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SSD upgrade for a mid-2010 macbook pro 15. 30+ Simple Resume Design Ideas that work. 25 Intelligent Resume Ideas. 506 shares How to Make Your Website Stand Out Amongst all the Latest Trends You’ve worked hard to create a topnotch website that reflects the latest and greatest in technology, engaging content and design.

25 Intelligent Resume Ideas

You might be happy with it, but does it look any better than your competition? More importantly, does it hit all the right marks with your audience? You need to make your website stand out,… Read More 756 shares 5 Things Every Great About Page Needs. Sample Web Design Contract. Web Site Design Project Contract (SAMPLE) [Package Type] Client Information: [Name] 1.

Sample Web Design Contract

Authorization. The above-named Client (hereinafter referred to as "Client") is engaging Gallantry Web Design as an independent contractor for the specific purpose of designing a World Wide Web site, herein after referred to as "Web Design Project", to be published on the Client's account on an Internet Service Provider (ISP)/Web Presence Provider (WPP) computer, herein after refer to as "Hosting Service", or provided on diskette at the Client's option. The Client hereby authorizes Gallantry Web Design to access this account, and authorizes the Hosting Service to provide Gallantry Web Design and its designer, Rebecca Gallant, with "full access" to the Client's account, and any other programs needed for this Web Design Project that are included as part of the Client's service agreement/level. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

Sample Web Developer or Web Designer contract for freelancing. Just freelancing.

Sample Web Developer or Web Designer contract for freelancing

In the dark. Are you a beginner in the field of freelance web design or web development? Have you recently been screwed out of hard earned money or had some strange last minute changes to your beautiful layout or rock-solid code? Has someone from Craigslist tried to mess around with agreed upon features or pages and cause scope creep? What you have here is a failure in your contract.

Sample Freelance Contract Here is a sample contract that you can integrate into your own formal variation. A few things to mention This contract is great for a few reasons: it covers all of the bases, it protects both parties of the project (so no more disappointed clients), and it provides a strong, reliable ruleset for any project.

While contracts for freelancing are generally a good thing, some people may get turned off by them. If, for any reason, you think that your prospective client may not react positively to a formal contract, consider not using one. Want to Create Wordpress Themes? Learning to create a Wordpress theme may seem like a daunting task, and while there are a lot of parts to a theme, there is also a lot of information available to somebody who would like to start.

Want to Create Wordpress Themes?

After reading through the guides on this page you should be able to make a decent looking Wordpress theme regardless of your current knowledge. Step-by-Step Beginner Guides Stop Tweaking and Create Your Own Wordpress Theme by Web Hosting Search The Ultimate Wordpress Theme Tutorial by Theme Shaper How to Create a Wordpress Theme From Scratch by Net Tuts How to Create Wordpress Themes From Scratch by Eric Martin Create Wordpress Themes Build a Newspaper Theme with WP Query and the 960 CSS Framework by Net Tuts. Creating Wordpress Themes with 20+ Tutorials; As Simple As That! WordPress is one of the most rapidly growing platform for professional bloggers.

Creating Wordpress Themes with 20+ Tutorials; As Simple As That!

And that is due to its user-friendly features and ease in operating. WordPress offers unique themes for its users to make one website have its individual professional look. A user simply needs to know how to create them to get a nice result. After individual tutorials on all the different features for creating a WordPress theme, it felt like a good option on behalf of the readers to have a tutorial roundup to bring all the basic stuff in one place. WordPress theme development is as simple as that. PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner. [box] For a complete list of Zend Training Courses – PLEASE CLICK HERE !

PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner

[/box] This area is intended for everyone new to PHP. It opens with a series of informal, entertaining tutorials written by Vikram Vaswani, founder and CEO of Melonfire. These tutorials build on a previously-published 5-part series which has now been updated and extended to embrace PHP 5, making parts of it suitable for those of you who already have worked with PHP 4 in the past. If you came here to learn about elementary PHP 4 or basic PHP 5, this is for you. PHP 101 (part 1): “Down the Rabbit Hole” An introduction to PHP’s variables and operators.PHP 101 (part 2): “Calling All Operators” The rest of the PHP operators (there are many), and simple form processing.PHP 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop Basic control structures explained.PHP 101 (part 4): The Food Factor Arrays, PHP array functions, and what it all means. How to prevent your website from getting hacked. Repair damaged site.

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