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Nethan Paul

Art Lover, Guitarist - I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. I write and share my experience and life experience through my blog as well.

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HealthCare - Wellness & Fitness. Tips For Golfers. Guitarists & Guitar Spare Parts. Skateboarding. The Ten Best Reasons to Take Up the Guitar—At Any Age. Posted: January 28, 2014 There is a multitude of reasons for wanting to learn to play guitar.

The Ten Best Reasons to Take Up the Guitar—At Any Age

Perhaps it is a desire to lead campfire sing-alongs that inspires you, or a particular band that blew your mind and made you want to do more than just listen to music, or perhaps you're looking to impress a certain someone, or many someones for that matter. But did you know that playing the guitar is actually good for you? The following are ten reasons why you might want to take up the guitar pronto, none of which involves fame, fortune or the sexy factor. 1.

If you've ever had a bad day and turned to music for relief, you already know something about how it works to reduce stress. 2. It takes quick movements of the fingers, hands, and arms to play guitar. 3. Playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and can increase memory capacity in both children and adults alike. 4. Music and math are highly intertwined. 5. Music is a language. 6. Modern life is hectic. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Benefits of Playing Guitar. “You don't need any brains to listen to music.” - Luciano Pavarotti That said, music can work wonders for your brain.

The Benefits of Playing Guitar

Music can influence your perception of effort. 50 Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar (and Not Any Other Instrument ) Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Golf by Nethan Paul. Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Golf. Golf as a sport may not be appealing to many people and one may find it monotonous and hectic.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Playing Golf

But its demand is increasing with the coming years as many people are getting acquainted with the health benefits associated with the sport especially the young and older class of people. Golf is played by millions of seniors globally. In old age, this sport can engage one to gain a range of physical, mental and social benefits and is a very mild intensity sport. Skateboarding and Longboarding on and Around Campus – Whitman Wire. Even though alternative transportation is rampant on Whitman’s small campus, only a handful of Whitman students skateboard.

Skateboarding and Longboarding on and Around Campus – Whitman Wire

Whether longboarding to class or skating for leisure, those who own boards on campus represent a small fraction of the student body. Whitman’s campus isn’t exactly ideal for the sport. For skateboarding you mainly just need an open, rarely frequented area with various obstacles and terrain. If there is a skatepark nearby, obviously that is a large draw, but for Whitman students, the nearest park is in College Place. On campus, skaters use the small area outside of Olin Hall or can be seen behind North Hall practicing tricks. Quinn Lincoln ’16 longboards down a hill behind North Hall. The Many Different Health Benefits of Playing Golf - Legal Reader. Some of the health benefits of golf can be obvious to many players.

The Many Different Health Benefits of Playing Golf - Legal Reader

Physical exercise is not the only benefit of playing and practicing golf. This review takes you through the ways that golf can help improve your physical well-being, your metabolic, and your mental health. Passive benefits all while you have fun playing a game you love. Finding ways to engage yourself in activities that help promote a happy and healthy lifestyle can bring everyone less stress, more enjoyment, and a better life. Illustrated below are some of the ways that simply playing the game of golf can help improve the function of some of your major organs and organ systems. Musculoskeletal System: The musculoskeletal system involves parts of your body that include your bones and muscular organs. The 4 Best Golf Apps Today That Make Golf Easier For You To Shoot Lower Scores — Hitting It Solid: Play Better Golf With Next-Level Golf Instruction.

Game Golf, together with Arccos, is the pioneer of using sensors on the end of your clubs, and as with the Arccos 360, the Game Golf Live golf app is the 2nd generation of their product.

The 4 Best Golf Apps Today That Make Golf Easier For You To Shoot Lower Scores — Hitting It Solid: Play Better Golf With Next-Level Golf Instruction

There are many similarities between Arccos 360 and Game Golf Live golf apps, mainly because they use very similar systems. So, a comparison between the two will be unavoidable. While the Arccos 360 uses your phone’s mic to track your swings, the Game Golf Live uses its own device, which you will need to wear on your hip. Arguably, this is simpler than bringing your phone during the round. The sensors are also easier to install , as you won’t need to sync each sensor like the Arccos 360. Tiger Misses Cut At The Open Championship. Tiger Woods missed the cut at The Open Championship by five strokes after posting a two-day total of 6-over par.

Tiger Misses Cut At The Open Championship

Woods was mostly out of the tournament after shooting a first-round 78, his worst round in a major championship since carding an 81 at the 2002 Open. After his dramatic win at the Masters in April, Tiger Woods failed to capture that Augusta magic over the remainder of the season, including his lackluster performance at Royal Portrush, home to the 2019 Open. Woods warned the media that his game wasn’t close to being ready in the days leading up the 148th Open Championship. A Quick Guide to Buying Guitar Strings. One of the best parts of my job as a sales associate at Murphy’s Guitars in Utah is helping people find the exact tone that they’re looking for.

