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Library. Image. Mobile. Software. Pdf. Coldfusion. Microsoft`s Ozzie Talks Open Source, Azure and More. Goodbye activeCollab, hello ProjectPier: project management appl. The project management application I use extensively for some of my tasks has turned its back on the open source beginnings that attracted me and, I’m sure, many others to it during its initial versions.

Goodbye activeCollab, hello ProjectPier: project management appl

ActiveCollab is a clone of the popular Basecamp project management application. The main difference is that while Basecamp is a hosted service with various account levels, activeCollab is something you install in your own server and on which you have full control. PROJECTPIER. The ProjectPier installation that replaced activeCollab in my webserver. I’m using the goCollab monochrome theme that came it. Kaltura - Open Source Video Platform.