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How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
How Java Works Have you ever wondered how computer programs work? Have you ever wanted to learn how to write your own computer programs? Whether you are 14 years old and hoping to learn how to write your first game, or you are 70 years old and have been curious about computer programming for 20 years, this article is for you. In this edition of HowStuffWorks, I'm going to teach you how computer programs work by teaching you how to program in the Java programming language. In order to teach you about computer programming, I am going to make several assumptions from the start: How Java Works

Eloquent JavaScript -- interactive tutorial

Eloquent JavaScript is a book providing an introduction to the JavaScript programming language and programming in general. A concise and balanced mix of principles and pragmatics. I loved the tutorial-style game-like program development. This book rekindled my earliest joys of programming. Eloquent JavaScript -- interactive tutorial
Phone phreaking is the act of gaining illegal access to resources of telecom networks for fun or malicious activity. Before computer hacking took over, phreaking was the dominant underground tech activity. Some phone phreakers just wanted to understand how telecom infrastructure worked. Others wanted to make free long distance phone calls. Phone Phreaking Phone Phreaking
Hey everyone, I am happy and proud to present...new_logo.pngConcept: I was in want for a game with a mix of serveral games to make this one, of course, this is my 1st real game project, so it's not an actual mix between this games, but it's good enough for me The Legend of Zelda (The type of RPG)Shadow of the Collosus (The Combat)Final Fantasy (The Style)Story The story is actually really complicated to follow, since this is the first game, the objective is simple, it's said in the beginning of the game, I am planning to make a sequal in the future when I have more experience, so look out for that...Basically, a guy gets lost in a forest... A huge forest, called The Whereabouts Unknown, where many person go in, but never come out. For some reason, this person was running away from something and was lucky enough to find a way out, finding himself in a village ruled by an Evil God, named Sagon.Play the game, and the history will clear up the idea... Faith - Adverture RPG - Blender Artists Forums Faith - Adverture RPG - Blender Artists Forums
Kyra is a simple, fully featured, industrial strength Sprite engine written in C++. It is built on top of SDL and has been tested on Windows and Linux. Kyra is licensed under the LGPL. Kyra Main Page Kyra Main Page
Scheme Tutorial
“And although it will no doubt be very difficult to prove, it seems likely that this Turing machine will in the end turn out to be universal.” So I wrote on page 709 of A New Kind of Science (NKS). I had searched the computational universe for the simplest possible universal Turing machine. And I had found a candidate—that my intuition told me was likely to be universal. Blog : The Prize Is Won; The Simplest Universal Turing Machine I Blog : The Prize Is Won; The Simplest Universal Turing Machine I
LFS LiveCD Project Homepage Note: The LiveCD is no longer being maintained. However, it still works well for many purposes, such as a rescue disk. The packages and the rendered LFS book on the CD are quite out of date. LFS LiveCD Project Homepage