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Google Maps Without the Scripting. Posted by Tom Manshreck, Maps API Team If you're a regular reader of this blog, you probably already use the Google Maps API and love it as much as we do!

Google Maps Without the Scripting

But you may find it not useful for certain cases: the Google Maps API requires JavaScript, can take a while to load over slow connections, and requires some overhead to maintain a dynamic website. Google Maps Mania. Web Trend Map 4 by Information Architects Inc. GSV: Pan & Scan. ImageViewer.dimensions x,y: -32,-272tile 0,0 at 0,3tile 1,0 at 0,1tile 2,0 at 0,2tile 0,1 at 1,3tile 1,1 at 1,1tile 2,1 at 1,2tile 0,2 at 2,3tile 1,2 at 2,1tile 2,2 at 2,2tile 0,3 at 3,3tile 1,3 at 3,1tile 2,3 at 3,2tile 0,4 at -1,3tile 1,4 at -1,1tile 2,4 at -1,2 The original image is 16,384 x 16,384 pixels, but the javascript on this page requests only the visible 256 x 256 pixel tiles needed to fill the smaller window.

GSV: Pan & Scan

As the image is dragged, tiles are repositioned and images re-requested to maintain the illusion of smooth scrolling. In theory (hah!) The original image can be infinite in size. This is the same technique used by Google Maps to render the street and satellite maps, and by Zoomify to speed up image viewing. GMap Module. Module maintainer @podarok We are in CodeFreeze stage for 7.x-2.x as preparing and refactoring for #2139223: Drupal 8 gmap version Only bug and security fixes can be commited All feature requests should be filled against latest 7.x-2.x branch The GMap module provides an interface to the Google Maps API within Drupal.

GMap Module