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Taste of Cinema. Taste of Cinema. Gremsy gStabi H14 - Gremsy. 'Bad Reviews' Extortion Scams Targeting Photographers and How To Deal With Them. There is a new “bad reviews” blackmail scam that has been targeting many of my colleagues including myself.

'Bad Reviews' Extortion Scams Targeting Photographers and How To Deal With Them

The scam is not just targeting newborn photographers, but any photographers (wedding, portrait, maternity, etc) from North America and Australia (so far…) and photography prop vendors who are visible in the internet searches. This is my case and how I suggest dealing with such scams. Setting Up The Scam In December, I received a new client inquiry from Mark Schwarz ( ). It was different from the normal inquiries in that this person pasted an image of his inquiry (instead of typing out in text) with bold red font. In January, I received another new client inquiry from Jennifer McMahon Lawyer ( ) asking for my website address so I responded. Reversing the Inverse Square Law. A Guest Post by Dustin Diaz from Flash Bullet Photography Admittedly, one of the most boring subjects in photography is the inverse square law.

Reversing the Inverse Square Law

But before you begin scratching your head and yelling out “the inverse-what?” Just hold on a sec. Photographing Highly-Reflective Products: How to Control Reflections - Remove The Background. Step 1: Arraging your Setup Place your object on a sturdy surface, such as a table or a block, and position two large studio lights next to it, one on either side.

Photographing Highly-Reflective Products: How to Control Reflections - Remove The Background

Both lights should be diffused with umbrellas. You will then need to hang a white sheet of rolled paper behind the product so that it sweeps underneath the product and attaches to the bottom of your camera lens to block any fall off reflections coming from the foreground and to reflect more light back onto the subject. No foam board is necessary for this setup, since you’ll be relying on two diffused lights to softly illuminate the product. Position your camera on its tripod so that you are shooting slightly down at the product, as with the side lighting setup.

How To Make A DIY Reflective Photography Umbrella. Reflective umbrellas are a popular way of creating soft lighting effects, especially for portrait photography.

How To Make A DIY Reflective Photography Umbrella

Here's a quick and easy guide to making a cheap DIY reflective umbrella, and still be able to use it out in the rain. What You Need to Make a Reflective UmbrellaUmbrella. Small collapsible ones are preferable, if only for the sake of convenience and storage,though anything will really do. Shooting Glass of Whiskey with Ice: Online Product Photography Tutorial.

Online Product Photography Tutorial: Shooting Glass of Whiskey with Ice.

Shooting Glass of Whiskey with Ice: Online Product Photography Tutorial

Hi guys! How to Use Off-Camera Flash to Create a Dramatic Night Portrait. The Background.

How to Use Off-Camera Flash to Create a Dramatic Night Portrait

A Tale of Serendipity, Luck, and Off-Camera Flash. 2014 Screenplays FYC. These 7 Simple Photography Tricks Are Brilliant! If You’re Just Starting Out, #6 Is A Must Know! Photographer Leo Rosas shares 7 easy tips that will take your photography to another level.

These 7 Simple Photography Tricks Are Brilliant! If You’re Just Starting Out, #6 Is A Must Know!

After seeing this, I tried a couple of these tricks and love the results! I’m looking forward to trying all of these in the near future… 1. Mount a GoPro camera to an eggtimer to create a moving timelapse 2. 3. 4. 5. Food photography guide. Before I start this post I would just like to say, I am not a “professional” photographer.

Food photography guide

I am writing from experience built up over the past 5 years while helping on and my love of photography. I do not actually take any of the photo’s here, I just pass on any knowledge I may pick up while on my own photography journey. Note: Some of the tips here might vary depending on your camera equipment. Giles Revell, Photographer · Projects. Tutorials - Greyscalegorilla Blog. Tabletop Photography Walkthrough or How to Create an Eye-Catching Product Shot. A Guest Post by Alex Koloskov In this article I am going to show a common routine I use as a product photographer or at least that’s how I see it.