A Quick Guide to Buying Guitar Strings

Some customers find it right away and walk out of the store with huge smiles on their faces. Eventually I know that they’ll be back, first of all because I’m committed to giving my customers exceptional service, but secondly everyone will eventually need to change their strings. Today I’m going to walk you through searching for the perfect pack of strings. Electric, Acoustic, or Classical? When a customer walks in and says, “I need guitar strings” It’s basically a game of 20 questions. Guitar Shop 101: Tips for Buying a Used Electric. Photo 1 During the 25 years I’ve worked on guitars, I’ve had many clients bring in a recently purchased used electric for a setup, only to discover that the axe has serious underlying problems that were not disclosed by the seller.

Guitar Shop 101: Tips for Buying a Used Electric

Most guitars you find in a reputable music store have been checked out by the shop’s in-house repair team and are sold at a fair price. But in many cases, instruments acquired from online auctions, pawnshops, or flea markets are not always the “killer deal” they appear to be. How To Prevent Skateboarding Injuries.pdf. How To Build a Parts Guitar. Posted: September 11, 2017.

How To Build a Parts Guitar

How Vitamin B12 Can Improve Your Brain Health. Most people know that it is important to keep your body nourished and that it may be a good idea to take a daily multivitamin. That’s as far as most people go in terms of knowing the specific benefits of a well-rounded, healthy diet or vitamin supplements. How vitamin B12 can help your health For instance, it is fairly common knowledge that B-vitamins are helpful in maintaining energy levels and managing stress. However, Vitamin B12, in particular, has also been linked to brain health. Kryptonics Longboard Comprehensive Review: Should You Buy? Go Green Blog - The Role of Vitamin B12 As a Nutrient - Usages, Doses, and Benefits. Vitamin B12 as a nutrient is essential for overall good health and is needed to treat or prevent certain ailments and conditions. Vitamin B12 can be obtained through your diet by eating meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products. It is also synthetically produced to be taken as a supplement, given via injections, or inhaled.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Sufficient levels of vitamin B12 are not always obtained from peoples diets due to trouble absorbing the vitamin. This can be age related, many elderly people are vitamin B12 deficient because their bodies struggle to absorb B12. Other conditions that can affect absorption rate are weight loss, surgery, heavy drinking, and lacking intrinsic factor in the intestine.

Buying Guide for Best Skateboards in 2020 by Nethan Paul. How To Know What Parts You Need For Your Gibson Guitar by Nethan Paul. Gibson Electric Vs Acoustic: Which is Better For Beginners? As a beginner you should be aware of the types of guitars available, their prices and also be familiar with all the parts. These are quite confusing as there are acoustic guitars, Gibson-electric, acoustic-electric, etc.

So knowing their difference is essential. Usually, beginners prefer to buy a Gibson SG, acoustic or an electric model. In this article, we will focus on which is the best choice for beginners. Also, we will highlight the pros and cons. Gibson Electric Guitars Gibson guitars are one of the oldest collections of guitars available. The Gibson electric guitars are extremely lightweight and portable. Pros The small size is suitable for beginners. Cons. How To Change Guitar Tuners by Nethan Paul.

Acoustic Guitar Repair Guides, Instructions, & Tips - Guitar Repair Bench. I love playing and working on my acoustic guitars. I often find myself playing my acoustic guitars more than my electric guitars. Acoustic guitars can be extremely rewarding to play, but they can also be uncomfortable to play. Don’t stop playing your acoustic because it isn’t setup properly. You can make almost any acoustic guitar play awesome with a little repair and setup work. Here is a list of some of the most common acoustic guitar repairs that I see. How to Buy Nicotine E-Cigarettes in Australia #infographic.

Complete beginners to e cigarettes and vaping. If you're just getting started then fear not. Simply buy an all-inclusive e cigarette starter kit from our vape store. Lucy Adams Skateboarder: PUSH THE PROM. Guitar Shop 101: Using Super Glue in Guitar Repair. Photo 1 Super glue plays an important role in many types of guitar repair. Why Using an E-Cigarette Instead of Smoking Represents a Good Lifestyle Choice. Only true smokers know how challenging it can be to put down the cigarettes for good. Friends and family members may ask you to address your addiction continuously and become frustrated by your apparent failure, but they don’t know what it’s like to be in the claws of addiction.

The chrome ball incident: chrome ball interview #74: kris markovich. Chops and markovich sit down for conversation. Alright, Kris, I want to put this on record: you don’t get the respect you deserve as a legend in the history of skateboarding. Straight up. Rules of Golf 2019: My Reaction. The Rules of Golf are changing in 2019 and there are several changes that stand out to me. Replacing a broken truss rod. This Gibson EBO bass had a broken truss rod, and the neck had too much bow in it. Because we could hear it rattling in the neck near the neck pickup we had a pretty good idea it was broken at the anchor. The chrome ball incident - Post a Comment.

