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Jesse's Bookmarklets Site. Bookmarklets Bookmarklets are free tools to help with repetitive or otherwise impossible tasks in your web browser.

Jesse's Bookmarklets Site

To use a bookmarklet from this site on another web page: Bookmarklet categories: Search Bookmarklets.Search Engine Optimization Bookmarklets: search for backlinks, analyze search engine positions.Log Analysis Bookmarklets: analyze referer logs efficiently.Flash Bookmarklets: pause, rewind, and fast-forward Flash cartoons.Tipping Bookmarklet: send money to an e-mail address in a page.Color Bookmarklets: change all colors on a page at once.Keyword Bookmarklets for Scripters: type "jb document.body" to make document.body blink, etc.Site-specific Bookmarklets: fix annoyances on some sites I read.Bugzilla Bookmarklets: for people involved in the Mozilla project or other projects that track bugs using Bugzillas.Testing browsers: test features or stress limits of browsers. Other pages: Bookmarklet Builder. Bookmarklet : Ajouter des fonctions aux pages. Grid. As all designers know, the grid is absolutely fundamental to layout, whether you want to keep to a tight grid, or break it for effect.


Grid is a highly configurable JavaScript bookmarklet which overlays a layout grid on any web-site you wish. Using Grid is very simple: Drag the Grid link below to your bookmark bar Load any web-page you want Click Grid in your bookmark bar Configure the grid any way you wish to assist with layout The impact of a web-site can stand or fall by the underlying structure of the visual layout.

All elements of a design are united by the grid, allowing the experienced designer to bring certain elements to prominence in the viewers mind. 100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity. In a nutshell, bookmarklets are small little applications you can place as browser’s bookmark bar and they each perform a specific function, depending on what they are coded for.

100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity

Bookmarklets are usually written in Javascript and they are extremely easy to install/remove. Bookmarklets work in most common used browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari but probably lesser support in Internet Explorer. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most useful bookmarklets for designers, developers or even if you are a net surfer, they might just come in handy. Installing a bookmarklet is simple – all you need to do is drag them to your bookmark toolbar, that’s all. Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing. 100 Best Bookmarklets for Writers, Researchers, and Students. If you’re in the academic world or need to manage loads of research for your ongoing projects, you probably depend on the Internet to keep it all straight and connect you to libraries and information you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find.

100 Best Bookmarklets for Writers, Researchers, and Students

But what if there was a way to get it all done even faster? These bookmarklets can help. Social Media and Blogging Post, tag, update your Twitter account, and share sites faster with these bookmarklets. Bookmarklets. Guide to Most Useful Bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Try some of the best and most useful bookmarklets for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera and other web browsers.

Guide to Most Useful Bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

These bookmarklets help you do stuff without installing any add-ons. This guide will help you understand the advantages of bookmarklets over add-ons, how to install bookmarklets followed by a list of essential bookmarklets that should work across all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari.

Why Use Bookmarklet over Add-ons If you were to choose between a bookmarklet and a browser add-on, both offering similar functionality, here are a couple of reasons why you may want to go with bookmarklets: - Free & Online: Convert and save PDF from any web page. Lockerz Share Buttons, Sharing Widget, Sharing Plugin - AddToAny. Blummy - The bookmarklet management bookmarklet.