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Twitter recommendation-power indicator - - Twitter - Francois-Guillaume Ribreau's labs. InSuggest - website and image recommendations ! - it's just similar! The Shared Web. 6 bons outils pour trouver des sites similaires. Find similar websites - Tagomatic. Easily Find Similar WebSites. Sites Like - Find and share similar websites. Websites Like - Alternatives to your favorite websites. - The Best Place To Find Similar Websites. Discover the Best of the Web.

Prismatic. The most comprehensive network for your individual interests. ~Hopflow - things you love. Interest graph. Suppose two people have similar interests, such as photo and they like the same music.

Interest graph

So there is a relationship between them based on their interests which can be shown by interest graph. Vertices correspond to entities, and edges are the relationships between entities. Red edges are the part of an interest graph, where relations (red edges) could be between (1) user and interest and (2) between users. Wild Mood Swings - Surf the web on a whim. (C) Sean McManus. Ambiently. Moreofit - Website Similarity Search Engine. Grokk. Nomao, the personalized search engine - Restaurants & Best Places. Decision making site that gives advice to help you make smart choices.. Un outil indépendant, collaboratif et gratuit pour évaluer tout produit ou service, entre amis et en toute confiance.

LifeKnot ∞ Meet new people. Make new friends. Share your interests and passions at LifeKnot. Home of the iPhone app to discover and connect with interesting new people around you; Get Gauss on the AppStore today! TipTap - Discover people like you and the things you love.

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All Consuming. Wannahaves. ThisIsLike.Com - The Associative Knowledge Network. Find alternatives to anything. Tagomatic - the community recommendation engine. Find. Compare. Decide. Popular Recommender Systems. Similar Sites - Find Similar Sites. Serendipity-Sérendipité. Brainspace. Swayy. Ensembli - Personalized News. /about. Archetypes: Find Your Archetype & Discover Yourself. Stay delightfully informed!

Accueil Sailendra. Correlate. The Future Of Technology Isn't Mobile, It's Contextual. You’re walking home alone on a quiet street.

The Future Of Technology Isn't Mobile, It's Contextual

You hear footsteps approaching quickly from behind. It’s nighttime. Your senses scramble to help your brain figure out what to do. You listen for signs of threat or glance backward. What you learn may prompt you to turn down another street, confront the person, or relax.