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Memo to Newspapers: Incremental Change is Not Helping: Tech News and Analysis « Making the transition from being traditional print publishers to digital-first media outlets hasn’t been easy for newspapers — in fact, many have stubbornly resisted, and tried to dip their toes into digital waters gradually without investing any substantial effort or resources.

Memo to Newspapers: Incremental Change is Not Helping: Tech News and Analysis «

As media analyst Frederic Filloux pointed out in a post yesterday at The Monday Note, this strategy (or lack of a strategy) is turning out to be a slow-motion train wreck. As author Clayton Christensen described in The Innovator’s Dilemma, it is almost impossible to cope with market disruption by making incremental changes, and newspapers are a perfect example. What Should An iPad Newspaper Look Like? News Corp is taking the iPad very seriously as a new way to distribute the news.

What Should An iPad Newspaper Look Like?

The media giant is taking it so seriously that it is developing a new publication called the Daily which will only be available on the iPad (no print edition, no Website). News Corp is hiring 100 journalists for this iPad newspaper and is reportedly working with engineers on loan from Apple to make it shine. The last time a big media company hired so many journalists to launched a splashy new publication was Conde Nast’s Portfolio magazine, which was more of a print venture and didn’t survive. I hope the Daily fares better and really takes this opportunity to rethink how news is presented to readers without any of the limitations of print. For one thing, based on who is getting hired for this project, it looks like the Daily will be heavy on video, interactive graphics, and rich photos.

Well, I am not sure it should look like a newspaper at all. Tablet-publishing: de stand van zaken (deel 1) In veel jaarlijstjes wordt de iPad als belangrijkste mediatrend van 2010 gezien.

Tablet-publishing: de stand van zaken (deel 1)

Dit was voor en MediaTest aanleiding om gezamenlijk onderzoek te doen naar de stand van zaken op het gebied van tablet-publishing in Nederland. Rond de jaarwisseling hebben honderden professionals de online vragenlijst ingevuld. Aantal tablet-apps verdrievoudigt in 2011 Na een rustige start bij de introductie van de iPad, brengen steeds meer titels een tablet-app uit.

Eén op de vijf uitgeverijen heeft inmiddels één of meerdere apps in store. Het zijn de publieksuitgevers die voorop lopen en op dit moment apps in store hebben. 67% van de uitgeverijen heeft eind 2011 tablet-app(s) in store iPad domineert, Android komt op De apps in store zijn allemaal voor de iPad (IOS) ontwikkeld. De toename van Android tablet-apps blijft wel achter bij de stormachtige ontwikkeling die Android op de smartphone-markt doormaakt. Do you trust Apple's App Store with the future of 'print'? Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch have begun battling it out to create a superior subscription-based magazine in the iPad iPublishing 3.0 race, but Apple's [AAPL] recent move to ban an iOS magazine dedicated to the competing Android smartphone OS shows that Apple's app store approvals team could begin an age of censorship...

Do you trust Apple's App Store with the future of 'print'?

[This story is from Computerworld's Apple Holic blog. Follow on Twitter or subscribe via RSS to make sure you don't miss a beat.] On the surface the moves by Murdoch and Branson to field new iPad titles are interesting. Both have committed extensive resources to the project, and initial feedback suggests both have a lot going for them, though Branson's is described as a little "buggy". iPad apps – still more dash than cash. Surfin’ ain’t easy, and right now, you’re lost at sea. But don’t worry; simply pick an option from the list below, and you’ll be back out riding the waves of the Internet in no time. Hit the “back” button on your browser. It’s perfect for situations like this! iPad publishing: Why the real challenge is the competition for attention. There's optimism but a lack of confidence in the news industry when it comes to exploiting the iPad, as I wrote yesterday.

iPad publishing: Why the real challenge is the competition for attention

Conde Nast is doing selectively ambitious projects, and a handful of titles are carefully pushing out sensitively planned apps - aware of the scrutiny of developing for this high-profile platform. (And yes, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others, will have their day.) Beyond the traditional media industry, there have been few innovative models for iPad news apps. Flipboard is the highest profile, making a magazine from your feeds. Content This Week: Tabletapalooza. By Sam Martin - January 4, 2011 Magazine publishers are sure that 2011 is the year of the tablet.

Content This Week: Tabletapalooza

Again. The future of publishing: E-publish or perish. The future of tablet fixation. iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0. There is no way around this fact: the first batch of magazines adapted to the iPad failed to deliver.

iPad publishing: time to switch to v2.0

Six months after the initial excitement, the mood has turned turned sour. See the figures below, they show the downturn in circulation for the much publicized iPad versions of a few American magazines: - Wired: 100,000 downloads in June, 22,500 in October and November : down 78%. According to the Magazine Publishers Association, that’s not even a meager 3% of the average print copy circulation for the first half of 2010 — for an iconic tech magazine… - Vanity Fair: 10,500 in August, 8,700 in November, down 17% and less 1% of the print sales.

(These numbers include single copy sales and subscriptions, which represent the bulk of the print revenues for US magazines). According to WWD, using figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation, several high profiles glossies show the same pattern: iPad downloads are in sharp decline everywhere. Measuring Measures - Measuring Measures - Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism. Being in debt is a terrifying experience.

Measuring Measures - Measuring Measures - Why the iPad is Destroying the Future of Journalism

Unfortunately, this problem is difficult to fix, fixing it can be hard.The piece that follows does offer some pointers on what to do regarding bankruptcy if your burden becomes to much to bear. Be certain you understand all you can about bankruptcy by using online resources. Department of Justice and American Bankruptcy Attorneys provide free advice. De ondergang van het digitale tijdschrift – hoe digitaal uitgeven dwingt tot innoveren « Digital Native. 1 jaar na introductie: Nederlandse markt digitaal lezen groeit harder dan VS. Are Magazine iPad Apps Profitable in the Long Haul? Magazine editors and publishers are excited about tablet devices like the iPad.

Are Magazine iPad Apps Profitable in the Long Haul?

In them, they see a chance to give consumers the best that digital media can offer — and to be able to charge them for the content. But does the profit from the apps justify the expense of building and marketing them? What If the iPad Magazine is Already Obsolete? Ever since the iPad was announced, there has been no end of talk about how it and other tablets represent the future of magazines.

What If the iPad Magazine is Already Obsolete?

As it turns out, this is now partly true. Magazines, in the form of apps, are plentiful on the iPad, and if nothing else, they’re certainly a new way to experience a magazine. The 7″-9″ screen is a good size for viewing mixed content and the touch screen makes scrolling through a magazine feel familiar and obvious, yet still novel.

Is there any chance that the iPad can save certain premium magazines and/or newspapers. Upfront, there are many brilliant analysts and writers out there writing on this very subject and my ideas tend to be a combination of theirs and my own. It is difficult for me to say exactly where some of their ideas versus my ideas begin and end, but what I hope is original is the synthesis of opinion I present. Here goes. Unfortunately, the answer is likely "no. " What are the most innovative books and/or magazine apps on the iPad.