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Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants, says ‘We are brothers’ Pope Francis leaves at the end of a Chrism Mass in St.

Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants, says ‘We are brothers’

Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican Thursday, March 24, 2016. Angela Merkel, German chancellor, is Time 'Person of the Year' Image copyright AFP/TIME Time Magazine has named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its "Person of the Year".

Angela Merkel, German chancellor, is Time 'Person of the Year'

The magazine cited her role in Europe's crises over migration and Greek debt. Ms Merkel had provided "steadfast moral leadership in a world where it is in short supply", editor Nancy Gibbs wrote. Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named runner-up and third place went to US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Pope Francis has just launched a ‘year of mercy.’ Here’s what to expect. Play Video1:29 Pope opens Vatican's 'Holy Door' to start Jubilee year Tens of thousands of people gathered at the Vatican as Pope Francis launched a 'Holy Year' or Jubilee Dec. 8., a year of religious events around the world designed to bring solidarity, hope and justice.

Pope Francis has just launched a ‘year of mercy.’ Here’s what to expect.

(Reuters) While opening the holy doors at St. Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday, Pope Francis launched a jubilee year of mercy, which begins today through Nov. 20, 2016 — a year that puts forgiveness before judgment. 6 Leadership Lessons From Bill Gates on His 60th Birthday. While Bill Gates may not be as mythologized in popular culture as Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, there is no denying his impact on the tech world and beyond.

6 Leadership Lessons From Bill Gates on His 60th Birthday

The man who produced the operating system that would usher in the era of the personal computer is keeping himself plenty busy these days. Through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he's attempting to develop vaccines and create accessible education programs in underdeveloped nations. Gates was 19 when he started Microsoft in 1975. Text of Pope Francis’ address to US Congress. Pope Francis’ address to Congress on Thursday, as prepared for delivery and issued by the Holy See Press Office.

Text of Pope Francis’ address to US Congress

Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, Honorable Members of Congress, Dear Friends, Pope Francis: ‘Jesus was popular and look how that turned out’ In two wide-ranging new interviews, the pontiff discusses matters both weighty and personal, such as: the perils of his popularity, his plans to welcome divorced and remarried Catholics, and his fear that the church has locked Jesus up like a prisoner.

Pope Francis: ‘Jesus was popular and look how that turned out’

Speaking on Sunday (Sept. 13) to the Argentine radio station, FM Milenium, Francis lamented those who posed as his friends to exploit him, and decried religious fundamentalism. Pope Francis and the New Rome. One Saturday last month, Pope Francis celebrated Mass at Ognissanti (All Saints’) Church in one of Rome’s working-class neighborhoods. Little known to tourists or art historians, Ognissanti was the site of a momentous event in the modern history of the Catholic Church: Exactly 50 years earlier, Pope Paul VI had gone there to celebrate the first papal mass in Italian rather than in the traditional Latin. I am the captain of my soul. Pope Francis after 2 years: A revolution at the Vatican. Pope Francis gives confessions to a faithful during the penitential celebration in the St.

Pope Francis after 2 years: A revolution at the Vatican

Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, March 13, 2015. Pope Francis announced on Friday the Roman Catholic Church will mark an extraordinary Holy Year, one of its most important events, in which faithful make pilgrimages to Rome and other religious sites around the world. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi (VATICAN - Tags: RELIGION) REUTERS ROME -- Pope Francis marked his second anniversary as leader of the Catholic Church by meting out a little of what he talks about so much: forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

The pope heard confessions from the faithful in St. Two Theories on Berkshire Hathaway. Consider these two truthful sentences: Academics who study corporate finance overwhelmingly believe that conglomerates — giant companies that operate in a wide range of industries, often built through acquisitions — are an awfully inefficient way to organize businesses.

Two Theories on Berkshire Hathaway

And one of the most successful American companies of the last 50 years is a conglomerate called , run by the renowned investor , which is the fourth-most valuable firm in the United States, behind Apple, Google and Exxon Mobil. Pope Francis Rattles U.S. Conservatives. In the Reagan era, conservative Republicans felt they had a powerful ally in Pope John Paul II, whose forceful anti-communism and anti-abortion stances played out in American politics.

Pope Francis Rattles U.S. Conservatives

How the Pope has become the papal man of the people. Emerging from his modest Vatican apartment Pope Francis said a cheery “Good morning” to the young soldier posted outside his door.

How the Pope has become the papal man of the people

Aaron Swartz quote. Think Like Warren Buffett. Back in 1999, Robert G. Hagstrom wrote a book about the legendary investor Warren Buffett entitled "The Warren Buffett Portfolio". HOW JACK WELCH RUNS GE. Jack Welch's Wisdom. David Kelley talks about Steve Jobs and 'design thinking' in '60 Minutes' interview. IDEO founder David Kelley sat down with 60 Minutes this week to discuss the philosophy behind "design thinking" — an innovative approach that melds product design with human behavior. Why Technology Is The Special Sauce In Growth Planning. Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in B2B buyer-seller relationships and strategic marketing endeavors.

That's why I could not resist the French-American Chamber of Commerce's recent seminar. They invited Erik van Ommeren of VINT, the international research institute of Sogeti, to discuss how technology affects business and society. VINT - Vision Inspiration Navigation and Trends - delivers thought provoking views of technology. John Sculley Just Gave His Most Detailed Account Ever Of How Steve Jobs Got Fired From Apple. IT Cannot Be Only the CIO's Responsibility - Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard. By Donald A. Marchand and Joe Peppard | 7:00 AM July 19, 2013. Mayor Bloomberg: Take Fewer Bathroom Breaks to Succeed. Mayor Bloomberg. Bill Belichick, Sheryl Sandberg and the Truth About Leadership.

By Robert A. Sebelius: "Hold me accountable for the debacle" of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday offered the Obama administration's second formal apology to the American people for, the dysfunctional Obamacare website. Tim Vickery column: Lionel Messi is a perfect captain for Argentina. Diana Nyad completes historic swim from Cuba to Florida. KEY WEST, Fla. Sir Alex Ferguson book: David Beckham had to leave Man Utd.