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** OFFICIAL ** Denon AVR-3310CI/990 Owner's Thread - Page 78. BATPIG'S DENON-TO-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Before you BeginI. Speaker Setup(Auto Setup)(Manual Setup)II. Option Setup(HDMI Setup Options)(Video Processing Options)(Audio Setup Options)(Zone 2 Setup Options)(Amp Assign Options)(Other Options) III. Input Setup Denon manuals are hard. BATPIG's Denon AVR Harmony command list. NOTE: These commands will work with any Denon AVR!

BATPIG's Denon AVR Harmony command list

Not just the 3808. The reason I started with the "AVR 3808CI" device is that it had the most thorough database of commands available at the time. INDEX. Do It 101 .com, a do-it-yourself index to just about anything. Science Is Fun Home Experiments. Hundreds of Science Fair Projects For Students. Physics. Photo Editing.