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Branding. Here is a branded version of Flowplayer. Almost all of the following features are available only in commercial versions of Flowplayer such as a custom logo, a custom play button and a configurable “right-click” context menu. The above player has all of the commercial features enabled. Remember to click the player with your right mouse button. Logo Customization of the logo plugin is the main reason for buying the commercial versions of Flowplayer (which gives us the ability to work on this project full- time). In the free version only the fullscreenOnly setting can be changed. Here are all of the logo's available properties along with their default values: You can also specify all display properties for the logo as with any other plugin.

Logo example Here we have a customized logo. The right-click menu is the menu that is shown when a user right-clicks the player with the mouse. Here is the default configuration in the free version. 1 Objects with a single property. 2 Menu separators. Download file with FileReference. João Saleiro - Google+ - After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5? Short… After 6 years doing Flex, am I moving to HTML5?

Short answer: no. But I'm investing in HTML5. (really) Long answer: see below. After returning from the Flex Summit, many people have contacted me asking what was going to happen with Flex and if I was going to "migrate" our projects (like ) and services to HTML5. After plenty of exchanged emails and dozens of long talks, I decided to write down and share some notes of my first steps in the HTML5 world regarding the development of Enterprise RIAs (or not). These notes are not organized, they have typos and - as I said above - they are only my first steps so more experienced people might (and will) prove me wrong in some topics.

Background I founded Webfuel in 2004 and since then we've specialized in building long-term (> 6 months) enterprise-grade RIAs that had to scale well and be prepared for constantly changing requirements with a low cost in maintainability, while simultaneously providing a top-notch user experience. Flash Builder cannot locate the required debugger version of Adobe Flash Player.

Com - Security Domains, Application Domains, and More in ActionScript 3.0. Pages: 1 | 2 Application Domains As seen with security domains, class definitions can be isolated from one another when SWFs are in different security sandboxes, each having their own complete set of definitions to work with. This separation of class definitions (and similar definitions like functions, interfaces, and namespaces) is managed by a subdomain of security domains known as application domains. Every application domain is contained within one, and only one, security domain, though a single security domain can contain any number of application domains. Application domains exist inside security domains While security domains sandbox for security, application domains sandbox for definition separation. Application domains work together in a linked hierarchy making them more complex than security domains which are each isolated and individualized. At the root of this hierarchy is the system domain , the application domain that contains the native definitions of the Flash Player API.

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Video flash APIs. RegEx. Flash Professional Help | Graphic filters. Enhanced in Flash Professional CC Each time you add a new filter to an object, it is added to the list of applied filters for that object in the Property inspector. You can apply multiple filters to an object, as well as remove filters that were previously applied. You can apply filters only to text, button, movie clip, components, and compiled clips objects. You can create a filter settings library that lets you easily apply the same filter or sets of filters to an object.

Flash Pro stores the filter presets you create in the Filters section of the Property inspector in the Filters > Presets menu. With Flash Professional CS6 and earlier versions, applying filters was restricted to movie clip and button symbols only. Create or add a component on stage.Right click on the component, and select Convert to Symbol. With Flash Professional CS6 (and earlier versions), you could add filters or various other kinds of effects after wrapping the component inside a symbol. About metadata tags. Metadata Tags. Tutoriel FLEX. Official guide. Adobe Flex 3 Component Life Cycle. Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 2.0. Flash Security.