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Why Microlearning can be the Best Strategy for Sales Training? Multi-Device Elearning: Responsive eLearning Design or Adaptive – What’s the Best Choice? Incorporating Infographics in eLearning. Storyline 360 Motion Path Animations, Triggers in elearning. Have you ever tried to replicate Flash animations in Storyline?

Storyline 360 Motion Path Animations, Triggers in elearning

It is now possible with Articulate Storyline 360 with motion path animations. Articulate Storyline 360 has an array of entrance, exit and motion path animations that you can use to orient objects. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss how to create eLearning interactivity with new object based triggers for motion path animations in Articulate Storyline 360 courses. E-learning Content Localization, Translation and Voiceover Services. Case Study: Microlearning to Reinforce Existing Training. Microlearning, one of the hottest eLearning trends, is catching attention amongst eLearning fraternity like never before.

Case Study: Microlearning to Reinforce Existing Training

Our recent discussion on a LinkedIn group received a stream of thoughts and perspectives on microlearning. In this blog, we will discuss the microlearning case study that illustrates how we’ve developed and delivered microlearning course/application as performance support to reinforce existing training. Before we could explore the case study, let’s first understand what microlearning actually means.

“Microlearning is not just bite-sized eLearning content that is chunked to deliver short bursts of information, but it is more than that…” Articulate 360 Rise features review, Swift Elearning. Rise is one of the three brand new authoring tools (Rise, Peek and Preso) that comes with the Articulate 360 subscription.

Articulate 360 Rise features review, Swift Elearning

With simple and user-friendly interface, this authoring tool allows you to create fully responsive eLearning and mobile learning courses. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the features of Articulate Rise. First impression: Rise is flexible and easy-to-use web-based authoring tool for both instructional designers and developers. To get your hands on Articulate Rise, all you need to do is create an account at for a free trial of Articulate 360 package.