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Speech Language Materials

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Sofa means. Word Dynamo - Free Study Guides, Quizzes, Games, and Flashcards. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics. Newsela | Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. Tools, Apps and Resources for TBI. There are so many tools and places to go online for help with traumatic brain injury. Below is a collection of websites, tools and apps to help support the TBI student. Check out Papershow, which puts what you write on the screen AS you write. Very cool and according to Brian Friedlander's blog post about it was a BIG hit at MACWorld 2011 in SanFransisco. Here is a website that has some great tools for families. There are some great videos on how to work through issues in IEP's and school meetings.Brain Injury Partners: Navigating the School System Print Disability Tools: I have found a lot of great helps at CAST and through the AIM/NIMAS links below:CAST has a new video UDL at a Glance, that explains Universal Design for Learning.

AIM Navigator will help you determine need, what electronic formats are needed, identify textbooks that are needed. CAST UDL Book Builder is a free book designer program that utilizes Text Help and UDL elements. iPad/iTouch Apps: Hope these give you some ideas! Floortime Lite Mama: Floortime. Its always best to do Floortime with a professional that knows you and your child. - that is where the "I"and the "R"( individualized and relationship based ) come in DIR The following posts are just my attempts to summarize some of the things the fabulous Dr Greenspan and his foundation have created, some public domain material and our own family's experience with doing Floortime I am a mother, not a professional Floortime therapist What is Floortime?

A Floortime Consultation How should I do Floortime ? A week where I do some Floortime All things Floortime The Stanley Greenspan Website Hidden Laughter: Blog of Mother who did Floortime. Speech Therapy Worksheets and Forms | Mommy Speech Therapy. J Sentence Flash Cards 2 (Medial).pdf. Therapy materials.