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Last week I worked with almost 100 educators from my district in the area of flipping the classroom over a period of two days. These two sessions were lead by well-known "flipper", Brian Bennett, another colleague of mine, Brian Bobbitt, and myself. It was a fantastic two days and there was a lot of excitement. Being a part of these sessions allowed me to really think about the way we do professional development. I must admit, I enjoyed the second day a lot more than the first day. Education Dreamer: Flipping Professional Development Education Dreamer: Flipping Professional Development
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Twitter for Education? It’s Actually a Good Idea
Facebook for Beginners Update: This post was updated October 2013 to reflect current statistics and tools. Against all odds, you likely know someone who still hasn't succumbed to the lure of Facebook. Maybe you’re a beginner yourself. Or perhaps you just haven’t had the gosh darn time to explore every last corner of the world’s most expansive social network. Below, we offer a refresher course for those eager to learn more about the basics of Facebook. Let’s take a social stroll through the network’s main features, policies and culture norms.

Facebook for Beginners

Day 1: Session 2

Day 1: Session 1


Day 1: AM Session

Getting started

Last time I wrote about the way I organize myself completely changed for the better with Evernote. Really, I can't talk enough about this program and the endless possibilities there are for it. (Just look at the comments from that post.) In that post I gave a few resources for learning about Evernote and even fewer with how to use it in the classroom. Well, lots of people have sent me lots of great resources and I wanted to follow-up and post some more. These are sites, lists and ideas all for using Evernote for your personal use or in the classroom.

What Do You Mean Evernote Could Get Better?

What Do You Mean Evernote Could Get Better?