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so you think you're NOT crafty--wrap bracelet tutorial
I made another wrap bracelet! This one is similar to this one at Henry Happened. Instead of two pieces of cord, I used three and the chain. I just held the chain with one of my pieces of cord as if it were one strand and braided. Tried it out Thursday- braided wrap bracelet Tried it out Thursday- braided wrap bracelet
make your own 6-pocket mini pocketbook and stay organized — insatiable need I’m sure that many of you, like me, are on an eternal quest for organization. I know I’m not alone in finding the Container Store’s promise of a perfect, organized life utterly seductive. But here’s the thing…I don’t really like purging, I love my stuff. Therefore I also love pretty things in which to stash my stuff, so I get to enjoy my fantasy of being organized and contained. This tutorial is about helping you stay organized, in a quick, easy, and super-cute way.

make your own 6-pocket mini pocketbook and stay organized — insatiable need

celebrate the boy tutorial: basic boys wallet

celebrate the boy tutorial: basic boys wallet

I first want to say thank you to Dana and Rae for hosting such an awesome event. If you haven't been indulging in all the fun already, go check out both of their blogs for lots of great inspiration. There has already been so many great ideas! Today I'm sharing a basic boys wallet tutorial because... every boy
DIY Home Depot Bracelet | henry happened
Påske er en fabelaktig grunn til pynte hus, og i månedens gjør-det-selv med BRIGG , blir det derfor påskebordpynt! Rosa påskepynt som er billig, enkel og kjapt å lage. Hvorfor det ble rosa i år skyldes fargens selvsagte skjønnhet. Fargen er en nytelse og jeg har dilla på den. Påskebordpynt | NIB - Norske interiørblogger Påskebordpynt | NIB - Norske interiørblogger
Super Simple Diy Ring | The Little Brown House. Super Simple Diy Ring | The Little Brown House. Tweet! When I say super simple I mean…. super simple… as in, I am almost embarrassed to do a tutorial on it Almost, but not quite! Maybe there are some of you out there like me that like things
DIY Anthropologie Ribbon Bobby Pins | henry happened
How to Make a Knotted Belt It looks quite elaborate, but the basic knotting pattern is easy to do. Kenneth King Photo: Kenneth King Kenneth King questions "how'd they do that?" on a belt that looks quite elaborate, and discovers the basic knotting pattern is easy to do.

How to Make a Knotted Belt

tutorial flower bracelet & necklace - elisabeth andrée
Eye on Fashion: Last minute DIY gift idea 4 your mom: rope bracelet Eye on Fashion: Last minute DIY gift idea 4 your mom: rope bracelet Today is mother's day! Did you remember to take a gift for her or you spent these days shopping for yourself? Shame on you!
Eye on Fashion: Beaded bracelet DIY
Eye on Fashion: Nutcase ring DIY Eye on Fashion: Nutcase ring DIY a nutcase that fits my finger found in the garagego to your hardware store and try some nutcases as a ring until you find the one that fits(and yes people will look at you with a funny face thinking you're crazy) un semplice bullone da cui partire come anellopotete trovarne uno simile in ferramenta,provatene qualcuno fino a trovarne uno che vi va come anello (non fate caso a chi vi guarda con una faccia strana per quello che state facendo) i've added some mirrors over the surfacethen i've covered half of the thick border with big glitters,this way i'm able to wear the ring in two ways:with the "naked" surface or showing glitters
If you still have no idea on how to dress up for halloween maybe i can help you.I went to an halloween party last night and i had to prepare a scary outfit in just one day!I went to this party with my friends and instead of picking everyone a costume we dressed as a group. We have been "the crime scene" being keen on investigations tv series. I was the victim found dead, two of my friends were the cop, another the pathologist. I characterised the costumes with just some accessories. My costume had two pieces: the crime scene band wrapped around a little black dress and around arms and a bold headpiece: the scissors headpiece. Eye on Fashion: DIY Bold Halloween headpiece: Dead by scissors Eye on Fashion: DIY Bold Halloween headpiece: Dead by scissors
Today i would like to show you what i've been working on in the past weeks. It has been a real challenge but i'm proud of the result!In a previous post i told you that i wanted to create something to go with my studded shoes, something edgy, something gagaish. I decided to sew a schrug and a bag. My inspiration were square studs natural crystals and origami.I made some experiments with paper trying to figure out on how to do the shape that i wanted with fabric.First i chose the color:black. Eye on Fashion: DIY lab: My creation Bugnato clutch Eye on Fashion: DIY lab: My creation Bugnato clutch
Jun Takahashi spring 2011 book bag buy here Kate Spade book bags spring 2011 What's in a book?Informations,stories,emotions.You don't expect to find in it your wallet or your cell phone.Here you are bags that pretend to be books.There is a fancy cover in the Kate Spade version and the bookmark in the leather version of Jun Takahashi.I think they look fun and different.To make one like these you can: unglue the paperboard cover glue a piece of fabric in a shape of a V between the the 1° and 4° cover glue a magnetic buttonand you're done! Cosa contiene un libro? Eye on Fashion: DIY inspiration: fake book bags
Roberto Cavalli spring summer 2011 Tassels necklaces:super easy to do,extreme dramatic result!Take a chain necklace and flat leather cord (a cheap alternative can be a rope) Cut a long stringfold it in halfknot it in a chain looprepeat for every loophit the streets Collana con frangie: velocissima da realizzare,figurone assicurato.Avete bisogno di una collana con la catenella, diversi metri di cordino di pelle (un'alternativa più economica può essere un gomitolo di corda) tagliate un lungo lacciopiegatelo in dueannodatelo in un cerchietto della collanaripetete l'operazione per tutti i cerchiettisfoggiate la nuova collana Eye on Fashion: DIY tassels necklace
Rolled rosette brooch I'm still heavily involved in the clean up and organization of my craft room so I haven't been able to make anything new lately. I'm sharing a quick little brooch I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. I just use the twist and roll method for my rosettes. This one is rather large so it took a fairly long strip of material. I added a vintage clip on earring as the center. I just removed the clip with pliers/ wire cutters before gluing it on.
From now on Matter Of Style will be in italian too to conquer the heart of my own country readers too. First attempt to make the Lanvin at H&M necklace available in pink and in red. This necklace is made with opaque beads and stamped pieces we don't have. When i first saw the necklace i tought it was a little bit eccessive, the bold colors make it look a little naive and childish. I thought: how cute if it was opaque white and i discovered that these necklace are copies of Lanvin necklaces that were in origin white. Eye on Fashion: DIY:Lanvin necklace
Fabric flower brooch Back during the summer when I got interested in fabric and all those great flowers everyone was making, I tried my hand at a couple. I finally got around to deciding how I might use these flowers and added the pin backs this weekend so it could be a brooch. I made this one from the following you tube video:
Felt brooch
Eye on Fashion: DIY inspiration: braided belt
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