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Unclick Google. On March 11, Google revealed its latest plan to violate your privacy: they will now record the types of websites you visit in order to gather a behavioral profile of your interests purportedly so that they can send you targeted advertising.

Unclick Google

This policy is in addition to their current policy of keeping a record of every single web search you have ever made along with as much other personally identifying information as they can gather. Of course, these behavioral profiles and detailed search histories will also be made available to law enforcement personnel upon request. Eclairages pour le 21e siècle : Google, le monde et moi. Par Hubert Guillaud le 23/03/11 | 6 commentaires | 4,275 lectures | Impression Le 9 mars avait lieu à la Bibliothèque publique d’information du Centre Pompidou, dans le cadre du cycle “Eclairage pour le 21e siècle”, un débat sur Google, organisé en partenariat avec Place de la Toile, Chronique de la rentrée littéraire et

Eclairages pour le 21e siècle : Google, le monde et moi

Animé par Abeline Majorel, le débat réunissait Ariel Kyrou, l’auteur de Google God, cette déclaration d’amour et de haine, de fascination et de rejet sur ce monstre du quotidien, également rédacteur en chef du site Culture Mobile et membre du collectif de rédaction de la revue Multitudes ;Daniel Ichbiah rédacteur en chef du magazine Comment ça marche, écrivain, auteur notamment de Comment Google mangera le monde ? Tout ce que vous vouliez savoir sur Google. How Google is becoming an extension of your mind. SAN FRANCISCO -- It's time to think of Google as much more than just a search engine, and that should both excite and spook you.

How Google is becoming an extension of your mind

Search remains critical to the company's financial and technological future, but Google also is using the search business' cash to transform itself into something much broader than just a place to point your browser when asking for directions on the Internet. What it's now becoming is an extension of your mind, an omnipresent digital assistant that figures out what you need and supplies it before you even realize you need it. Think of Google diagnosing your daughter's illness early based on where she's been, how alert she is, and her skin's temperature, then driving your car to school to bring her home while you're at work. The Economic Impact of Google Presentation.pdf. New Techniques from Google and Ray Kurzweil Are Taking Artificial Intelligence to Another Level. When Ray Kurzweil met with Google CEO Larry Page last July, he wasn’t looking for a job.

New Techniques from Google and Ray Kurzweil Are Taking Artificial Intelligence to Another Level

A respected inventor who’s become a machine-intelligence futurist, Kurzweil wanted to discuss his upcoming book How to Create a Mind. He told Page, who had read an early draft, that he wanted to start a company to develop his ideas about how to build a truly intelligent computer: one that could understand language and then make inferences and decisions on its own. It quickly became obvious that such an effort would require nothing less than Google-scale data and computing power. “I could try to give you some access to it,” Page told Kurzweil. Le futur selon Google. Quand Google règnera sur la posthumanité… FACEBOOK FALLOUT: Suddenly It Feels Like Google Is Actually Going To Buy Twitter. Google's Plan To Take Over The World.

[1303.3891] Quantum Google in a Complex Network. Google 2015: what will it look like? I worked at post-DOJ-spanked Microsoft.

Google 2015: what will it look like?

I saw firsthand how wimpy Bill Gates got (I had a lunch with him and Mike Arrington where we talked about whether Microsoft would let us acquire interesting new companies. “No way” was the basic answer. Funny that back then they could have purchased Skype for $2 billion, not listening cost them $6.5 billion). Portal:Google. Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) is an American multinational Internet and software corporation specialized in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. It hosts and develops a number of Internet-based services and products.

The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while the two were attending Stanford University as Ph.D. candidates. Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998, and its initial public offering followed on August 19, 2004. At that time Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt agreed to work together at Google for 20 years, until the year 2024.

Category:Google. Google. Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products.


These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.[8] Most of its profits are derived from AdWords,[9][10] an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. Together they own about 14 percent of its shares but control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock. Pour nettoyer le Web, le Panda de Google sort les griffes. Montage photo d’un panda armé dans une rue (Teamstickergiant/Flickr) L’animal a bouleversé le référencement de nombreux sites web aux Etats-Unis, il débarquera bientôt en France et personne ne sait vraiment à quoi s’attendre.

Pour nettoyer le Web, le Panda de Google sort les griffes

Ce Panda qui fait si peur, c’est le nom du nouvel algorithme de Google, le système mathématique au cœur du moteur de recherche. Les sites web se livrent une guerre sans merci pour avoir les faveurs de l’algorithme de chaque moteur de recherche, cet outil mathématique qui classe les sites à chaque recherche effectuée par un internaute.

Etre parmi les premiers résultats affichés après une recherche, c’est l’assurance d’attirer le plus d’internautes, comme le confirme une étude récente. Que va faire Google de ses 49 acquisitions de 2010 ? Le cimetière de Google. Did Google's outage kill 5% of the Internet? That's the assertion of Arbor Networks' Craig Labovitz, who in a Thursday blog post and Web traffic graph noted that when Google has an hour and a half outage this week, Internet traffic slowed by 5%.

Did Google's outage kill 5% of the Internet?

We all know Google gets a lot of traffic. Just about everyone hits the Google search a few times a day. There are also a lot of Gmailers and Youtube users out there. Reportage - Le Monde Selon Google. Google Reader joins graveyard of dead Google products. It’s hard to lose a loved one, especially if that loved one is a Google service.

Google Reader joins graveyard of dead Google products

How Long Did It Take for the World to Identify Google? Earlier this week, I mused about the fact that folks keep identifying new Web services as Google killers, and keep being dead wrong.

How Long Did It Take for the World to Identify Google?

