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Extint: Add Are You Smarter Than a Plant? Predicting random violence by mathematics. ( -- In a new study published in Science, researchers, led by physicist Neil Johnson from the University of Miami, show that attacks by groups such as the Taliban or Hezbollah may seem sporadic, they eventually begin to follow a mathematical pattern.

Predicting random violence by mathematics

The researchers looked through public data of military fatalities during the period of 2003 to 2010 in Iraq as well as a ten year period of fighting throughout Afghanistan. Using an open-access software, the researchers discovered that after an initial gap between the first two attacks, the attacks that follow seem to come faster and more frequent, but begin to follow a mathematical pattern. This gradual increase and predictability of attacks seems to point to the facts that, essentially, practice makes perfect. Darwin Pond. U.S. scientists unveil worlds first computerized human brain map.