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Basic usage. Stacked and grouped bars. JSON and Dates/Times - Mark Embling. Lately I've noticed that JSON and dates/times do not go together well.

JSON and Dates/Times - Mark Embling

JSON allows integers, fractional numbers, strings, arrays and so on, but no way to natively specify a point in time. It turns out this relatively minor-sounding point can cause a fair bit more pain than it probably should. CKEditor. Standard editor The following is the standard editor configuration provided with the standard option in the download page.


Rich Text Editor, editor1 Note: This demo uses ​​CKFinder to upload and manage files. CKEditor with lots of features enabled The following is the standard editor configuration provided with the full option in the download page. Inline editing CKEditor 4 brings a new concept of inline editing, which makes it possible to edit html pages that look just like the final ones. Just click on the different parts of the following sample (including titles) to edit them in-place.

Fusce vitae porttitor Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet dolor. Proin nunc justo felis mollis tincidunt, risus risus pede, posuere cubilia Curae, Nullam euismod, enim. Fusce vitae porttitor a, euismod convallis nisl, blandit risus tortor, pretium.Vehicula vitae, imperdiet vel, ornare enim vel sodales rutrum Libero nunc, rhoncus ante ipsum non ipsum. Dijit Overview view /dijit. Tbranyen/use.js. Arian/mootools-core at 1.5amd. DataFilter function and JSON string result problems. It seems there's problem with the dataFilter function when the result returned is an already parsed JSON string.

dataFilter function and JSON string result problems

I'm using a dataFilter to basically perform custom JSON conversion trying to completely bypass jQuery's JSON parsing. Here's what my code looks like: Copy code if ( s && s.dataFilter ) { data = s.dataFilter( data, type ); } // The filter can actually parse the response if ( typeof data === "string" ) { // Get the JavaScript object, if JSON is used. if ( type === "json" || ! Type && ct.indexOf("json") >= 0 ) { data = jQuery.parseJSON( data );... }The behavior is reasonable for a pre-processor, but not if you want to completely replace the JSON parsing in jQuery (to support date values for example).

Node.js. jQuery and AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki. As of jQuery 1.7, jQuery will register as an AMD module, but only if the AMD loader sets define.amd.jQuery to a true value.

jQuery and AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki

This was done because jQuery is very popular, being used as part of third party script utilities like analytics scripts. In those cases, multiple versions of jQuery could be loaded on a page, outside of an AMD loader. However, since jQuery calls define, the AMD loader will be notified of each jQuery version loaded, if they are versions past jQuery 1.7. Backbone.js - Using non-AMD compatible javascript module with require.js. AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki. This is a copy of the "AMD" document in the repo, kept here to maintain historical links.

AMD · amdjs/amdjs-api Wiki

If this document differs from the one in the repo, the repo version is the correct one. The Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) API specifies a mechanism for defining modules such that the module and its dependencies can be asynchronously loaded. This is particularly well suited for the browser environment where synchronous loading of modules incurs performance, usability, debugging, and cross-domain access problems. It is unrelated to the technology company AMD and the processors it makes. Работаем с jQuery Templates. Mediator Pattern applied to Javascript — Fancy Bread.

Posted by Paul Marcotte | Tags: Design Patterns , Ext JS , Javascript In a previous post about JSLint AIR , I introduced my concept of an "Application" object that was responsible for registering and initializing individual components. In turn, each of these components was responsible for a specific piece of the application, either a UI element, generating a report, or interfacing with the Adobe AIR API. At the time, I thought that it was a good way to initialize different Ext JS components, encapsulate and organize my code.

I've since refined that object slightly as I have learned that I was actually employing the Mediator design pattern. Mediator is described in the GoF book, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software as a behavioural pattern with this intent, "Define an object that encapsulated how a set of objects interact. Two of the benefits of using the Mediator pattern are that that it decouples colleagues and simplifies object interaction. JavaScript Design Patterns: Mediator - arguments.callee. (skip to the code example) The Mediator Design Pattern The Mediator is a behavioral design pattern.

JavaScript Design Patterns: Mediator - arguments.callee

Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture. Today we're going to discuss an effective set of patterns for large-scale JavaScript application architecture.

Patterns For Large-Scale JavaScript Application Architecture

The material is based on my talk of the same name, last presented at LondonJS and inspired by previous work by Nicholas Zakas. Who am I and why am I writing about this topic? I'm currently a JavaScript and UI developer at AOL helping to plan and write the front-end architecture to our next generation of client-facing applications.