Which got me to wondering: How quickly did the world realize that Google would come to dominate Web search in a way that few businesses have ever been dominated? Did anyone know from the get go that it would whip AltaVista and other once-mighty sites? It’s still surprisingly hard to search the Web for information from a particular time period. But I found some early references to Google–mostly positive, and none of which were prescient enough to realize its implications. I’m not positive when Google was first live on the Web at large rather than just at Stanford University, but the earliest mention of it I stumbled across was this praise in a USENET group from November 28th, 1998. Here’s your chance to search the Web and participate in high-level academic research at the same time.

Google: 11 Years of Acquisitions. Google as God? Opportunities and Risks of the Information Age, Dirk Helbing. FuturICT's Dirk Helbing wrote an essay entitled Google as God? Opportunities and Risks of the Information Age. The essay "Google as God? " analyzes the Challenges and Opportunities of information society. Everything might happen to us, from a Big Brother Society to a Participatory Market Society. We will have to take the right decisions - but our society is not well prepared for these choices. A pdf of this Essay is available here. Please, can you help to trigger this public debate by publishing the attached essay? Exclusive Interview: Ray Kurzweil Discusses His First Two Months At Google.

Exclusive Interview: Ray Kurzweil Discusses His First Two Months At Google In another exclusive interview with Singularity Hub, Ray Kurzweil provides an update about his first two months as Director of Engineering at Google. During the interview Kurzweil revealed that his team is collaborating with other groups at Google to enable computers to understand and speaking language just like humans. Kurzweil also tells us how Larry Page personally recruited him to join Google to pursue the goal of creating machines that can think and reason like the human brain. 10 preuves que Google est bien Dieu. Google & Memory. [entretien] Google, “une des plus grandes puissances géopolitiques du monde” "Un bon moment à passer qui pose les bonnes questions": voilà comment pourrait être résumé Google Démocratie, ouvrage cosigné par David Angevin et Laurent Alexandre. Entretien.

Google - Blackboard. TNW Google - Google news, views, apps and updates. Google Operating System (Unofficial Google Blog) Google Translate now serves 200 million people daily. SAN FRANCISCO -- Google Translate provides a billion translations a day for 200 million users, the company revealed here Friday at its Google I/O show for developers. Google doesn't often share details about the scale on which it operates, but Josh Estelle, leader for Google Translate's front-end and mobile engineering, had a few statistics to share about the service during a talk about it.

Estelle, who's worked on Google Translate for seven years, also said 92 percent of the usage is from people outside the United States. The Internet is famously English-centric, but it's expanding gradually to other languages, helped in part by technological change such as right-to-left text support in browsers, and Web addresses that can be written in non-Roman alphabets.

The service now works in 71 languages; the last five added are Bosnian, Cebuano, Hmong, Javanese, and Marathi, Estelle said. Ray Kurzweil Joins Google In Full-Time Engineering Director Role; Will Focus On Machine Learning, Language Processing. Behind The Screen.avi. Category:Google acquisitions. Laurent Alexandre : "La stratégie secrète de Google apparaît…".

Google+ refuse un anonymat pourtant salutaire. Des réflexions sont en cours afin de permettre à chacun de ne pas être tracé dans ses moindres actes sur le Net à des fins publicitaires. Comme le note cet article, "le gouvernement a donné un préavis à Google, Microsoft, Apple et consorts, afin qu'ils donnent un moyen aux consommateurs d'empêcher les annonceurs de suivre leurs actions sur le web". Why Google makes the perfect ISP. Google has been talking about its prototype fiber network for over two years now. After a lengthy selection process, Kansas City in both Missouri and Kansas were selected, and the specifics have finally been announced.

As expected, the service sounds like an amazing deal on the face of it. Though, you’ll probably hear people grumbling that Google has too much data on us already, so should it really be your internet service provider too? When you look at what Mountain View is promising to deliver with Google Fiber, and the way the company is run, Google might be the ideal choice to be your ISP.

Google. Google Lets Photographer Into Secretive Data Centers, Beautiful Photos Ensue. Look around on the web, and you’ll find plenty of photographs of Google’s colorful offices in Mountain View (AKA the Googleplex) and around the world. Finding images shot from inside the company’s tightly-guarded data centers is much harder, since only a handful of employees are allowed to roam the spaces where the “web lives.”

However, Google recently invited photographer Connie Zhou inside a number of its high-tech data centers. Gorgeous photographs resulted — images that show incredible scale, mind-numbing repetition, and quirky colors. The massive server rooms house tens of thousands of servers that handle your searches and all of the services offered by the search giant. Google, la machine à penser. Google + devrait s’enamourer des Pearltrees-like ou l’avenir du shopping drag and drop.

Citoyens ! Les commentaires vont bon train concernant Google + . Pour ma part, pas d’énormes révolutions de mes propres usages, pour la simple et bonne raison que l’étape 1 de la propagation de Google + repose sur une notion désormais hyperstatique : le carnets d’adresse. A la différence près que si les MySpace ou autres Facebook ont pu recruter sans avoir à justifier de services additionnels révolutionnaires (“log and see”), Google + arrive après une phase de maturation des réseaux sociaux vers le grand public, et de façon internationale. Category:Google services. PEUT-ON FAIRE CONFIANCE A GOOGLE ? Google Censorship - How It Works. An anticensorware investigation by Seth Finkelstein. GoogleWatchBlog - Tägliche News rund um Google, YouTube, Android und Co.

Google Buys Wavii For North Of $30 Million. Google has finally closed the deal on Wavii, a natural language processing startup, for a price that is more than $30 million, we’re hearing from a legitimate source. Google Sucks - Le mystère des pages manquantes de Google résolu. Lire la suite. Google Penalty World.