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What-Makes-A-Good-Landing-Page-Design-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 1382 pixels) - Scaled (72%) Role of of Case Studies in Web Design portfolio. Detailed Information Present your case study as an educational perspective.

Role of of Case Studies in Web Design portfolio

Call Us 9874232797 for Best Affordable Web Design. Best Mobile Responsive web Page Website design Websites India. Professional Web Design & Development Examples Attract Investors. About Next Screen - Gaining new heights Next Screen teams a group of highly talented and experienced professionals available at your service.

Professional Web Design & Development Examples Attract Investors

Our company is the best Web Design Company and when we say this we can prove our words. The valued services which you can verify with our satisfied clients are Search Engine Optimization and Web Development which includes Word Press and advanced Joomla modus operandi. About Us - Next Screen. Next Screen: A Promise to Make Your Online Presence Successful At Next Screen, we develop every website with dedication, honesty and creatively.

About Us - Next Screen

The web designing company was founded in 2010 and today it has taken leap, become a private limited company. Headquarter of the company is in Kolkata, India. We have made our footprint in custom web designing, logo designing, graphic designing, brochure designing, website development in advanced CMS programs and SEO marketing. We have successfully included responsive web design and website designing training in our services. Web design & development company in India. Top Restaurant Web design Company - Next Screen. Next Screen believes that every business needs to jump into the online world these days.

Top Restaurant Web design Company - Next Screen

Responsive HTML Email Design, Responsive PSD Design. Welcome to the Next Screen Responsive Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) Design service that aims to make your e-business more successful.

Responsive HTML Email Design, Responsive PSD Design

Soaring mobile and tablet usage has sparked a revolution of creating mobile-optimization websites and email services. The 2012 survey of Litmus (email testing and marketing analytics) discovered an 80% increase in email service on mobile devices. The credit of it goes to responsive email HTML design. About Us - Next Screen. About Us - Next Screen. Web design & development company in India. Best Mobile Responsive web Page Website design Websites India. Best Web Page Designs, Top Web Designing Company India. Ecommerce website design is a different ball of wax altogether.

Best Web Page Designs, Top Web Designing Company India

Since the soul purpose of running an ecommerce website is to sell products or services, its design needs to be professional to the core along with a subtle creative touch. In short, ecommerce web design needs to be a perfect combination of both so that you can succeed in increasing conversion rate of your website by offering a unique interface for your ecommerce website which is user-friendly, easy to navigate and impressive.

Now, if you want to give your ecommerce website a fresh new facelift, it is the high time to do so. At Net Screen, we are offering you an exceptional opportunity to have a unique, elegant and professional ecommerce website within your small budget. So, if you wish to catch your targeted audience by surprise, you should contact us immediately. Simple yet Sophisticated Solution. Professional Web Design & Development Examples Attract Investors. About Us - Next Screen. Web design & development company in India. 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online. Last August we featured a post with more than 230 online apps for running your business.

270+ Tools for Running a Business Online

Since there are hundreds of new apps coming on the market every year, we figured it was time for an update. This year we came up with more than 270 additional apps. Some are completely new since last year, others might have been overlooked, and still others made significant improvements that gained them a spot on the list. Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts LiteAccounting - Invoice and track payment from your customers without a bunch of extra, useless features. Invoice Journal - Free invoicing program. endeve - Issue invoices, manage clients and check revenues all in one place. ContractPal - Take your contracts and forms paperless and have them completed, validated, signed and processed online. Bootstrap - Online bookkeeping software that lets you track sales and expenses, organize your records for tax time, and more. 10 Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup Office Decor. Mashable’s new video series, Behind the Launch, follows Vungle on its startup journey toward a June launch.

10 Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup Office Decor

Each week on Mashable, the Vungle team offers tips and lessons learned from its own startup experience. This week, we saw Vungle take a break from their computers and head into nature, giving us a peek into Vungle’s company culture. Watch the episode above, and then check out Jack’s tips below to find out how to make your office embody your culture. 3 Key Google Analytics for a Successful Blog in 2013. When I set business goals, I always try and make them data-based.

3 Key Google Analytics for a Successful Blog in 2013

I believe I have pretty good instincts, but I trust data. Numbers give me direct feedback on the effectiveness of my tactics. So, when it comes to my blog, one of the places I look for feedback is Google Analytics. There is a wealth of information there, so I am looking for specific analytics that match my goals. Here are three key stats I am following. 1. Community Manager Will Not Be The Most Hired Position Of 2013. By Tim McDonald on Dec 31, 2012 Social Fresh 2013 Social Media Predictions: 8/10 The position of community manager has been on fire for the last couple years.

Community Manager Will Not Be The Most Hired Position Of 2013

How Twitter Works Today…And How I’m Using It Now » Brass Tacks » Featured » Productivity » Social media » Tools and Tech. I’m far from the first person to do this. Google “Twitter Unfollow” and you’ll find a bunch of posts from people more interesting and high-profile than I am. But quietly and without fanfare this weekend, I unfollowed all 34K people I was following (using SocialOomph if you’re interested) so that I could reset and start over.

