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Volunteer. Advertise to yourself. 38 Random Acts of Robyn. ***Due to the awesome, unexpected response since I originally posted this, I have started The Birthday Project.

38 Random Acts of Robyn

The website is and we have started a great community of amazing like-minded people on Facebook too (please jump over to “Like” it and say “HI!”.) Thanks! *** I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my birthday wish was to complete one Random Act of Kindness for every year of my life thus far, as well as asking friends, readers, Facebook fans and fellow Twitter-ers to each perform one Random Act of Kindness and to let me know about it throughout the day. Pearltrees Best.

The Art of Non-Conformity. Challenging Authority Since 1978 I am a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur with the goal of visiting every country in the world while connecting with other world-changers.

The Art of Non-Conformity

Continue reading about Chris. World Domination Club. Ethical Fashion. Google glasses. Most Interesting Documentaries. Humanitarian Design. Graphics & Multimedia. Natural Phenomena. Interesting Search Engines. A Review of The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define by Lance Lawhon. MacForBeginners — Mac Guides, Help & Tutorials.

Small Text | Big Text Downloading torrents Using torrents, you can quickly download movies, films and other files to your Mac.

MacForBeginners — Mac Guides, Help & Tutorials

A torrent is a file with the file extension .torrent. This article will explain how to download torrents on a Mac. Are torrent files legal? Torrent files are not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material is.


Some Moralizing « Femina. Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over : Shots - Health News. People drew maps of body locations where they feel basic emotions (top row) and more complex ones (bottom row).

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over : Shots - Health News

Hot colors show regions that people say are stimulated during the emotion. Cool colors indicate deactivated areas. How Julia Child and Tim Keller Schooled Me In Femininity. Biblical Horizons » Concerning Halloween. OPEN BOOK, Views & Reviews, No. 28 Copyright (c) 1996 Biblical Horizons August, 1996 It has become routine in October for some Christian schools to send out letters warning parents about the evils of Halloween, and it has become equally routine for me to be asked questions about this matter.

Biblical Horizons » Concerning Halloween

"Halloween" is simply a contraction for All Hallows’ Eve. The word "hallow" means "saint," in that "hallow" is just an alternative form of the word "holy" ("hallowed be Thy name"). Do Plants Think? How aware are plants?

Do Plants Think?

This is the central question behind a fascinating new book, “What a Plant Knows,” by Daniel Chamovitz, director of the Manna Center for Plant Biosciences at Tel Aviv University. A plant, he argues, can see, smell and feel.


Life Hacks. Interview and Job Advice. Creative Words, Powerful Ideas - its-wibbly: volcanize: This Explains... World Family Names. Christianity, Politics, and Culture. Adventures in Marriage via His and Her Blogs. Virtually Homemade: 5 Top Ethnic Food Blogs. These are five of my favorite and most original food blogs featuring regional and global cuisine.

Virtually Homemade: 5 Top Ethnic Food Blogs

It's completely subjective (not based on stats or Alexa scores), however I am sure you will enjoy reading and viewing each one. All the original pictures featured are taken from the blog. Sweet Life - Sweet Life, written by Vianney Rodriguez, is a captivating and unbelievable collection of Mexican recipes. Living in San Diego, I have become extremely fond of authentic Mexican food and Vianney helps guide me to traditional yet innovative fare.

Genuine and heart felt stories of her childhood and present day family are entertaining, and no matter what your culture, very relatable.


Lockpicking. DIY. Bobcat Square Dance. Look Slimmer in an Instant. Stealing the Healthy Moments ... It is easy to forget what health felt like when one lives with a chronic physical illness.

Stealing the Healthy Moments ...

All too often what remains on one's mind is pain, suffering, difficulty, adjustment, frustration, anger, and sadness. There can be a lot of nostalgia as one recalls what s/he used to be able to do, and a longing for a return to those experiences. It is easy to live in the past--the what was, and to detest the present, while fearing the future. However, it is important to pay attention to those moments (sometimes big other times small) that even for just a minute are moments of health. Stealing those healthy moments...what does that mean? Worst Things to Say to someone with a Chronic Illness. Sometimes people are so insensitive and say things without meaning to. It upsets you, no matter whether they meant it or not. The anger and feeling of helplessness it builds in you is tremendous.

Learn Accounting Online for Free. Swing or Nothing! » Dance Technique. Frame — which refers to a quality of flexible rigidity in one’s body while dancing — is an important concept in Lindy Hop and many other dances, especially partner dances.

Swing or Nothing! » Dance Technique

Dance teachers talk about it all the time and when I started out I remember my teachers explaining it in almost mystical terms. Medieval Dresses - Gowns renaissance wedding faire dress. The absence of help: a Korean girl’s testimony on recovering from an eating disorder. “Staring at dots on the ceiling,” photo courtesy of somethingstartedcrazy Last year, one of my good Korean friends, who I met while studying as an exchange student at the Korea National University of Arts, was tutoring a girl who was applying for art school.

The Newtown Massacre and Mike Huckabee’s Offense. The massacre in Newtown, Connecticut is too awful for anyone to fully comprehend, especially from a distance.

The Newtown Massacre and Mike Huckabee’s Offense

You watch the coverage of people you don’t know and will never meet, and yet you still find yourself nearly overwhelmed as the stories of terror, of immense sorrow and loss, and of heroism are told. Particularly as a parent, you cannot help but wonder: What if it had been my child gunned down in elementary school? bedtime calculator.