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Facebook Twitter More than 700 species of flowering plants are considered endangered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Certain species of plants run the risk of become extinct due to residential expansion, loss of habitat and pollution. This small minority of extraordinary plants are considered the rarest in the world. They also hold unique features and characteristics, such as the Corpse flower that smells like rotting meat or the Nepenthes tenax which feeds on small rats and birds. The following flowers are truly few and far between, each having their own unique background.

Cape Sundew Drosera capensis, commonly referred to as Cape sundew, is a carnivorous plant native to South Africa. Corpse Flower Amorphophallus titanium, also known as titan arum or corpse flower, is a type of flowering plant endemic to western Sumatra. Ghost Orchid Dendrophylax lindenil, also known as Ghost orchid, Palm polly and White frog orchid, is a perennial epiphyte. Schweinitz’s Sunflower Seven-Son Flower. The talent myth: How to maximise your creative potential - Features - Books. My research also took me to a different sort of hotbed: the laboratories and research centres around the country investigating the new science of talent development. For centuries, people have instinctively assumed that talent is largely innate, a gift given out at birth. But now, thanks to the work of a wide-ranging team of scientists, including Dr K Anders Ericsson, Dr Douglas Fields, and Dr Robert Bjork, the old beliefs about talent are being overturned.

In their place, a new view is being established, one in which talent is determined far less by our genes and far more by our actions: specifically, the combination of intensive practice and motivation that produces brain growth. It started when I visited my first talent hotbed, the Spartak Tennis Club in Moscow. From that point on, whenever I spotted a nugget of advice or a potentially useful method, I jotted it in my notebook and marked the page with an electric-pink Post-it. 1. 2. 3. 4. Talent hotbeds are not luxurious. 5. 6. 7. The simple image sharer. Did Americans in 1776 have British accents? (Suprising answer)

Skip to comments. Did Americans in 1776 have British accents? (Suprising answer) Nick Patrick blog via ^ | 10/09/2010 | Nick Patrick Posted on Sat Oct 9 17:08:47 2010 by prisoner6 The typical English accent didn't develop until after the Revolutionary War, so Americans actually speak proper English. Here comes the science. Reading David McCullough’s 1776, I found myself wondering: Did Americans in 1776 have British accents? The answer surprised me. I’d always assumed that Americans used to have British accents, and that American accents diverged after the Revolutionary War, while British accents remained more or less the same. Americans in 1776 did have British accents in that American accents and British accents hadn’t yet diverged. What’s surprising, though, is that those accents were much closer to today’s American accents than to today’s British accents. The biggest difference between most American and most British accents is rhotacism.

So, what happened? To: prisoner6 sncestors. AiPNF.jpg (450×552) Limb to crotch (updated) | Unbounded Medicine. Israel Sarrío arrived at the Rehabilitation Center of Levante from Hospital Peset in Valencia (Spain) on January 31st of 2004 with an amputation of the left arm 2 inches above the elbow. Click on images for large size At 14:00hrs, the microsurgery implant began. The first maneuver consisted in lavage and sterilization of the amputated arm and its connection to the brachial artery by a silicone tube in order to revascularize it. Later we rebuilt the humerus and repaired the brachial artery, the basilic and cephalic veins, and the three nerves of the arm. This proccess lasted 21 hours, and the reimplantation was successful. Two days later, we found a wound infection that was seriously compromising the viability of the reimplantation.

The idea of taking the arm to another anatomical location came by reading a similar case published by Michael Wood (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA) in which he attached an arm in the groin. The psychological impact on the patient was very important. Via. Fly Paper Clock.avi. A Clock Powered by Flies? Microbial Fuel Cells Turn Poop into Power. Energy is a longstanding problem. The energy crisis is not just the sinusoidal prices at the pumps and a reluctance to build wind farms in pristine natural environments; it affects every single person on this planet.

From the U.S. citizens who stuff old, liquefied fossils into their inefficient gas-guzzler to the poorest of villagers in Africa who struggle to find firewood in a rapidly deforesting continent, everybody is affected. Energy has to come from somewhere and a team of researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK thinks they have a solution that might help alleviate some of the crisis.

A real functioning microbial fuel cell clock from Beihang University The idea is called the Microbial Fuel Cell, and the principle behind it is quite simple. There are quite a few possible applications for such a design. This automated fly trap is designed to feed a bio-fuel clock Though neat, there are quite a few issues with a design like this.

A biogas-producing wastewater treatment plant. Microscope Sees Molecules for First Time. For the first time, IBM was able to take real images of a molecule. These pentacene molecules are shown on an Angstrom (10^-10 m) scale. Imagine trying to read braille printed on wet tissue paper. That’s what it’s been like trying to take a picture of a molecule. Advanced electron microscopes can get amazing resolution, fine enough to see inside an atom, but molecular bonds usually aren’t strong enough to hold up to their scrutiny. Being able to examine a molecule without it falling apart is a first step into understanding how to manipulate those molecules with precision. Traditional microscopes like the one you had in middle school science class use visible light to illuminate a sample.

Using a carbon monoxide tip (red/gray) the IBM atomic force microscope could pass over pentacene and image it succesfully for the first time. AFMs have been around since 1986, but they haven’t been able to image a molecule. Like all new microscopy techniques, the modified AFM has its set backs. How to nap. Structure of ice cream. If you have arrived here from an external link, then please use the menu on the right to navigate to your page of interest, as this site has been redesigned and moved to a new location. Please update your links accordingly. Dairy Education at the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, has been part of our mandate for more than 125 years.

The Department of Food Science is proud to be able to use the internet to continue this long-standing tradition. Our Dairy Education Series is available as a resource for university and secondary school students, industry personnel, and interested consumers around the world. This is an educational site focused on milk, dairy products, and dairy technology.

It was originally developed for use with an undergraduate course in dairy processing at the University of Guelph. Professor H. I hope you find this site useful as a reference, or for teaching or training purposes. Vaccines: Vac-Gen/Side Effects. Any vaccine can cause side effects. For the most part these are minor (for example, a sore arm or low-grade fever) and go away within a few days. Listed below are vaccines licensed in the United States and side effects that have been associated with each of them. This information is copied directly from CDC's Vaccine Information Statements, which in turn are derived from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations for each vaccine. Remember, vaccines are continually monitored for safety, and like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects.

However, a decision not to immunize a child also involves risk and could put the child and others who come into contact with him or her at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease. Adenovirus vaccine side-effects What are the risks from Adenovirus vaccine? A vaccine, like any medicine, could cause a serious reaction. Mild Problems Several mild problems have been reported within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine:

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Love for wounded soldier upon return from Afghanistan. Rebecca, then 23, noticed the black memorial bracelet that he wore as a reminder that his soldiers’ lives would depend on his decisions. “It made me think that he was mature,” she recalled. The looming danger of his combat tour only added to the evening’s excitement. Rebecca felt as though she were playing a part in a movie. (Love after war: See photos of Rebecca Taber and Dan Berschinski’s life together) She had graduated from Yale University one year earlier, where she had been student body president. Like most of her friends, she knew no one her age in the military and gave only passing thought to the wars. After graduation, she landed a sought-after job working for McKinsey & Co., a management consulting powerhouse that each year hires a small number of the country’s best college students.

Earlier that night, at a U Street bar, she had asked Dan if he was scared of combat. As they kissed on the sidewalk, Dan’s mind shifted to less consequential matters. A ‘new lens’ on war.