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NACHAN FARRATE Lyrics from All Is Well- CiteFast - An Incredibly Easy Citation Tool For Researchers. ICSWaP 2016 : 1st International Conference on Sustainable Water Processing| The conference will allow the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge research in water process engineering, sustainability and energy efficiency. The scope will include theoretical and applied research, technological and industrial development.

Participants will include leading academic researchers, scientists and engineers from water processing and associated industries as well as representatives of government organizations, international agencies and aid organizations. Topics include: -Emerging sustainable technologies for potable and waste water treatment. MapInteract 2015 : 3rd ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Interacting with Spatial Information| Spatial information has become the backbone of countless applications, services, and research endeavors at various scales. We use spatial information to find our ways outdoors and indoors, to identify locations, to reason about spatial relations, to analyze the environment, to plan buildings and land use, to create the infrastructures and services of smart cities of the future, or to realise autonomous vehicles.

The ubiquitous availability of spatial information enables exciting possibilities but also creates important challenges across all domains. How can we efficiently make use of spatial data? How can we identify information that really matters, e.g. during wayfinding in indoor and outdoor environments? The goal of MapInteract 2015 is to bring together researchers interested in questions and challenges surrounding interaction with spatial information. 10 Essential Chromebook Apps for Teachers Over the last few years we have reviewed hundreds of educational Chrome apps some of which are also Chromebook compatible.

We know from the emails we receive that several of you are using Chromebooks with their students in class. We are actually working on organizing all the Chromebook apps we have covered so far into different categories easily accessible from the menu bar. From tips on how to effectively use Chromebooks in your instruction to subject-specific apps to enhance your lesson planning and delivery, these collections will definitely have you covered. However, as we were wading through our archive we pulled out some Chromebook apps which have really been popular among teachers. These are particularly helpful for those of you looking for an initial list of essential apps to use on their Chromebooks. 1- Google Classroom 2- Socrative Saocrative is one of my favourite tools for getting feedback from users. 3- Google Keep 4- Wunderlist 5- YouTube Video Editor 6- Magistro 7- Pixlr Editor.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning Programs Online learning holds the future of higher education. Many university and college students find themselves with other obligations which include family and job commitments beyond that of getting a degree. It is therefore critical for them to take online classes and study on their own. The demand for online learning is also escalating due to many state institutions being unable to accommodate all the students that want to take classes in campus. Online learning programs offer many advantages which include: There are no hindrances to completing your online classes regardless of personal commitments, external conditions or unexpected life incidents. You can hop online at any time and check which assignments are due next or you can check on the chapters you need to read on.

This helps you to work at your own pace and it also helps you prioritize your time. Online classes provide platforms for interactions and therefore the student does not have to be completely isolated. What to do when your email address sends spam What’s worse than getting spam? Unwittingly sending it. When bogus and probably malware-laden advertising goes out in your name, you look bad.

And you get flooded with bounced messages from dead addresses that some crook attempted to spam in your name. The good news: You’re not sending out spam. Neither is your computer or your IP address. If spam is going out from your email address, the address has been either spoofed or hijacked. Spoofing an email address is, in a sense, forging it. There’s really no solution to spoofing. Hijacking is worse. Fortunately, you can do something about hijacking. As soon as you discover that your address is spamming people, try to change your password…immediately.

But if your mail service rejects your password, the problem is serious. If you’re still connected and can receive mail, try to login on another computer or using your browser’s private mode. If that fails, you’ll have to contact the mail service and discuss the problem. Varun Dhawan's candid moment with Shah Rukh Khan - Dilwale Movie.

Home » Media » Varun Dhawan’s candid moment with Shah Rukh Khan Varun Dhawan is all set to share screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in Rohit Shetty’s forthcoming romantic drama, ‘Dilwale’. The movie is grabbing the limelight everywhere – be it the the candid inside pictures from the shooting or the star cast. Both Varun Dhawan and Shah Rukh Khan were shooting in Bulgaria for the movie. The movie features Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawana and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. Now, for the first time ever, both the actors were clicked together – but not from the shoot. Varun Dhawan shared a picture of him posing with Shah Rukh Khan and the latter’s IPL trophy. Related SRK & Kajol to begin shooting for ‘Dilwale’ in June Rohit Shetty is the man of the moment as he recently announced that he will be bringing together one of the most loved on-screen couples in his next movie, ‘Dilwale’.

