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How to write a cover letter. By How to write a cover letter The letter that you include with your job application is known as a cover letter.

How to write a cover letter

One is suggested to always include a cover letter with your job application until unless it is clearly saying not to. Purpose While writing a cover letter, there are a few points that you must keep in mind: Your Introduction.Mention the job you are looking for, or you are applying for.Always mention the similar thing that matches form the job requirement, e.g., experience, skillset, etc. Length of the cover letter It must be short. Your cover letter should match your job You must always design a different cover letter for every job you apply. Your cover letter must contain all the data and skill set that is involved in the job, and the employer is looking for. Here is a simple suggestion to make your cover letter more effective – The Addressee The most common way to address anyone is to write, To whom it may concern.

Information about the Job Role. Store Configuration in Magento 2. By Store Configuration in Magento 2 There is a basic configuration that we need to change before we start using our Store in Magento 2.

Store Configuration in Magento 2

Magento 2 provides configuration files that allow us to customize the components in the Store easily. It includes some configurations like General configuration, Inventory setup, Security settings, Customer settings, Sales configuration, Cloud Engagement, and some other services with advance setting options. Basics of Userform. By Basics of Userform A User Form is a built-in customized dialog box that fetches data from the user through a user-friendly dialog box or window that makes up part of an application’s user interface.

Basics of Userform

It enables a user data entry operation easier, controllable, and manageable to use for the user. UiPath Variable, Sequence and Data Types. By UiPath Variable Every kind of language such as C, Java, JavaScript, and PHP, etc. consist of variables.

UiPath Variable, Sequence and Data Types

The variable has a symbolic name, which is related to the value that may be changed according to the user. Python Tkinter Tutorial. By What is Tkinter?

Python Tkinter Tutorial

Tkinter is GUI library of Python. Installation Hadoop on Ubuntu. By Level 1) Download and install Hadoop 1. beginning you have to create a Hadoop system user through the following command- sudo addgroup hadoop_

Installation Hadoop on Ubuntu

Blockchains vs Distributed ledger Technology. By Blockchains VS Distributed ledger Technology Blockchain is explored by a wide range of audiences daily.

Blockchains vs Distributed ledger Technology

There are lots of terms used for the Blockchain technology; one of them is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain and DLT are often used interchangeably but they are not same. Blockchain and DTL share the same objective of the decentralized database. Blockchain is comparable to a distributed ledger, whereas distributed ledger cannot be seen as Blockchain. How to Multiply Fractions? By What is a Fraction?

How to Multiply Fractions?

A fraction is a number that divides a whole number into equal parts. A fraction tells us how many parts we have from the whole part. We can identify a fraction by a slash operator written between two numbers. A fraction is made up of the two parts, which is the numerator and the denominator. 1. Mid-Point Line Drawing Algorithm in Computer Graphics. By The Mid-point Subdivision algorithm is the extension of the Cyrus-Beck algorithm.

Mid-Point Line Drawing Algorithm in Computer Graphics

The Mid-Point line plotting algorithm was introduced by “Pitway and Van Aken.” VBA Creating, Displaying, Uploading UserForms. CodeIgniter Inflector Helper. By The inflector helper file contains some predefined function that allows users to change their English words into plural, singular, and camel case, etc.

CodeIgniter Inflector Helper

Loading an Inflector Helper Before using an inflector helper function, you must load the helper in the controller’s files. DDA line Drawing Algorithm in Computer Graphics. By DDA (Digital Differential Analyzer) Line Drawing Algorithm The Digital Differential Analyzer helps us to interpolate the variables on an interval from one point to another point. We can use the digital Differential Analyzer algorithm to perform rasterization on polygons, lines, and triangles. VBA UBound Function. By The UBound function in VBA returns the highest subscript for the specified dimension in the given array. Syntax UBound (ArrayName, [Dimension]) Parameter ArrayName (required) – This parameter represents an array for which you want to find the highest subscript.

Dimension (optional) – This parameter specifies the dimension of the array, for which you require the highest subscript. Ionic Splash Screen. By The Apache Cordova plugin helps to displays and hides a splash screen during the application launch. Excel VBA Filter Function. By VBA Filter Function: The Filter function in VBA returns a subset for the given string array, based on specified criteria. Syntax Filter (SourceArray, Match, [Include], [Compare]) Parameter.

Features of Ionic Framework. By The Ionic Framework is based on the AngularJS framework that permits a programmer to use a combination of many other programming languages, like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of the important features of the Ionic Framework are as follows: Cross-Platform: It is the cross-platform framework that built mobile apps, which runs on multiple platforms, such as Android, native iOS, and Windows phones. It can be created and deploy on any platform. It allows us to write once and runs everywhere.AngularJS: Ionic framework uses the AngularJS MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to develop an attractive mobile application.Design: It permits the user to create a simple, clean, and functional mobile application. CodeIgniter Date helper. Apache Hive Architecture. Excel VBA FormatNumber Function. Install Magento2 using Composer. RPA Work Fusion. Polygon Clipping. Structure of Codeigniter.

Installation of CodeIgniter. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Text Clipping. V-Model. Deadlock in Java. QlikView Tutorial. YARN: Hadoop Module. Vue.js Tutorial. Top 30 RPA Interview questions for 2020. Ionic Toast. Difference between Ionic 4 and Ionic 3. Computer Graphics Window. Excel VBA MessageBox. Miscellaneous Exercise of conditional statements and Loop. Major Boards of IoT. VBA For Each Loop. Arduino UNO Board with PIR Motion Sensor. Creating View in Django.

Do Until….Loop in VBA. Spring MVC Form – Drop-Down List. If ElseIf ElseIf Statement or Nested If statement in VBA. Top 20 SEO Interview Questions and Answers. Grid Computing vs Cloud Computing. 2D Rotation. If … ElseIf … Else statement in VBA. IF THEN Statement in VBA. Scope in Visual Basics. JIRA Tutorial for Beginners. Symfony PHP Framework Interview Questions. OpenCV Tutorial for Beginners. Authentication in CakePHP. Data Communication & Computer Network Tutorial. CakePHP Controller. Artificial Neural Network Tutorial. Future Scope of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Introduction to Visual Basic Editor Window. IoT Architecture. MongoDB Installation. Session Layer Protocols. Why RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Waterfall Model in Software Engineering. Features of Magento. Java URL Class with Example. Conditional Formatting in Excel. HttpURLConnection. How to apply Data Protection to the Worksheet? Java Development Kit. Spring AOP – Pointcut Expressions. Access Modifier in Java.

Mobile cloud computing. Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners. Ionic Colors. Ionic framework Installation. Computer Fundamentals Tutorial. React Conditional Rendering. React Router. Python Tutorial for Beginners. Excel IFNA Function. Excel IFERROR() Function. Difference between Selenium Web driver and Selenium RC. Selenium web driver- Checkbox handling.

Selenium-Grid. Association Rule Learning Algorithm. Selenium Web driver Wait Statements. Selenium web driver-CSS Selector: Substring Matching. Excel COUNTBLANK() Function. Data Science Tutorial. Excel MIN() Function. Notes in Excel. ETL Tutorial. K-means clustering Algorithm. Spring – Beans using @Bean. Spring Autowiring – Setter Injection. Spring – Configuration using @Configuration. Naïve Bayes Algorithm in Machine Learning. Naïve Bayes Algorithm in Machine Learning. Log4j Tutorial.