Tips For The First Time Ice Skaters. 1 . How Playing Golf Makes You an Analytical Thinker - Legal Reader. Most golfers hit the course with a one-track mind. See the ball, hit the ball. Adrenal Fatigue 101: Symptoms, Testing, Diet, and Supplements to Support Adrenal Burn-Out Recovery - Feed Me Phoebe. People joke that you can catch adrenal fatigue just as easily as a head cold in New York City. Especially if you’re a woman during the holiday season, juggling family obligations, end of year office grunt work, and a finely calibrated hormonal motherboard.

So yeah, that’s everyone right? In reality, adrenal fatigue is not something you catch, but rather a slow unraveling. How Vitamin B12 Can Improve Your Brain Health by Nethan Paul. Vetiver essential oil health benefits and how to use it. Vetiver (a perennial grass) belongs to the Poaceae family and native to India. It grows up to 1.5 mm meter and has a tall stem and long thin rigid leaves. Today regions like Haiti, Java, Japan, the Philippines and reunion island produces it. 5 Big Lessons Skateboarding Taught Me About Business – Dan Martell. Damage Boardshop: Sector 9 Longboards! Star Wars x Santa Cruz Skateboards Collection. Fil-Am Golf Invitational Tournament, 70th Edition Will Be Held In Baguio in December 2019. Kicks Deals – Official Website The 13 Best Nike SB Blazer's On Sale Now - Kicks Deals - Official Website. Rules of Golf 2019: My Reaction. THE JENKEM LAKAI SHOE HAS SHIPPED - Jenkem Magazine.

SKATEBOARD VS LONGBOARD_ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.pdf. B12 Deficiency/Pernicious Anemia Awareness – Act Natural Health & Wellness. Find Out The Best Golf Driver For All Ages.pdf. 30A Charity Golf Classic Sold Out But Amazing Prizes are Up For Grabs! – 30AEATS. Replacing a broken truss rod. Top 7 Skateboard Shoes For Best Skating (2).pdf. Restore Your Energy With Vitamin B12 Vape Pen After a Long Workout.pdf.

Heal Yourserlf & Medicine Info: Super Foods for Optimal Health. How to Install a New Tune-o-matic Bridge. Unusual Acoustic Guitar Bridge Repair — Haze Guitars. How To Tune A Guitar For Beginners by Nethan Paul. Brian Howard's guitar building & repair blog. Benefits of Playing Golf as an Adult by Nethan Paul. New Cars & Bikes: Toyota Etios Cars. Time for outdoor skating! Here’s some tips! – Diary of a Roller Girl. Most Forgiving Irons by Nethan Paul. Is Vitamin B12 Inhaler a Healthy Alternative by Nethan Paul. What Skater Should Choose – Penny Board vs. Skateboard by Nethan Paul.

Golf for Seniors_ You May Not Know the Unexpected Health Benefits by Nethan Paul. The Dangers of a B12 Deficiency. Another song lesson video: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley. The Golf Coast: PGA Tour Q-School: Inside the numbers. GOOP’s physician branded supplements warrant a closer look – Dr. Jen Gunter. How playing golf can benefit your health. MEET THE YOUTUBE STARS THAT ARE DISRUPTING SKATEBOARDING - Jenkem Magazine. Beginning Skateboarding: Flat Ground Trick Tips. Etiquette and pace-of-play tips for beginners. Nicotine-Free Healthy Vape Pen by Kate Brownell. Is Vintage Gibson Guitar Worth Buying? by Nethan Paul.

Break 100: 5 Tips to Lower Your Scores - Me And My Golf. Sweet Dreams: 7 Tips To Getting The Best Sleep Of Your Life. How to restring an Acoustic Guitar - iFixit Repair Guide. Everything About Skateboarding Bearings and Wheels by Nethan Paul. Healthy Vape - Latest Trend In Australia by Nethan Paul. Clean Your Acoustic Guitar.

What causes Fret Buzz? ... and How to Fix it! Top 10 Herbs For Herbal Vaping Use - DaVinci. The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for Every Budget - Wikileaf. Sticky Nuts? Here is a cheap and easy fix for your guitar tuning woes. - 10 of the Best Portable Dry-Herb Vaporizers. Most Forgiving Drivers Reviews 2018: Top 10+ Recommended - Golfer Fx Update 2018. Why Golf is the Ultimate Business Tool by Nethan Paul. Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking? The Role of Vitamin B12 as a Nutrient - Usages, Doses, And Benefits by Nethan Paul. Benefits of Skateboarding – Go Skate South Africa.

What Skateboarding Has Taught Me – A Biopsychosocial Perspective. Tips to Learn Skateboarding on a Penny Board by Nethan Paul. WHAT WOULD MAKE SKATERS DITCH THE BIG SHOE BRANDS? - Jenkem Magazine. The Health Benefits of Skateboarding. Curly Hair, Fashion & Beauty: VitaStik Review. Most Common Golf Injuries and How to Prevent Them. Ultimate Guide -The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners to Seniors by Nethan Paul. What causes Fret Buzz? ... and How to Fix it! 5 Fantastic Golf Tips for Beginners: The Place to Start - USGolfTV.