April 2, 2015 In "Media" Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale shoot causes commotion in Goa Mr. April 6, 2015. Online Learning with a Social Twist, Launches to Give Teachers Income and Students Knowledge. It’s free to access and free to teach. How did education get so simple? Launched in May with an innovative approach, combines social networking with online learning. Quite literally becoming an ‘information super highway’ the new platform already offers over 75 self-paced courses and an education-based newsfeed. Illuminating students on everything from self-improvement to technology one could ask, what’s in it for the teachers? Answer being, a commission-based payout structure and the satisfaction of working with students hungry to learn.

Approachable in every way, the e-learning site allows teachers to create as many course topics as they choose. Anders Fung, founder of said of how anyone can earn an income teaching, “Experts can freely teach on any topics they choose and charge their own fees. Depending on content and ratings teachers earn 55% to 75% of the price of the course sold with zero platform fees. For more information visit Related. How to implement WhatsApp messaging in your business While many of us consider WhatsApp a handy way for staying in touch with friends and family, the messaging service with 800 million users is also an incredibly powerful tool for businesses.

According to Breda Today, a Dutch local newspaper, when they started experimenting with the platform they had click-through-rates (CTR) of 114 percent for their content. When compared to Facebook’s CTRs of 63 percent, the messaging service suddenly looks like an untapped resource by marketers everywhere. In this post we’ll explore examples of how others have used WhatsApp in their business, and ways it can help your own company connect with users in more powerful ways. Use it to instantly connect and interact with audiences Sending out emails to your customers is an effective way of informing them what’s happening with your company.

Breda Today, also uses WhatsApp to allow readers to send news tips or photos directly to the newsroom. Use it the same way you use email Take Away. 10 Tips to Be a Great Online Teacher. Teaching online is the new Holy Grail for many young K-12 educators. They dream about how wonderful it would be to spend part of their day working from home and conduct meaningful interactions with students online while preparing dinner. To them, teaching online means never having to be anywhere at any particular time, never having to wear uncomfortable and never being asked a question without having time to research the answer. Nevertheless, the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the network connection. While online teaching offers many rewards for instructors, it takes a special set of skills and attitudes to excel at it. Here are 10 tips you shall need to be a successful online teacher: Know Thy Students : It’s hardly news that a great deal of human communication is nonverbal, so the chances of misunderstanding increase exponentially.

Give Thoughtful and Regular Feedback : This is a critical element to online teaching success. Google has taught Chrome to sing. Google has taught Chrome to sing. The search giant has released a new “experimental” extension for Chrome which allows you to instantly share links using audio. The new extension (‘Tone’) broadcasts the URL in any tab through your machine’s speakers as a little blast of bleeps and bloops, like the ramblings of a deranged R2D2. The sound is picked up by any computer running Tone within earshot, and then pops up a notification which, when clicked, opens the link in a new tab. The idea is to easily allow teams to share documents and links without copying and pasting links in chat boxes. “As digital devices have multiplied, so has the complexity of coordinating them and moving stuff between them,” write Google’s Alex Kauffmann (an interaction researcher) and engineer Boris Smus.

Google admitted that the tool (“built for fun in an afternoon”) initially resulted in a barrage of Rickrolls — presumably because it was opening up tabs automatically rather than providing a clickable notification. Criptext lets you unsend your Gmail messages and attachments any time - Latest Tech News, Tips and Tricks, How to Guides, Famous Storys. Need to unsend an email or attachment? We’ve all been there. Criptext lets you recall any message you send through its service with just a click. Available for Gmail as an extension for Chrome and Safari, Criptext encrypts your outgoing mail and shows you when it was opened. It converts your email text into an image only when it’s opened, so it can’t be scanned by bots. You can recall a message at any time or set it to self-destruct after a specified time. Criptext also lets you securely send attachments up to 100MB in size. It encrypts your attached files, displays them in a custom attachment viewer and gives you the option to lock them with a password or block printing and downloading.

Using Criptext is a snap — install the extension and check the Enable box when sending a message from your Gmail inbox. Criptext is free while it’s still in beta and will continue to be for at least six more months, as it seeks feedback from users to improve its existing features and offer new ones. 3 Interesting Tools for Creating Maps with Students - Latest Tech News, Tips and Tricks, How to Guides, Famous Storys. Today we are introducing you to some good web tools to use for creating maps with students. These are new tools that we are featuring here for the first time. Using these tools students will be able to create custom maps, draw on maps, insert text and custom images to their maps, place markers, and many more. 1- ZeeMaps This is a great tool for creating interactive maps.

It provides unlimited markers per map and has 3 level access control for each map: viewer, member and admin. ZeeMaps also allow you to add video, photo or audio with your markers. 2- Click2Map Click2Map is another web application that enable you to easily create maps and add points of interest to any geographic location of your choosing. 3- Scribble Maps Scribble Maps lets you create and customize your maps the way you want. Google can now tell you how many calories are in your next fast food binge - NameTheArticle. Home » apps » Google can now tell you how many calories are in your next fast food binge Google now lets you look up the calorie counts in your meals from popular fast food restaurants like McDonalds.