Tabletop Photography Walkthrough or How to Create an Eye-Catching Product Shot

Being completely self-taught, I’ve always taken a step-by step approach to any and all of my photography assignments. Learning photography based on the trail and error method. For this shot, I’ve made more steps then I would usually would for a shot like this as I wanted to make it specifically for this tutorial. However, my approach remained the same. Photography Lighting Modifiers. Premium and Free Graphics. 40 Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials 2012. Advertisement Adobe Photoshop is the most popular, amazing and creative program for creating, editing and modifying images and videos.

40 Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials 2012

It has the most creative user interface, most versatile & diversified editing tools and a wide range of published books: present online and in printed form. Photoshop Quick Tip: Ultra Glossy Text Effect. Really shiny beveled text is cool, and eye catching. When I come across effects like this I always stop and try to identify the layer styles that were used to achieve the look.

The fact is you can create a very complex look with just a few layer styles. In this Quick Tip, I’ll show you just how easy it can be. Preview. Wet Window Text Effect. Step 1 Lets start by laying down a nice radial gradient on the "Background" layer. Grab the Gradient tool by pressing the G key, then set the foreground and background swatches to #3bbff8 and #002c59 respectively. Make sure that Foreground to Background is selected in the Gradient style box, and that you’ve chosen the Radial Gradient icon, then click and drag from the center to the edge of the document to apply the gradient. Step 2. 60+ Creative Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials. The use of text effect is a very crucial aspect of designing no matter what you are designing a logo or a banner. Beautiful text effects always attract onlookers’ attention and deliver the message in a better way. In this post, we are featuring some very useful and creative Photoshop text effect tutorials that will guide you step by step on how to create visually alluring and appealing text effects using Photoshop.

It is the time to see for yourself how easy these tutorials are to follow. Enjoy! Smooth Glass Type Design a Golden Flame Text Effect in Photoshop. Fantastic Pouring Liquid Effect for Text. When NOT to use a Polarizing Filter. A Post By: Gavin Hardcastle Yes I just blasphemed against the gods of landscape photography. Not using a polarizing filter for landscape photography could be considered sacrilegious among some circles and indeed, I myself have written ad nauseam of the importance of this simple yet powerful photographer’s tool. 10 Essential Accessories For Shooting Video With Your DSLR.

Shooting video with your DSLR is simple. You just switch over to motion mode and point your camera at something beautiful or interesting. But, if you want to get serious about shooting motion, having the right gear will really help you out. Charles Eisenstein. Sinema Genel Müdürlüğü. Tired of the Boring Old Three Point Lighting? An Alternative Setup To The Rescue. The headshot, the interview, the portrait lighting we all have to film time and time again . . . it can get quite boring, and often my instincts tell me that you just can’t light by a standard formula. Lighting Techniques should be fluid. Georges Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations.

EuroScreenwriters - Interviews with European Film Directors - Carl Theodor Dreyer. More on Carl Theodor Dreyer [01] [02] [03] [04] The Tyrannical Dane By Paul Moor, from Theatre Arts Magazine, April 1951. How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent - DIY. Murat Durusoy — Unutmamak için Portreler.

Mixed Media on Metal, Various Sizes. Photographer India, India photographer,photographer Singapore, Singapore photographer, advertising photographer India, advertising photographer Singapore, fashion photographer, conceptual photographer, creative photographer, award winning photographer,fam. BUNGLED MEMORIES. Thomas Demand: photographs. Edward Burtynsky PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECTS. How to Avoid Work: A 1949 Guide to Doing What You Love. By Maria Popova “Life really begins when you have discovered that you can do anything you want.” “There is an ugliness in being paid for work one does not like,” Anaïs Nin wrote in her diary in 1941. Indeed, finding a sense of purpose and doing what makes the heart sing is one of the greatest human aspirations — and yet too many people remain caught in the hamster wheel of unfulfilling work.

In 1949, career counselor William J. Create a Fantasy Fish Scene above the Sky. Öteki Sinema - Sinemanın öteki tarafı. Photography in Japan : Mariko Takeuchi. Previous 1 | 2 Español. Studio lighting setups made easy: a simple arrangement for maximum results. Learn how to take more alluring portraits using the minimum number of studio lights. 15 of the Best Cheat Sheets, Printables and Infographics for Photographers.