I was actually hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post, and for most of you, you probably a) didn’t notice, b) didn’t care much if you did notice and c) have probably thought about doing something similar once or twice yourself. But I’m getting just enough blowback and misunderstanding that I want to explain a few things about how Twitter works, why I bothered with this, and why it doesn’t really make much difference at all in the grand scheme of things. (If you’re one of the ones who doesn’t much care, skip this. Lists Are The Solution. Facebook Starts Building Hardware, 2013 Prediction. By Ted Murphy on Dec 28, 2012 Social Fresh 2013 Social Media Predictions: 6/10 While Facebook may be thought of as a “social network” the reality is that this behemoth is aiming to be much, much more. Zuckerburg has been amassing a small army of engineers over the past few years, and now possesses the billions in cash it needs to compete with the biggest tech titans in the space.

Facebook has a $50B+ market cap, while frenemy Google has a $200M+ market cap, Microsoft has a $200B+ market cap, and Apple enjoys a $500B+ market cap. Bing Linked Pages Now Called Bing Tags. Earlier this year, Bing announced a new featured named Bing Linked Pages, that feature is now named Bing Tags. The feature allows you or your friends to “tag” web pages and documents in Bing’s index as being related to you or your friend. The purpose is to make the search results for you and your friends more personalized as well as richer. Now, instead of going to, you go to and tag the pages related to you and friends. Also, Bing renamed how it looks in the search results. Facebook Cover Images and Ads Can Now Only Be 20% Text. By Adam Rosenberg on Dec 21, 2012 Beginning on January 15th 2013, Facebook will be making some changes to their text overlay policies for cover photos and Page post ads and sponsored stories in the newsfeed.

The gist of these changes is that you can’t promote images with more than 20% text in them as page post ads, sponsored stories, or cover images. Facebook will be releasing a tool to help quickly determine whether your image satisfies the 20% limit. 3 Holiday PPC Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers With Thousands of Products. PPC is a bit complicated to start, but when you add in having (tens of) thousands of products, each with a different price and margin, and multiple categories, life can get complicated indeed. Here are three opportunities for e-tailers, that if you are quick, you can implement before the holidays. 170 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate.

Best Practices for Building Your 2013 Enterprise SEO Campaign. How I Would Do SEO for Rap Genius. What were the best company blogs in 2012? By Social Fresh on Nov 30, 2012. 11 Proven Tips to Boost Your Alexa Page Rank With Fake Traffic - RSA Blog. Alexa Page rank lets us know the quantity of traffic a specialized website is getting, but it compares your online site traffic because of the sites anywhere. The 6 Most Important Things International Search Marketers Should Know To Be Successful.

Up Close: Using The "News Keywords" Tag For Google News. It’s been about two months since Google launched a “news keywords” meta tag for news publishers. Auto Industry Benefiting From Growth In Mobile Search. Approximately one-third of all search traffic for auto industry related terms comes from mobile devices. This underscores why it is critical for auto manufacturers, local dealerships, reviewers and local automotive resources to render their sites properly for nearly half of their current traffic, but to also be at the forefront of getting higher visibility for an ever-increasing share of mobile searchers.

How to Choose a Success Metric for PPC Ad Testing. Assuming you're testing your PPC ads on a regular basis, which I hope is the case, one of the challenges you may face is deciding which success metric to choose – or, in simpler terms, what to optimize for. Google Shopping Holiday Update for Merchants. Branded vs. Non-Branded SEM. 5 Tips for Handling (Not Provided) Data. 6 Ways to Stay on Top of Social Media. Log In. Thanksgiving Day 2012 Logos From Google, Bing, Ask But Not Yahoo. 7 Signs to Identify a Bad SEO Firm or Company. Typical SEO Errors To Avoid. Bing Launches Way to "Disavow" Links, But Why? Bing Publishes Its Webmaster Guidelines. Google: Want To Switch To HTTPS? Go Ahead! 10 Reasons Enterprise SEO Is Trouble, Plus 4 Ways To Make It Work.

No, Content is Not the Only Way - Whiteboard Friday. SEO Expert Explains How To Get Content Out There. Link Building Risks and Value Infographic. 8 Rules of A/B Testing – The Art in Marketing Science. Search Engine Optimization Q-and-A Delivers Useful Info. 5 Areas That Demonstrate The Growing Potential Of Local Search. Goodbye Google Custom Home Pages With Personal Backgrounds. 3 Mobile Trends Every Search Marketer Must Know. 10 Ways to Convert More Customers With Psychology [INFOGRAPHIC] No, Content is Not the Only Way - Whiteboard Friday. How to install Word Press theme. 10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips. Best ecommerce solutions with open cart code! How you identify top 10 logo designers. Creative Web Design Portfolio. Online Web Design Portfolio. NextScreen Logo. Welcome to Next Screen. Web Development Services.