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4 Tips to Keep Your Website Ahead of the Curve. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

4 Tips to Keep Your Website Ahead of the Curve

Sure, having a website for your business serves a practical need: to draw net-surfing users to your product or service. However, it's also much more than slapping on a run of the mill two-column template and calling it a day. Nothing kills an online buzz like a poorly designed or drastically outdated website. Dry and boring default templates, broken assets, confusing pages and invasive widgets do nothing but harm a page's style, which in turn reflects poorly on the company. 2012 is heralding a new wave of innovative web technologies and design, and a page that stays in step with these trends is bound to pique interest and lower your bounce rate.

Residential Rebates - Home Rewards. Program Details: Click on the Home Rewards Rebate Application for requirements and additional instructions.

Residential Rebates - Home Rewards

Purchase from a local Burbank retailer and get an even higher rebate! ENERGY STAR™ Products Eligible for Rebate: Home Improvements Eligible for Rebate: 1 Supplemental Application Required. Help: Send to Kindle for PC. Einstein’s Secret to Amazing Problem Solving (and 10 Specific Ways You Can Use It) Einstein is quoted as having said that if he had one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution. This quote does illustrate an important point: before jumping right into solving a problem, we should step back and invest time and effort to improve our understanding of it. Here are 10 strategies you can use to see problems from many different perspectives and master what is the most important step in problem solving: clearly defining the problem in the first place!

The Problem Is To Know What the Problem Is The definition of the problem will be the focal point of all your problem-solving efforts. Learn Mandarin Chinese with Livemocha. Find Great Classes and Courses - Learn Something New. Fifteen More Startups Poised to Make Waves in 2012. The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - Classic: Shopping. Classic: Shopping Amazon The world's largest e-tailer began as an online bookseller and quickly branched out to sell everything from apps to gluten-free dog food.

The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - Classic: Shopping

Tied tightly to Amazon's services, its Kindle has dominated the ebook reader competition and its Kindle Fire is poised to ignite more markets. —Meredith Popolo. Steps to renew a child passport. Deborah Stambler: Charity Checks: Giving Tradition. Our family is sort of loose on holiday traditions.

Deborah Stambler: Charity Checks: Giving Tradition

It could be that having family scattered across the country is the reason for the dearth of holiday routine. Or maybe it's some notion of tradition=authority that scares my husband and I. Now I'm picturing Santa Claus as The Man and it's rather silly. So this year, we're going to start a new tradition. What's easier than baking a Yule Log, less time-consuming than stringing popcorn-cranberry garlands and really helps others? Announcing the 2012 TED Prize Winner – The City 2.0. Private Selection(R) Frozen Foods « Campaign Homepage. Enter your BzzAgent username and password to log in.

Private Selection(R) Frozen Foods « Campaign Homepage

If you forgot your username, you can substitute your e-mail address for your username. (Note: username and password are case sensitive.) Why am I being asked to log in? You need to be logged in to access some areas of our site. Lessons. Lessons are available for adults and children.


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