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Facebook Twitter EcAr@tumblr Latest Posts / Blog Profile // Page 8. Landscape Architecture Materials – 1(Rwanda) – general architecture collaborative. Landscape Architecture Materials – 1(Rwanda) We will be posting a series of journal entries looking at building and Landscape Materials used in a number of the countries and communities we are currently or have in the based worked in.

Landscape Architecture Materials – 1(Rwanda) – general architecture collaborative

In Rwanda the distinction between Landscape Architecture and building materials is mostly non-existent. Most construction are produced from the same materials just utilized in different ways. - Zaneta. Piel.Skin – Ethel Baraona Pohl – Arquitectura Contemporánea. From MoCo Loco: We often get books by mail at MoCo Loco, but today we got one via email, the “First Paperless Architecture Book EVER: Piel”.

Piel.Skin – Ethel Baraona Pohl – Arquitectura Contemporánea

Piel.Skin is the culmination of two years of architectural research into dynamic facades, ventilated, high-tech or traditional composites with new features. “This book shows that currently new skins not only act as an isolating element, besides interact with the environment, optimizing energy exchange with the outside. From Germany to Australia or Korea to Colombia, there are many examples that readers can visit with this publication.”. Most of the architecture is public or commercial but there are three notable residential projects including Blank Studio’s Xeros Residence in Phoenix (above)

. + Via MoCo Loco. Architecture, Urbanism, Design. Degeneration and redevelopment of urban areas are mayor themes in contemporary (European) city centers.

Architecture, Urbanism, Design

Kerameikos / Metaxourgeio is an example of how the traditional European city block has decomposed and made way for more informal ways of urbanity, ways that nowadays form the character of the area and an ultimate resource for experiments in living. The design proposal thus does not start out by creating strong edges or massive blocks, but its concept lies in the in-between spaces, the unbuilt program; an urban park, a carefully designed collective space as the basis for daily life. The building program is then distributed freely over the site like little islands in the garden. Some of the buildings will cluster to form living groups and small communities. Others will remain free standing, enjoying a 360 degree view of the gardens.

This free field of emergences and gardens easily translates into new concepts for student housing. Thinking Beyond The Station: Aguascalentes City Suburban Train. Thinking Beyond The Station: Aguascalentes City Suburban Train is the latest project by Mexico City-based architecture office RVdG arquitectura + urbanismo.

Thinking Beyond The Station: Aguascalentes City Suburban Train

The project was further developed from the original brief which was only to design a suburban train connecting Arellano to the south of the state with Rincon de Romos to the North. A very good attempt of giving unique identity and interesting spatial experience to each station where is not only to accommodate transit facilities, but also to reinforce the surrounding urban fabric through the architectural strategies. We see stations as urban generators of activity. We want to make traveler´s experience as a journey through different pieces in the urban landscape, conceived to give identity and meaning within the urban fabric.RVdG arquitectura + urbanismo Thinking Beyond The Station: Aguascalentes City Suburban Train, drawing courtesy of RVdG arquitectura + urbanismo + Project description courtesy of RVdG arquitectura + urbanismo Station. Untitled. 2010 Lund - ESS and MaxLabIV Hjörtur Hannesson - Lund NE [pdf] Dangoule Rucinskaite - Patch [pdf] Nicholas Bigelow - Forming center [pdf] 2009 Landskrona - Railway station Landskrona Looking beyond - Ashwin Karjatkar [pdf] Landskrona Growing inside - Thomas Hagström [pdf] Next stop Landskrona - Shraddha Kapri [pdf] 2008 Landskrona - Gantofta Keep the Green - Jennie Tyrberg [pdf] _be on the gad - Jenny May [pdf] Living (on) the Coast - Chiara Lanfranconi [pdf]


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