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Faith Community Church / Media / Sermons. Hope Missions - Home. Good Goers: Mission Trips: Family Christian. Bibles : Find Foreign Language Bibles in Over 4000 World Languages. Summer Volunteer Opportunity. Summer 2014 Volunteer Trip Info is now posted below.

Summer Volunteer Opportunity

We are also currently accepting registrations for Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 trips. Check out pictures from one of our Summer 2013 volunteers. Write to to ask permission for use of these pictures. Join us this summer to see and participate in our work first hand! This trip involves a combination of education and recreational activities with community members, as well as hands on eco-construction projects.

Dates: Volunteers have the option of staying between one and six of these six weeks, although we recommend for someone's first trip they stay between two and four weeks. Volunteers working as a camp counselor each week must be present from the Saturday before the week begins until the Saturday after the camp week ends. Alliance Ministries / Home. Saves - A clean water initiative from Sawyer Products. Good Goers Mission-Based Adventure Travels Good Goers Mission Based Adventure Travels. The Spanish Speaking Incubation Center. Helping Without Hurting. Birmingham's Maranathan Academy casts net to help adults, at-risk students. View full sizeThe Birmingham News/Bernard TroncaleDonna Dukes instructs students Lamonica Dean, left, and LaVondria Travis, right, at the Maranatha Academy, a private school that specializes in giving at-risk children and nontraditional students a second chance.

Birmingham's Maranathan Academy casts net to help adults, at-risk students

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Stories like Patricia Adams-Mauldin's are among the reasons Donna Dukes founded her Maranathan Academy in Birmingham more than 20 years ago. When Adams-Mauldin attended a friend's graduation she had no idea that the day would also become the first toward her own path to success. She was in the audience when the words from the private school's principal resonated long after the ceremony had ended. "I went to the graduation twice, and during the last one she encouraged the adults there that if they didn't have their high school diploma it was not too late," she recalled Dukes saying from the stage.

"She seemed to relish and enjoy the whole idea of going back to school. "I knew I could do better," she said. Mycharity: water. Here's what you can do with mycharity: water!

mycharity: water

Your profile is where it all starts. In order to do anything on mycharity: water, you must have a profile. The reason is simple -- we want to be able to show you the projects you helped fund when they're complete. The goal of mycharity: water is not only to connect you to other fundraisers, but also to the people served. Here's where the real fun begins. Tell everyone you know about your campaign, but also tell them why they should join your mission! We tie every dollar raised on mycharity: water to a project serving people in need. GFA Home - Gospel for Asia. Forgotten Christmas. New Tribes Mission - My Christian Mission Organization - New Tribes Mission USA. Vapor Sports Ministries. Connecting. From the Field View Archives.


Third Millennium Classes, Lessons and Lectures. Doctors Without Borders. Campus Crusade for Christ International. Campus Crusade for Christ – The Campus Ministry. Comic Book Evangelism Tools By Jeff Grant | 31 December 2012 What can happen during a study break?

Campus Crusade for Christ – The Campus Ministry

By Michelle Allen with Ashley Tripp | 3 March 2014 What You Missed on New Year’s Eve By Ashley Tripp | 9 January 2014. Home - I Am Second. Fixed Point Foundation. The God Delusion Debate (Dawkins-Lennox) The Godless Delusion : Patrick Madrid. A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism In this hard-hitting new book, apologetics experts Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley help Christians to wake up to the crisis of godlessness, alerting them to the imperative need to take seriously atheism’s challenge, while learning how to effectively engage in today’s atheistic debate. Unlike other books which respond to atheist challenges to prove the existence of God, The Godless Delusion takes a different approach by turning the harsh light of reason on atheism and subjecting it to a rigorous logical, philosophical critique. Madrid and Hensley systematically critique the central claims of atheism, especially its foundational premise of naturalism (i.e., that only material things exist) and its related claim that immaterial things, such as God, angels, and human souls, cannot exist. 256 pages, soft cover Look what others are saying about The Godless Delusion:

Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Resource Center > Home. Volunteers for China. Microfinance a Working Solution to Global Poverty. Creating Videos to Help You Teach. The Center For Executive Leadership: Home. Mission Birmingham. For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Saving Grace for Women - Baldwin County, AL. The Leading Serve Alabama Site on the Net.