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Spark Framework - A tiny Java web framework. Ninja - full stack web framework for Java - User Interface Components for business apps. JHipster home page. User Interface Components for business apps. Android open source move could boost Java and aid in legal battles with Oracle. Google's planned mobile operating system, which has been referred to as Android N, will leverage OpenJDK APIs rather than Google's own Java implementation alone.

Android open source move could boost Java and aid in legal battles with Oracle

The move has been praised as good for Java overall and might help the company in its ongoing legal battle with Oracle. Oracle has griped that Android violates Java copyrights and patents. OpenJDK provides an accessible open source version of Java. Google's brief statement on the matter, sent to InfoWorld on Monday, makes no mention of any legal issues, however. "As an open-source platform, Android is built upon the collaboration of the open-source community. Google's Java implementation has featured Apache Harmony libraries. Tools vendor Codename One, which enables development of Apple iOS, Android, and Windows applications via Java, lauded the move but questioned Google's intentions. Java: The once and future king of Internet programming. What is Java to you?

Java: The once and future king of Internet programming

A programming language you learned in college? Little-known real-time standard impacts broad span of Java applications. Oracle vs. Google over Java. Oracle is suing Google over the use of Java in Android and that may change everything about Java and open-source development.

Oracle vs. Google over Java

That's one heck of a claim. Unfortunately, the experts agree. Java, while never a key language in Linux, is the core language for literally hundreds of software development companies and organizations. Real time Java. The RTSJ addressed the critical issues by mandating a minimum specification for the threading model (and allowing other models to be plugged into the VM) and by providing for areas of memory that are not subject to garbage collection, along with threads that are not preemptable by the garbage collector.

Real time Java

These areas are instead managed using region-based memory management. Real-Time Specification for Java[edit] Metronome - IBM. The mission of the Metronome project is to bring the productivity, reliability, security, and portability advantages of modern object-oriented languages like Java to the design and implementation of complex real-time systems.

Metronome - IBM

jPDFPreflight Developer Guide. Common Slider Qoppa Software offers a suite of carefully designed and developed products to cover every aspect of PDF processes and document workflows.

jPDFPreflight Developer Guide

Red Hat Customer Portal. BlueJ not working. I cannot get BlueJ (version 3.1.1) to work on Fedora 20.

BlueJ not working

Here is the error message from BlueJ, /* ***[ BlueJ: Error ] ***** BlueJ was unable to create a virtual machine (VM) to execute projects. Where can I find the Java SDK in Linux? Graal (compiler) Graal is an Oracle project aiming to implement a high performance Java dynamic compiler and interpreter.[3][4] The objective of Graal is to improve the performance of Java virtual machine-based languages to match native languages performance.[5] Associated with Graal, Oracle is also developing a language Abstract syntax tree interpreter called Truffle which would allow it to implement languages on top of the Graal framework.[6][7]

Graal (compiler)

OpenJDK: Graal. Truffle · jruby/jruby Wiki. Understanding Spring Boot. Spring boot is an opinionated library that allows to create executable Spring applications with a convention over configuration approach.

Understanding Spring Boot

The magic behind this framework lies in the @EnableAutoConfiguration annotation which will trigger automatic loading of all the beans the application requires depending on what Spring Boot finds in the classpath. The @Enable* annotations The @Enable... annotations are not new, they were first introduced in Spring 3 when the idea of replacing the XML files with java annotated classes was born.

Happy second birthday, Java EE 7! How is it going in production? Dropwizard. Build Reactive Applications on the JVM. 30 Java Programming Tips and Best Practices for Beginners. Java is one of the most popular programming languages – be it Win applications, Web Applications, Mobile, Network, consumer electronic goods, set top box devices, Java is everywhere.

30 Java Programming Tips and Best Practices for Beginners

More than 3 Billion devices run on Java. According to Oracle, 5 billion Java Cards are in use. More than 9 Million developers choose to write their code in Java and it is very popular among developers as well as being the most popular development platform. For upcoming breed of Java developers, this blog presents a collection of best practices which have been learnt over a period of time: 1. If a program is returning a collection which does not have any value, make sure an Empty collection is returned rather than Null elements. 2.

If two Strings are concatenated using “+” operator in a “for” loop, then it creates a new String Object, every time. 3. One of the most expensive operations (in terms of Memory Utilization) in Java is Object Creation. 4. Arrays have fixed size but ArrayLists have variable sizes. 5. JEP 110: HTTP/2 Client. Summary Define a new HTTP client API that implements HTTP/2 and WebSocket, and can replace the legacy HttpURLConnection API. Motivation The existing HttpURLConnection API and its implementation have numerous problems: The base URLConnection API was designed with multiple protocols in mind, nearly all of which are now defunct (ftp, gopher, etc.).The API predates HTTP/1.1 and is too abstract.It is hard to use, with many undocumented behaviors.It works in blocking mode only (i.e., one thread per request/response).It is very hard to maintain.

Goals. 5 features in Java 9 that WILL change how you develop software (and 2 that won’t) What are the most exciting features that are expected to be released in Java 9? Don’t get distracted by the relative silence lately around Java 9. The JDK committers are hard at work preparing the next release, expected to be feature complete just a few months away on December 2015. After that, it will go through rigorous tests and bug fixes preparing it for general availability, which is scheduled for September 2016. Java Money and Currency API: Wiki: Home.

Latest News The JSR is final.Checkout the umbrella site Introduction This JSR focuses on defining interfaces and classes to be used for currencies and monetary amounts. Generally the following areas are focused: Core This area defines the classes representing currencies and monetary amounts, as well as monetary rounding. All this areas were implemented in the org.javamoney OSS GItHub project, the common essence finally defined what we have now as JSR 354. Beside the latest specification you may also find useful information and examples on the JSR 354 blog It is planned the the JSR will support both SE environments, but also ME usage scenarios should be considered as far as possible. Sunflow. OpenViewerFX and NetBeans Plugin Downloads. Must read. We are sharing the best books for learning Java . If you are new to the java world then you should not miss out these books .Most of the readers find it hard to learn java at the beginning. Modelio, download UML modeling tool and free products.

Vert.x. The Java PaaS Company. ProjectOdd. Exiting the JVM. You learn something new about the JDK every day. Apparantly, System.exit(0) does not always stop the JVM! System.exit() Eclipse Kepler Downloads by Yoxos. Home - Stripes - Stripes Framework. Java & .NET Object Database – Open Source Object Database, Open Source Persistence, Oodb.

Lambdaj - manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way. How many times have you read or written the same two or three lines of code that frequently seem to go together, and even though they operate on different objects, feel like the same thing?

And how often these repetitions involve some sort of collections iteration or more generically manipulation? These repetitions in the code is something that developers eventually learn to filter out and ignore when reading code, once they figure out where the interesting parts are placed. But even if the developers get used to it, it slows them down.