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Trouver des sites similaires à un site web qu’on vient de découvrir par hasard est une activité à laquelle nous sommes tous confrontés couramment. Ca peut être parce que nous avons besoin d’informations supplémentaires sur le même sujet. Ca peut être aussi afin de réaliser une étude de marché afin de dégager les sites qui ciblent la même niche. 6 bons outils pour trouver des sites similaires 6 bons outils pour trouver des sites similaires
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Interest graph Suppose two people have similar interests, such as photo and they like the same music. So there is a relationship between them based on their interests which can be shown by interest graph. Vertices correspond to entities, and edges are the relationships between entities. Red edges are the part of an interest graph, where relations (red edges) could be between (1) user and interest and (2) between users. Interest graph
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We don’t know a single useful number about the hottest company in tech. Why Snapchat may be much smaller than it sounds. Every few months, since late 2012, Snapchat has released a new number to the public. This number is touted as an important, defining metric — it is intended as a sort of Snapchat state-of-the-service update, and reported on as such. It is referred to, variously, as total photos “processed,” photos “shared,” and photos “sent.” This number is always very impressive. Brainspace | Home Brainspace | Home
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TipTap - Discover people like you and the things you love TipTap - Discover people like you and the things you love Collect Rich Data In a big data world, the most important data points can be easily overlooked. Psych data is a new layer of meaningful, rich data that identifies why people buy your product. Personalize Experiences Use psych data to transform personalization and truly know customers.
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Get suggestions on what to consume next! What book should I read next? “I just finished The Power of One, and I really enjoyed it. I love novels about human rights and social issues of any kind; fiction or nonfiction. All Consuming All Consuming
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Archetypes: Find Your Archetype & Discover Yourself | ArchetypeMe The Story of Me and You Take a quiz that identifies your primary archetypes — the heroes of your story. Understand who you are through our new social filter based on archetypesMake more inspired choices by accessing content tailored to who you areConnect and follow people who share your archetypes and discover what is right for you Archetypes: Find Your Archetype & Discover Yourself | ArchetypeMe
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The Future Of Technology Isn't Mobile, It's Contextual The Future Of Technology Isn't Mobile, It's Contextual You’re walking home alone on a quiet street. You hear footsteps approaching quickly from behind. It’s nighttime. Your senses scramble to help your brain figure out what to do. You listen for signs of threat or glance backward. What you learn may prompt you to turn down another street, confront the person, or relax.