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CityGeographics: Visualising urban form, dynamics and sustainability. Following rapid growth and a chronic lack of new development, housing affordability has reached crisis levels in London.

CityGeographics: Visualising urban form, dynamics and sustainability

Median house prices are at £300k (8 times median household income) while average prices have passed half a million. London is now amongst the most expensive cities in the world, a situation with severe consequences for economic competitiveness and for inequality. Rents continue to increase faster than wages, ownership is being restricted to affluent populations and the social housing waiting list now stands at 345,000 households, nearly double the figure from 15 years ago. Recent development figures have been very low. London needs at least 50,000 new homes per year to meet demand, yet only 21,000 were built last financial year, and this figure has been below 20,000 for all of the last five years. Clearly substantial changes are needed. Opportunities for new housing on London greenbelt land, Centre for Cities Delivering Change Report 2014.

Like this: Like Loading... Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres. This is the fourth in a series of blogs devised by the Adaptable Suburbs project team to note some of the preliminary findings of the project.

Towards Successful Suburban Town Centres

The Lamb Inn, Surbiton © Anthony Falla 4. The high street means different things to different people The planner or architect’s view of high streets tends to focus on its central, high volume activities – such as shops and offices, transport links and cafes – and to overlook the fact that the people using high streets will have varied perspectives on how the place fits into their daily lives. MIXED TENURE. Definition In the context of housing, tenure means ‘the conditions under which property is occupied’.


Domestic properties – homes – may be owned outright or secured on a mortgage; or rented from the local authority, housing association, registered social landlord, perhaps from a private owner; or they may be subject to a shared ownership agreement. These represent the principal forms of housing tenure, the keywords being owned and rented. In a mixed tenure development, owned and rented homes share the same locality as a matter of planning. history A recognisable prescription for a mix of housing can be traced to the Victorian reformer Octavia Hill. Aneurin Bevan, the first minister after the Second World War to carry the brief for housing, talked passionately of mixed communities. It was not until the 1970s, however, that the mixed tenure idea was officially embraced. In 1980, Right To Buy was introduced nationally. Philosophy Mixed tenure is intended to do two things. Shaping London: The patterns and forms that make the metropolis - Terry Farrell. In this wholly new and dynamic view of London, renowned architect and urban planner Sir Terry Farrell joins up the dots and creates new connections between London's past, present and future.

Shaping London: The patterns and forms that make the metropolis - Terry Farrell

By looking beyond the contribution of individual buildings to the city, Farrell creates a much larger and more exciting canvas, charting how the capital's messy and complex shape has evolved over time from a series of layers - natural and man-made. This provides a whole series of revelations that allow us to see the city afresh: How might the natural bends in the river have impacted where and what was built? Future of cities. Cities matter to the UK.

Future of cities

They are the concentrations of the UK’s population, trade, commerce, cultural and social life. They are also the sites where most of the UK’s future growth, both population and economic, is forecast to occur. The UK’s future is now closely linked to that of its cities. Science can play an invaluable role in supporting the analysis, design and action shaping this urban future.

This project aims to provide policy makers with the evidence, tools and capabilities needed to support policy decisions in the short term which will lead to positive outcomes for the UK’s cities in the long term. The project is organised around 6 main themes: living in cities urban economies urban metabolism urban form urban infrastructure urban governance. Survey of London. The Survey of London provides essential reading for anyone wishing to find out about the capital’s built environment.

Survey of London

The Survey of London has explored a wide variety of London districts in its 120-year history, from Soho, Mayfair and Covent Garden in the West End to Woolwich, Highgate and Norwood in the inner suburbs. In 2013, we became a part of The Bartlett, continuing our research to produce the detailed architectural and topographical studies we have been publishing for more than 100 years. What the Survey of London has covered Each Survey volume or set of volumes, currently published by Yale University Press, covers one parish or borough. Small Business-London Manifesto. Invalid quantity.

Small Business-London Manifesto

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