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The Adsmith : Our Work. Freelance. Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial by ArctidasSupplies. *This is for the lesson only.

Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial by ArctidasSupplies

You are not purchasing the jewelry shown in the photos. Instant Digital Download of PDF-file after payment* If you would like to buy the Tree of Life necklace on pictures you can find it here - This is the first jewelry tutorial in my series of up and coming tutorials for the wire jewelry artists. With this tutorial you will learn how to make my version of classical Tree of Life pendant using wire and various gems and beads. Although it is described as an intermediate project, the tutorial contains so much detail that any level of enthusiast is able to make the piece.

Material List:* 10 inches (~ 26 cm) 18 ga dead soft round wire* 10 feet (~ 3 m ) 28 ga dead soft round wire* 4-6 mm gem stone chips or beads in leaf colour Tool List:* Chain nose pliers* Wire cutters* Flat nose pliers* Round mandrel or pen Optional: Steel block or Anvil and Hammer, Liver-of-Sulfur or Eggs (to oxidize finished pendant) Instant Digital Download of PDF-file after payment. My Destash Shop is OPEN for business :) I have wanted to do theis for ages but now I've finally taken time and opened a destash shop on Etsy, ArctidasSupplies.

My Destash Shop is OPEN for business :)

For those of you who may not know the term, it refers to the crafting supplies and sundries that a person collects. It can also refer to items that can be reused in projects (extra pieces of fabric, random buttons, etc.). Like many artists and crafters, I've collected a huge pile of beads and findings hoping to use them in various projects.

Also, like many, these items fill a lot of space and will probably never get used by me. So, I decided to find them new homes with people who may actually put them to good use! In my new shop you will find my tutorials, high quality precious/semiprecious gemstones, steampunk vintage findings, pearls and metal findings, both handmade by me and commercial. Login to your Website - Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots. Slice and Dice that PSD. Psd to HTML CSS/XHTML Tutorials. Oct182010 More and more designers are into creating their own blogs and websites either to showcase their works or to advertise.

Psd to HTML CSS/XHTML Tutorials

At this pace, it is quite important that as designers who are interested in blogging, one should learn the basics in PSD to HTML, turning Photoshop designs into HTML format. If you are equipped with this technique, you will be able to simply turn your designs into codes that are good enough to turn into active blogs or sites. This new post is a compilation of tutorials on converting PSD into HTML. Learn the basics of this technique to apply them to your designs and be one-step ahead from the rest… Enjoy!!! 12 Websites To Help You Learn Flash/ActionScript. Adobe Flash is an excellent technology that allows developers to add interactivity and smooth animations to web pages.

12 Websites To Help You Learn Flash/ActionScript

Its popularity is so immense that you’ll find many websites dedicated to helping developers interested in Flash. In this article, you’ll find 12 wonderful websites that’s worth a bookmark if you’re looking into sharpening your Flash development skills. For each entry, you’ll find three tutorials from the website so that you can see what’s in store for you. 1. is a site that features excellent Flash tutorials (as well as Silverlight,, PHP, and Photoshop). Tutorial examples: 2. Some people learn best by visualization and following along with the instructor step-by-step in real-time. 3. gotoAndPlay() gotoAndPlay() is dedicated to providing resources for Flash game developers. 4. Adobe’s Flash Developer Center is a community for Flash developers. 5.

Accordion menu. Flash CS4 Tutorials. Best flash websites. Basic Flash Website - Part 7: Preloading the Website. Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop Training, design and Inspiration. Graphic Design Employment Advice and Essential Job Training. Macromedia - Dreamweaver Support Center: Using Frames. 15 sites web developers and designers should know - ColorCombos When designing a website, one of the firsts (and most important) steps of the process is to choose a color scheme.

15 sites web developers and designers should know -

Color Combos allow you to browse thousand of different colors combinations for getting inspired for your upcomming design. Color schemes can be browsed by colors.Visit LIpsum Who doesn’t know the extremely popular Lorem Ipsum text? What the font? You just saw a logo or website using a particular font and you enjoyed it. ConvertIcon Favicons are a must have for any website, mostly because on modern browsers as such as Firefox, it is displayed along with the site name in tabs. BgPatterns background Patterns is definitely one of the current webdesign trends. HTML Encoder Do you display code on your website? Note that a HTML Decoder is also available.Visit HTML Encoder Xenocode Browsers In my opinion, Xenocode Browsers is the ultimat tool for checking your website in different browsers. Test Everything Sprite Generator Buttonator Load Impact IconFinder TypeTester. Lost At E Minor: For creative people.