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SMF Blog - Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Dubai. Inside the Weekend Home of Your Dreams. Your second (or third, or fifth) house should be a place where life is simpler, the design is a little bit more loose, and the shower has glass walls.

Inside the Weekend Home of Your Dreams

So we asked renowned designer Russell Groves for tips on how to build your dream retreat. You made it to "weekend home" status, which means you're a hard worker or you're in finance. Either way, congratulations! Now comes the tough part, where you have to find the perfect place to indulge your leisure time. Somewhere that feels different from your everyday living situation, a house that's comfortable and inspiring in equal measure. When they first saw the place, it was mid-way through construction, had a distinct knockoff French chateaux vibe, and was larger than they were looking for—(12,000-square-feet!) "This meant plenty of bedrooms and baths, a large open kitchen, an extra large dining room table, recreational outdoor spaces, and a charming goes home that allows comfort and privacy," says Groves. Tip #1. Tip #2. Tip #3. Tip #4. Zoned Dough Pillow - Bamboo Charcoal (Queen) Miles Davis - Bitches Brew [180 Gram Vinyl] (Vinyl LP) - Amoeba Music.

Vapor Sectional - 3 Piece. Exclusive to Z Gallerie our Vapor 3 Piece Sectional has an urban contemporary design, with deep seated comfort.

Vapor Sectional - 3 Piece

Unique combination of tight seat with biscuit tufted sewing treatment, and comfortable loose back cushions. Heirloom quality frame construction, solid hardwood block legs. Made in the USA. Custom Orders - You will have 3 days from the transaction date to change or cancel your special order purchase. Special orders cannot be returned or exchange. Construction & Features: Exclusive to Z Gallerie Frame is constructed of both hardwood and engineered wood Corners are blocked, doweled, stapled and glued for durability and strength. Fabric: Upholstered in Stanford Charcoal Polyester microfiber. Decorating Ideas for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type. Who knew that four letters could bring so much clarity to your life?

Decorating Ideas for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

It's like the Myers-Briggs personality test looks deep into your soul to see the most genuine parts of you–the way you make decisions, the way you look at the world. And once you get in tune with those aspects of yourself, you gain a whole new perspective on everything in life, including how you decorate your own home. Best Home Safes Reviews: SafeSentry vs Stack-On vs... The best home security system won’t protect your most treasured valuables against threats like house fires, flooding, or snoopy service workers that have access to areas inside your home.

Best Home Safes Reviews: SafeSentry vs Stack-On vs...

Home security systems aren’t perfect and a home safe can be the last line of defense against burglars. Here we’ll give you our best home safe reviews, including pros and cons, pricing, sizing and other tips to help you choose the home safe that best fits your needs. The Most Affordable Automatic Standing Desk – StandDesk. How To Create Your Own Lush, Winter Blues Beating, 70s-style Indoor Jungle. Never-ending winters need more powerful spirit-lifting tools like a loose, bohemian indoor jungle look with lots of plants.

How To Create Your Own Lush, Winter Blues Beating, 70s-style Indoor Jungle

And a hip, styled explosion of green life in any room in any location is the sort of thing to bring cheer to a home all year long. We've got the steps to take, the plants to get and the ideas to help you carve out your own lush home retreat this weekend. 1. The 10 Best Plants for Apartments. We want to bring a little green inside for the winter, so we asked our favorite Brooklyn plant store, Sprout Home, to recommend plants that can thrive in typical low-light New York City apartments.

The 10 Best Plants for Apartments

Here is Sprout Home's list of 10 apartment friendly plants: 1. Asplenium nidus “Bird’s Nest Fern” - These ferns are one of the easier ferns to keep looking nice. The new leaves unroll upward from the center of the plant. What Did Ernest Hemingway Really Drink? Ernest Hemingway mixes a drink in Cortina d'Ampezzo, 1948.

What Did Ernest Hemingway Really Drink?

Credit: Getty Images It's no secret that booze was Hemingway's life-blood, for himself as much for his fictional cohorts. Frederic Henry's drink of choice in A Farewell to Arms is the martini — "They made me feel civilized," he says — while in The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes likes a Calvados-and-gin concoction called the Jack Rose. In "Three Day Blow," Nick Adams nurses his heartache with a bottle of "whiskey" (by which Hemingway probably meant scotch); G&Ts are Thomas Hudson's go-to in Islands in the Stream; and in Green Hills of Africa, Hemingway is seldom without a gimlet, even carting around a bottle of Rose's lime juice, since fresh limes were elusive on safari. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner Product Review. Modern Anthology. Airows. 23 Cool Things To Buy For An Industrial-Inspired Home - Airows.

If you're digging the idea of a place that's a little warmer and cozier than your average abode, but still distinctly masculine, take a look at these industrial-inspired furniture and decor items.

23 Cool Things To Buy For An Industrial-Inspired Home - Airows

They're smart and sophisticated and made for a place that feels lived in. Vintage Light Up D Four Hands Bedframe Queen Framed Leather Steering Wheel Axel Tall Mirror Vintage Globe Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers Vintage Foosball Players On Stand Vintage Stage Floor Lamp Stanley Kubrick Archive Coffee Table Book. Why You Only Wear 13% of Your Clothes. Interior Inspiration: A Relaxed, Masculine Home. Interior Inspiration: Comfortable Mid-Century Style.

Best Dressed Closets: Wardrobe Organization Techniques for Fall - Inside Laurel & Wolf - Interior Design and Style Blog. Remember when you couldn’t wait for the weather to get warm enough to rock daisy dukes and tanks?

Best Dressed Closets: Wardrobe Organization Techniques for Fall - Inside Laurel & Wolf - Interior Design and Style Blog

We don’t either. Now that the initial thrill has passed, you’re probably eager to get back to jeans and sweaters but all that meets the eye when you crack open your closet is a mess of sandals, shorts, and sundresses. In light of the changing season and the excitement of fall fashion now is the best time to revamp, reorganize and remake your closet into a beautiful space filled with beautiful things you can display proudly. Check out these tips, tricks, and inspiring images to begin making your closet the very best dressed!

1. This space may be larger than the average closet, but it takes advantage of every square inch of space available. 2. A Man's Home: The Grown-Up Entryway. 3 Stylish Home Upgrades.