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Tom George

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Why Taking A Risk Is The Only Way To True Success. What used to be safe, is no longer.

Why Taking A Risk Is The Only Way To True Success

What’s “safe” in today’s volatile economy and society, is risk. Not long ago it was safe to go to college, get a degree, then get a job in the field of your study. That’s no longer true. Today, someone is working the job you want to have. They have experience, you don’t – and no one’s hiring. And so, you’re left to your own devices. The Global Economy. ContentCurationReferences.


Technology. Religion. Real Estate. Online. Media. Manufacturing. Healthcare. Government. Food&Beverage. Finance. Energy. Education. Consumer. Business. Banking. Insurance. Fitness. Automotive. Arts&Entertainment. Montage – A Cool Social Online Visual Digital Scrapbook From Microsoft. But one thing still stays the same in the researching business – we still have to compile search results manually, whether it’s in the form of stacks of photocopies or bytes of information.

Montage – A Cool Social Online Visual Digital Scrapbook From Microsoft

Montage from Microsoft tries to change that – in style – by giving us access to an online visual digital scrapbook. More Acquainted With Montage Some might say that Montage is a nice looking web magazine where you can consume information comfortably. The difference with other ordinary web magazines is that the content curator is you. Others may also say that Montage is a kind of search engine where the results are compiled and displayed in a beautiful magazine-like layout. The website gives a brief description of itself: Montage is a flexible web-based service that makes it fun and easy to create and share a visual album of the web on the topics you care about.

Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism. Josh Sternberg is the founder of Sternberg Strategic Communications and authors The Sternberg Effect.

Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism

You can follow him on Twitter and Tumblr. Over the past few weeks, many worries about the death of journalism have, well, died. Despite shrinking newsrooms and overworked reporters, journalism is in fact thriving. The art of information gathering, analysis and dissemination has arguably been strengthened over the last several years, and given rise and importance to a new role: the journalistic curator. The concept of curating news is not new. But with the push of social media and advancements in communications technology, the curator has become a journalist by proxy. “Curation,” says Sayid Ali, owner of, “gathers all these fragmented pieces of information to one location, allowing people to get access to more specialized content. " Curation as an Intermediary. Mknu. Online Content Curation: The Key To Building Visibility, Authority And Value. As you are increasingly submerged by an endless flood of information, online content curators may provide a new, valuable service to anyone looking for quality information online: a personalized, qualified selection of the best and most relevant content and resources on a very specific topic or theme.

Online Content Curation: The Key To Building Visibility, Authority And Value

Curated in real-time. When I first wrote about this, six years ago, I called this type of work newsmastering and newsradars, but now that the real-time element has come into play, as much as social media, video, Twitter and other new content sources, the original idea of what a newsmaster / content curator is and what tools and features are really needed has certainly started to change. Photo credit: Erkin Sahin Robert Scoble has recently posted on his blog a fascinating article entitled: Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators. But let's hit on the brakes for a minute and clearly point out what content curation is and why a "new media guide" like Scoble felt the need to make things clear.

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