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Rewire the web. We are introducing a new module, the XPATH Fetch Page.

Rewire the web

We are also going to deprecate the Fetch Page module at the end of June. So please convert your existing Pipes that use the Fetch Page module to the XPATH Fetch Page module...more In this talk from YUIConf 2011, we demonstrate the features of the Yahoo! Pipes editor and explain how you can use Pipes and YQL to power your web apps, create mashups, and more. Frontend Changes String builder, Item builder and URL builder modules now have a max of 40 item per module, increased from 10. Pipes Blog. Yahoo! Pipes. Yahoo!

Yahoo! Pipes

Pipes is a web application from Yahoo! That provides a graphical user interface for building data mashups that aggregate web feeds, web pages, and other services, creating Web-based apps from various sources, and publishing those apps. The application works by enabling users to "pipe" information from different sources and then set up rules for how that content should be modified (for example, filtering). A typical example is New York Times through Flickr,[1] a pipe which takes The New York Times RSS feed and adds a photo from Flickr based on the keywords of each item. Meta Search Alerts. This Yahoo Pipe: 1.

Meta Search Alerts

Aggregates these search results from ( + Findory + Flickr + Google Blog Search + Google News + Google Search + Icerocket + Live Search + Technorati + Yahoo News + Yahoo Search); 2. Filters the results and ensures that the links are unique; 3. Sorts the results by date such that the latest addition onto the pool will appear at the top of the list; In other words, it acts as an RSS feed alerts for all these search engines. // Comment and feedback would be highly appreciated // See-ming Lee // 2007-10-28T00:45-04:00GMT //

Meta Search Alerts - SML Wiki. Aggregates search results into a single feed which can be subscribed to in an RSS reader.

Meta Search Alerts - SML Wiki

In other words, it acts as an RSS feed alerts for all these search engines. Flickr Flickr Social is a Yahoo Pipe created by See-ming Lee to deal with his frustration on having to get onto Flickr everyday to track his friends' comments... Friendfeed Truncate I use FriendFeed to feed some of my Twitter feeds. The Ultimate Yahoo! Pipes Creations List. Yahoo!

The Ultimate Yahoo! Pipes Creations List

Pipes is one of the coolest ways to mashup the RSS feeds of various sites and sources to get the data you want. Since our coverage of Yahoo! Learn How To Use Yahoo Pipes. Geek to Live: Create your master feed with Yahoo! Pipes. Mon flux de veille Yahoo Pipes sur l’Intelligence Economique. A Guide to Yahoo Pipes.

The default URLs for pipes are pretty unwieldy, but Yahoo has provided the ability for you to change them into something more manageable.

A Guide to Yahoo Pipes

Here’s how: The first step is to customise the URL of your profile. Start by going to the “My Pipes” page (assuming you’re logged in), and look for your profile URL near the top. Tracking online conversations with Yahoo Pipes. Mashup your life with Yahoo Pipes. 5 Useful Yahoo! Pipes to Monitor Your Brand. After Yahoo!

5 Useful Yahoo! Pipes to Monitor Your Brand

SiteExplorer and Flickr, Yahoo! Pipes is the third reason why I love Yahoo! So much. Surprisingly, I come across too many people who have no idea how to use Yahoo! Pipes and what one can do with them. Intelligence Economique - powered by FeedBurner. Intelligence Economique. Pipes from AlchemyAPI. Yahoo Pipes: Colonne vertébrale d’une plateforme de veille multilingue, performante et gratuite. Yahoo Pipes, un puissant service pour la veille (entre autres choses) Yahoo! Pipes - Create a web scrapper. Yahoo!

Yahoo! Pipes - Create a web scrapper

Recently released1 a new Fetch Page module which dramatically increases the number of useful things that Pipes can do. With this new "pipe input" module we're no longer restricted to working with well-organised data sets in supported formats such as CSV, RSS, Atom, XML, JSON, iCal or KML. Watch Yahoo Pipes, An Introduction by Dawn Foster.

Pipes - Module Reference. The modules in the Pipes Editor have been grouped into categories based on their functionality.

Pipes - Module Reference

To learn more about the modules, and to see them used in example Pipes, click on the categories below: Sources Most Pipes begin with a data source. These modules grab data from somewhere on the internet and bring it into your Pipe for processing. User Inputs These modules let you define parameters for your Pipe. Yahoo Pipes Tutorial : Un tutoriel pour maîtriser Yahoo! pipes « Le Référencement. Liste des tutoriels Yahoo Pipes. Query Language. What is YQL?

Query Language

The Yahoo Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter, and join data across Web services. With YQL, apps run faster with fewer lines of code and a smaller network footprint. Yahoo and other websites across the Internet make much of their structured data available to developers, primarily through Web services. To access and query these services, developers traditionally endure the pain of locating the right URLs and documentation to access and query each Web service. With YQL, developers can access and shape data across the Internet through one simple language, eliminating the need to learn how to call different APIs.

Pipe.Yahoo tutorial pour créer de la veille techno personnalisée.