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** OFFICIAL ** Denon AVR-3310CI/990 Owner's Thread - Page 78. New owner of an AVR 990.

** OFFICIAL ** Denon AVR-3310CI/990 Owner's Thread - Page 78

First new receiver in 25+ years, so way behind the curve. Pardon if I raise questions already answered, but did not see a summary FAQ for this forum, and at 78 pages, the thread is kind of long. Got the 990 primarily for the HD Radio, Internet Radio and Phono features. Still stuck in audio for now, but expect to expand into the video side with time. I am dealing with the unit's two line user interface, which is not all that efficient. 1) The 990 is networked and can receive Internet Radio. 2) Can the GUI be fed to a mini-monitor (or capable digital photo frame) and utilized through the USB port?

3) I've been reading about some before/after issues with firmware. Thanks, rdv. BATPIG'S DENON-TO-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Before you BeginI. Speaker Setup(Auto Setup)(Manual Setup)II. Option Setup(HDMI Setup Options)(Video Processing Options)(Audio Setup Options)(Zone 2 Setup Options)(Amp Assign Options)(Other Options) III. Input Setup Denon manuals are hard. Plus, the menus are filled with cryptic terms with nary an explanation to be found. If you have general questions about the use or operation of your Denon AVR, check out my FADQ (Frequently Asked Denon Questions).

If you want some general background on modern AVR's, including explanations of new technologies like HDMI and upscaling, the first step should be to go and read MichaelJHuman's outstanding AVR FAQ at Please note that this website deals primarily with installation, setup and use of "consumer level" Denon models. Before you Begin But with modern AVR's, all of these fancy new input connection types are completely user ASSIGNABLE. ... and so forth.

STEP 1. BATPIG's Denon AVR Harmony command list. NOTE: These commands will work with any Denon AVR!

BATPIG's Denon AVR Harmony command list

Not just the 3808. The reason I started with the "AVR 3808CI" device is that it had the most thorough database of commands available at the time. All Denon AVR's share the same basic IR commands so you can use these with ANY Denon AVR. If anything is missing you can always "teach" a missing command or two to your Harmony from your factory Denon remote. OPTION 1 - If you already have Denon device profile and don't want to start over from scratch, you can just add what you need from the list below OPTION 2 - To get the full command list, you can copy over the entire device profile With either option, you must either call or email Logitech Harmony tech support and request any specific commands (or the whole shebang) from the list below.

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Do It 101 .com, a do-it-yourself index to just about anything

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