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193498 2 Family Foster South Africa arb. Blir världen bättre. Nolwethu 9 år från Sydafrika vill bli sångerska.

Blir världen bättre

Foto: Marie Forsberg. I bildspelet ”What I dream about” berättar barn och ungdomar från Sydafrika och Sverige vad de drömmer om. Det var när musik- och matteläraren Marie Forsberg hösten 2011 reste med Den Globala Skolan till provinsen KwaZulu-Natal i Sydafrika, som hon frågade barn i Sydafrika och i Sverige vad de drömmer om. För den som vill inspireras till att arbeta vidare med läraren Marie Forsbergs bildspel, har hon tagit fram några tips på övningar: Syfte: Vi fokuserar ofta på skillnaderna i våra livsvillkor, men vilka likheter finns det? Metod: Låt dina elever svara på frågan ”What do you dream about?” Titta sedan på bildspelet (om du vill kan du också göra ett eget bildspel med dina elever). Bildspelet: Klicka här för att komma till bildspelet ”What I dream about”.

Efter bildspelet, låt dina elever diskutera följande frågor: Faran med bara en enda berättelse. Tsotsi. Nelson Mandela Biography - Documentary Full HD. Nelson Mandela's Life Story. Malala Shuts Down Donald Trump In The Most Elegant Way Possible. Standing with Malala: Meet the teenagers who survived the Taliban and kept going to school. On a Tuesday in October 2012, a bus carrying the students of Khushal Girls High School and College in Pakistan’s Swat Valley came to a stop.

Standing with Malala: Meet the teenagers who survived the Taliban and kept going to school

The girls inside were on their way home from a day of exams. “I was looking outside daydreaming,” recalls Shazia Ramzan, who was 14 years old at the time. “I was talking with my best friend, Sana,” says Ramzan's friend, Kainat Riaz, who was 16. “I was so happy that I finished my paper.” Moments later, Taliban gunmen boarded the bus looking for the girls’ classmate, Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old advocate for girls’ education who wrote about the Taliban and education on her blog. In 2007, the Taliban arrived in the Swat Valley — known by locals as the “Switzerland of Pakistan” for its natural beauty — and began ordering the closure of schools, particularly for girls. The October 2012 shooting was just one act of terror used to enforce the ban. After the shooting, Malala was moved to Britain for months of medical treatment. YES! YES! YES! Famous Biographies & TV Shows.

Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013. Amnesty International paid tribute today to one of the world’s most visionary leaders in the fight to protect and promote human rights, Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela 1918 -2013

The death of Nelson Mandela is not just a loss for South Africa. It is a loss for people all over the world who are fighting for freedom, for justice and for an end to discrimination. “As a world leader who refused to accept injustice, Nelson Mandela’s courage helped change our entire world,” said Grant Bayldon, Executive Director. “His death leaves a massive hole, not just in South Africa but around the world.” "Nelson Mandela's commitment to human rights was epitomised by his unswerving resolve to stamp out racial inequality during apartheid, followed by his vital work in combating HIV/AIDS in South Africa. An inspiration to millions.

Documentary Nelson Mandela The Fight For Freedom - Documentary BBC. Nelson Mandela's Life Story. The Blind Photographer (2011) Winner of Best South African Short Film. Nothing about nothing by Daniel Levi. With takes longer than you may normally expect to find in any film, short or otherwise, and a strong focus on the holy trinity of filmmaking: storytelling, performance & cinematography, Daniel Levi’s captivating thriller Nothing about nothing, takes a strong yet simple script and turns it into 12 minutes of weighty tension and escalating drama.

Nothing about nothing by Daniel Levi

With director Levi attributing the powerful transformation from script to screen to the “magic that happens when actors and film makers come together and create an atmosphere in which serendipity happens through a process of growing the characters from words on a page, to three dimensional, living, breathing human beings”. Levi’s confident directorial style sees him employ a pretty leisurely pace to tell his narrative, giving his actors and plot plenty of time to build a tension that is almost crackling by the time Nothing about nothing reaches its climax.

"Scapegoat" - A South African Short Film.