used things I already had either at home or at school so I didn’t have to buy anything special for it (+100).

Plus, even after we were all finished and the confetti was cleaned up they wanted to do it all over again (+1000). Now ours may not have looked as professional as the demonstration ones, but everyone had fun, so who cares. I let the kids decorate them in any color and design they wanted. CueCard. Instant Crossword Puzzle Maker. That’s Correct! 7 Great Ways to Check Answers with Your ESL Class.

The Use of Pop Culture in the Classroom - A Blog Abroad. The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them) The English Learner Movie Guides - I. Kids songs and rhymes. Minuscule - Ugly. Co-Teaching: Setting it up for Success. Posted by ddeubel on Thursday, November 20th 2008 If you are coming to Asia to teach EFL, in many cases you’ll be coteaching.

Co-Teaching: Setting it up for Success

Also, if you are teaching ESL in North America, usually you are also doing some form of coteaching and supporting a regular class program. Child-friendly phonics. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics. Felder & Soloman: Learning Styles and Strategies. Richard M. Felder Hoechst Celanese Professor of Chemical Engineering North Carolina State University Barbara A.

Soloman Coordinator of Advising, First Year College North Carolina State University. British - American English - Vocabulary.