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Spiders & Bots. UBot Studio 5: Build Web Automation and Marketing Software. Web automation. Selenium - Web Browser Automation. LinkSidebar. Business Process Automation Software - Automate IT - Network Automation. Mining Data-text-web. Modules pour Firefox. IFTTT / Put the internet to work for you. Automate your Dropbox. Cloud Business Apps Integration - CloudWork. Tools 4 Networks. LeechBlock. Current Version: What is LeechBlock?


LeechBlock is a simple productivity tool: an extension for the Firefox web browser designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. (You know: the ones that rhyme with "Blue Cube", "Space Hook", "Sticky Media", "Quitter", and the like.) All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them. You can specify up to six sets of sites to block, with different times and days for each set. The sites to block can be specified using wildcards (e.g., * and exceptions (e.g.,

LeechBlock also keeps track of the total amount of time you have spent browsing the sites in each block set. LeechBlock was inspired by Gina Trapani's Invisibility Cloak user script for the Greasemonkey extension. How do I get started with LeechBlock? Install the Firefox web browser (if you haven't already done so). That's it! Where can I get help with using LeechBlock? SocialCompare - Site communautaire de comparatifs. Comparateur collaboratif S'inscrire Se connecter Se connecter Déconnexion Mon Espace - Outils de publication automatique Internet > Communications > Curation.

SocialCompare - Site communautaire de comparatifs

xSpin It ! - L'éditeur de spin polymorphe francophone et sexy. Toolbars-Widgets-Apps-API... NEWBIE - Automating the Web Browsing Experience™ Cue - Know What's Next - for iPhone and web. iMacros for Firefox. iMacros. Wiki imacros. From iMacros This page documents features that are unique to iMacros for Firefox.

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For the standard features of the iMacros series, please see the Form Filling, Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing chapters. Installation Download from iMacros @ Mozilla Addons No administrative rights are required for the installation. Bookmarking You can use iMacros as super-bookmarks: To open the bookmark dialog right-click on the macro that you want to bookmark and select the "local" option. . (1) Right-click the macro you want to bookmark (2) Select the Local option for "normal" bookmarks (3a) A link (reference) to your macro is added to the Firefox bookmark menu. iMacros opens automatically if you select an iMacros super-bookmark. (3b) You can place your most-used macros on the Bookmarks Toolbar. If you run a bookmarked macro and the iMacros sidebar is not open, the sidebar will open to run the macro and close again after the macro is complected. For experts: The bookmarked URL has the format: or.

Web Browser Scripting and Web Testing and Web Scraping by iOpus.

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Sikuli Script - Home. ClearForest Gnosis. Sociallymap - Qualitative automation tool. Website Monitoring Directory. Website Monitoring. Scripts & bricks. Temboo. Meet Node-RED, an IBM project that fulfills the internet of things’ missing link. If you play around with enough connected devices or hang out with enough people thinking about what it means to have 200 connected gizmos in your home, eventually you get to a pretty big elephant in the room: How the heck are you going to connect all this stuff?

Meet Node-RED, an IBM project that fulfills the internet of things’ missing link

To a hub? To the internet? To each other? It’s one thing to set a program to automate your lights/thermostat/whatever to go to a specific setting when you hit a button/lock your door/exit your home’s Wi-Fi network, but it’s quite another to have a truly intuitive and contextual experience in a connected home if you have to manually program it using IFTTT or a series of apps. Imagine if instead of popping a couple Hue Light Bulbs into your bedroom lamp, you bought home 30 or 40 for your entire home. Organic programming: Just let it go If you take this out of the residential setting and into a factory or office it’s magnified and even more daunting because of a variety of potential administrative tasks and permissions required. Node-RED.