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Getting to know… Liu Ling. Aspiring to be a full-time artist, Liu Ling’s craft has improved dramatically in the short 2 years that she sought formal art education.

Getting to know… Liu Ling

We find out more about her early encounters with art, why she felt compelled to choose art over computing and the process of creating each piece in Pure Days: Art & Life. 1) Your bio mentions that you relocated to Singapore in 2002, what made you decide to relocate? Before I came to Singapore my future was planned out – national exams followed by a decent university followed by a secure job.

I was doing fine by struggling hard, although I failed to understand the point of struggling. ARTIST OF THE MONTH. Browse Title. NYPL Digital Collections will replace Digital Gallery in March 2015.

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NYPL Digital Collections provides free access to more than 800,000 items from the vast collections of The New York Public Library, with new items added every day. In addition, Digital Collections offers enhanced search capabilities, an improved browse experience, automatically generated citations, higher resolution downloads of public domain images, and more. Visit Digital Collections now and start exploring. xMinimize NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 800,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the vast collections of The New York Public Library, including drawings, illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.

Fruits and vegetables - Harvest season - Wallpaper Gallery. Yet ripe guava 50193 - Fruits and vegetables - Harvest season. Prafulla Sawant. Watercolorist. Indian Watercolor Paintings - Fine Art Blogger. Indian watercolor artists are known for their rich style and technique in this tough medium. India, being a land of diverse cultural tastes and amazing scenic beauty is the favorite spot for artists to outline life-rich paintings. Indian watercolor paintings are known for its rich colors and unique style. Life as I see it. Watercolour Paintings By Rajkumar sthabathy ( Part - I) on Behance. Ejoumale Djearamine on Behance. Watercolour Paintings By Prafull Sawant on Behance. Illustration art of Sanjay Kamble from India. Pramod Kurlekar. Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream. Unchanged. Watercolor: A Bold Approach - The Watercolor Blog. When Chris Krupinski made the transition from oil to watercolor painting, she refused to sacrifice her love of detail and bold, rich color. by Naomi Ekperigin Virginia artist Chris Krupinski didn’t plan on becoming a watercolorist.

Watercolor: A Bold Approach - The Watercolor Blog

Fruit watercolor paintings giclee prints. Stilllife.htm. Watercolor Fruits. Watercolor Paintings and Prints by ChiFungW. TRANSPARENT DRAWING. 20 Lines A Day. Art is my profession; music is my passion. Art and music are two creative pursuits that define my life. I realize that I didn’t include writing. CITRUS FRUIT. I have been a food artist for over 30 years.


Obsessions, Reverie, Allegories of Harshvardhan. Drawing on the wall. Prash. Story book on Ramayana for Children on Behance. Bollywood Project based on the life of Warrior Karna on Behance. RAMAYANA TYPE on Behance. Parshuram Korade on Behance. Nithin Rao Kumblekar on Behance. Indian, caricature, illustration, celebrity caricature, artist jaipur, art for sale, visual artist. Niloufer - Illustration. Art. Art Journaling.

STORY BOARD. Client: lulu.


Jayesh Sivan - Illustrations. Botanical – Saturated color. Design Quest - Post - Ravi paranjpe...sir. Complete Text of Kalidasa's Cloud Messenger. RSA Animate. Geof Darrow Part 1: "The Art of Attention" Designing for Space: Core77 visits NASA's Industrial Design Team, by Glen Jackson Taylor. Posted by core jr | 31 Oct 2008 | Comments (22) SPR Pressurized Rover Evan Twyford and Carl Conlee are two of three industrial designers working in NASA's Habitability Design Center (HDC), and in just over 2 years they have transitioned the department from one that dealt only with small isolated ergonomic projects to working on arguably the most exciting project at NASA today—a next generation pressurized lunar rover.

Designing for Space: Core77 visits NASA's Industrial Design Team, by Glen Jackson Taylor

Since working at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) they have had robots walk past their office door during meetings, experienced zero-gravity flight, had their bodies 3D scanned, and worked alongside some of the most talented engineers and scientists in the country. The thing is, NASA doesn't actually have an industrial design department. John james audubon. Est100 一些圖. The Earth NASA – Mercury 水星.

est100 一些圖

Travel Sketches. I like to document my travels by sketching.

Travel Sketches

I believe that by drawing the world around us, we are forced to observe it more carefully, and this leads to a better understanding of structures and places. I taught architectural sketching on two European study abroad programs for the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Architecture ~ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ~ The KÀ theatre. The theatre for KÀ was created from the shell of a 2000 seat theatre built at the back of the MGM Grand Hotel in 1995.

Architecture ~ CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ~ The KÀ theatre

In 2003 the building was stripped back to the walls and bare earth before additional lobby, retail and backstage spaces were added. KÀ, a multi-media acrobatic show created by Robert Lepage and produced by Cirque du Soleil, opened in 2005. Lapage located the story of KÀ in a mythic oriental world. To support the story, the lobby and the theatre shift the mood of the audience from the frenzied racket of the casino floor to a mood of quiet anticipation. Eye burfi.