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Facebook Twitter Pintohuis (centrum) - Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam. Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Banne Buiksloot Openingstijden Afwijkende openingstijden Tweede paasdag 21 april 2014MaandagGeslotenKoningsdag 26 april 2014ZaterdagGesloten.

Pintohuis (centrum) - Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

Restaurant Het Bosch. Van Dijk en Ko - home. Onze Picknick Menu's - PicnicCompany Amsterdam. Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam for travel snobs. Posted on: September 25th in Europe, Our Trips, Travel, Travel Snobs by Becky Padmore.

Top 10 things to do in Amsterdam for travel snobs

Like this Post? So you’ve seen all the museums and art galleries, and now the red light district and the coffee shops are starting to grate. If you want to discover a little more from this great city then here are ten of our favourite things to do in Amsterdam for travel snobs… 1. Explore one of the best streets in town. How to Make a Sunburst Mirror. Amsterdam Skylounge. Guests at newly rebranded DoubleTree by Hilton hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station, DoubleTree by Hilton hotel London - Tower of London, DoubleTree by Hilton hotel London Westminster, DoubleTree by Hilton hotel London Leeds City Centre and DoubleTree by Hilton hotel Manchester Piccadilly will benefit from the characteristic qualities found at more than 265 DoubleTree by Hilton hotels and resorts open around the world.

Amsterdam Skylounge

The five DoubleTree properties in the UK and the Netherlands are in sought-after city centre locations and already have outstanding service and product attributes to represent the DoubleTree by Hilton brand. Mint Hotel Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow join the Hilton Garden Inn collection of hotels in the UK. We look forward to continuing a relationship with Mint customers and welcoming Hilton Worldwide customers to these newly branded hotels. Welcome to the truely rewarding experiences for the world's travellers in each of these fine locations. Jazz Clubs. It was here that marijuana became an integral part of Jazz.

Jazz Clubs

Unlike alcohol, which dulled and incapacitated, marijuana enabled the musicians, whose job required them to play long into the night, to forget their exhaustion. Moreover, the drug seemed to make their music sound more imaginative and unique, at least to those who played and listened to it while under its sensorial influence.

Lunchtime Concerts. Feesten — Rainarai Westergasfabriek — Rainarai. 5 places in Amsterdam you need to know about… - I Wanna Go There. On a visit to Amsterdam you obviously don’t want to miss the canals or the Anne Frank House.

5 places in Amsterdam you need to know about… - I Wanna Go There

But if your thinking of skipping the following lesser known inspiring places, don´t do it. You will regret it. De Kas Restaurant: One of the most contemporary and exquisite gastro experiences I have enjoyed lately. It´s not simply a plain restaurant because it also boasts its own vegetable gardens. That means that the carrots you taste in the big dining room have just been collected a few meters from you. 7 mei 1945: De ware feiten over de schietpartij op de Dam. In zijn boek ‘Kleine geschiedenis van Amsterdam’ (p.359) schrijft de journalist en "historicus" Geert Mak over de schietpartij:

7 mei 1945: De ware feiten over de schietpartij op de Dam

Acht Sneakers Amsterdam's Albums. Netherlands travel guide. The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland, also commonly called Holland in English) is a European country, bordering Germany to the east and Belgium to the south.

Netherlands travel guide

The people, language, and culture of the Netherlands is referred to as "Dutch". With over 16 million people on an area roughly twice the size of New Jersey, it's a densely populated country with its gorgeous capital Amsterdam being just one of many interesting cities. Once a great naval power, this small nation boasts a wealth of cultural heritage and is famous for its painters, windmills, clogs and notoriously flat lands. A modern European country today, it preserved its highly international character and is known for its liberal mentality. As a founding member of EU and NATO, and host to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands is at the heart of international cooperation. Regions[edit] The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, administratively divided into 12 provinces (provincies).

Cities[edit] Mental_floss Blog » Strange Geographies: Quick Facts About the Netherlands. I just got back from a week in the Netherlands (and Belgium and Luxembourg) and my head's still spinning -- from the jet-lag, heavy beers, and dizzying awesomeness of that part of the world.

mental_floss Blog » Strange Geographies: Quick Facts About the Netherlands

I'm just starting to go through the intimidating mountain of images and videos I took while there, but just to kick off what will be probably several weeks of occasional posts about the region, I wanted to do a quick overview of Holland, which as it turns out has a lot more to offer than tulips and wooden shoes (though it's got those, too). The first thing you notice about Amsterdam are its canals. The second is all the bikes. It's got more of both than anywhere else -- more canals than Venice, and more bikes than people, some 1,000,000 unsexy-but-practical granny bikes for a population of just 700,000. Everyone rides -- little kids, old people, businesspeople, couples on dates (one does the pedaling while the other rides on the luggage carrier). How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden.

Good news and bad news.

How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden

I had planned to film a short video showing you how to make a pallet garden, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I was stapling the landscape fabric onto the pallet when it started drizzling and got really windy. That’s the bad news. But I know I promised a tutorial today, so I took photos and have kept my word to share how to make the pallet garden. I tried to be as detailed as possible. Amsterdam Coffeeshop Map. Coffeeshops Netherlands Database. Home Cities Contact. De Kookfabriek - Kookcursus & kookworkshop Kookstudio Amsterdam. Paper Flower Key Holder / Mark Montano. Difficulty Rating: Beginner Tags.

Paper Flower Key Holder / Mark Montano

Mokum en 020 zijn andere namen voor Amsterdam. Stijlvolle hufterproof stadsfiets. De VAN MOOF is een strakke, minimalistische stadsfiets ontworpen in hartje Amsterdam. Dit weekeinde start de verkoop. 'De VAN MOOF heeft het oerhollandse ontwerp van de opafiets naar de 21ste eeuw getild', zegt Sjoerd Smit, ontwerper van de VAN MOOF. De bekende driehoeksvorm van de opafiets herken je meteen en toch is de VAN MOOF een opvallende verschijning. How to Design a Man's Closet". A man's wardrobe consists, for the most part, of suits, shirts, ties, jackets, sweaters, and casual wear. You won't find the wide variety of items or lengths that are common in a woman's wardrobe. Although many feminine equivalents to a man's clothes do exist, the issue of importance is a matter of space rather than classification. A man's garments are usually longer than a woman's (except for dresses).

This fact leads to a significant, though subtle, element affecting the organizing of a man's closet: Space can be used more efficiently in a man's closet. All the room in a man's closet can be double-rodded, since nothing is longer than a suit coat or shirt. Op zoek naar een nieuwbouw huurwoning? heeft ze allemaal. Restaurants in Amsterdam - Weet waar je eet!