You can search “calories in X” or simply ask out loud after saying “OK, Google.” The result is a nutritional information box listing calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and protein. While there are plenty of calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal already available, this just makes for a handy alternative. Google has made no indication about whether it plans to expand the feature to include more restaurants over time. Google Sheets web app updated with new features, filters, and more - Latest Tech News, Tips and Tricks, How to Guides, Famous Storys. Google is updating its Google Sheets spreadsheet app on the web today with a few new features and improvements. First up, the updated app now includes new customization options for charts including the ability to add data labels as well as shapes to denote data points including stars, triangles, and pentagons.

Some of the other new features arriving today include a preview for formula results in real-time when typing, the ability to filter rows and columns by “greater than” and “text contains”, and an option to add calculated fields “to pivot tables when you want to apply formulas to pivot table data.” Google adds that you’ll also now be able to “Use the GETPIVOTDATA function to more easily retrieve data from your pivot table.” Lastly, Google has a new option to present a customized warning message to collaborators that attempt to edit something they shouldn’t (pictured below): Top 4 Presentation Tools For Teachers - Latest Tech News, Tips and Tricks, How to Guides, Famous Storys. Fed up with the traditional way of presenting through Keynote or Google Slides? The four tools below are definitely great alternatives to use to create engaging presentations to share with students.

We particularly divided the tools into two main categories: tools for creating slideshow presentations and tools for creating document/poster based presentations. 1. Prezi Prezi is a powerful web tool that allows you to create visually appealing presentations. 2. Haiku Deck is another wonderful presentation tool for teachers. 3. ThingLink is an excellent web tool that allows you to create interactive images online. 4. Glogster is a web tool and mobile app that allows users to create free interactive posters, or Glogs. BDSN 2015 : 3rd International workshop on Big Data and Social Networking Management and Security| 15 ways to get a flat stomach - Cook It Now. Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale shoot causes commotion in Goa - Dilwale. 7 Tips to Unlock the Potential of Google Inbox.

MTSR 2015 : 9th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference| 10 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Know. 7 Gmail Tricks That Will Make You More Productive. SRK & Kajol to begin shooting for ‘Dilwale’ in June - Dilwale. Google Calendar: 8 Hidden Tips & Tricks. 4 Google Slides Tips to Help Kick Your PowerPoint Addiction. 4 Google Slides Tips to Help Kick Your PowerPoint Addiction. Get Things Done Faster with these Microsoft Word Tips. Kriti Sanon begins shooting for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ - Dilwale. 15 Amazingly Useful Google Services You Should Know About. 5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms. You May Never Know These Google Search Tips and Tricks If You Miss This. The 25 Best Self-Improvement Books To Read Before You Turn 25. Superwoman on sets of ‘Dilwale’ - Dilwale. Good Communication Skills Will Help You Find Long-Term Success.

10 Google Spreadsheet Tricks & Tips You Probably Didn’t Know. Now Draw Better In Google Docs With 3 New Features. Save Time with Google Docs Templates. 100 Great Google Docs Tips for Students & Educators. A Time Bomb, An Automatic Food Maker, A Robot – Here’s Why Abhishek Is The Coolest Innovator We Know. How is Technology Helping Tutors Improve their Efficiency and Deliverability. The Best Text to Speech Tools for Teachers. A Bicycle That Rides On Water. Invented By This 60 Year Old Man from Bihar. Hide all your active tabs in one go - NameTheArticle. Bunkr Is Now The Definitive PowerPoint Alternative Designed For The Web. How to Fight Plagiarism.

5 must have free Gmail add-ons. 5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do On YouTube. SIN 2015 : 8th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks - 60 Free Computer Science College Courses You Can Take Online in 2015. Any.DO’s Chrome app now lets you create to-do lists directly from Gmail. Use Flashissue to send beautiful, engaging emails. Five ‘Add-Ons’ to bring some extra sparkle to Docs and Sheets. Top 8 Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions - NameTheArticle.

Hands on with Samsung’s new Milk VR service. 5 Sites To Find Your Next Dream Job In A Tech StartUp - NameTheArticle. A Very Good Infographic on Inspirational Leaders. INCH LYRICS - Zora Randhawa Feat. Dr. Zeus, Fateh - Lyrics. 5 Time-Saving Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms. Shah Rukh Khan's "Atharva - The Origin" - A New Age Graphic Novel - Official Trailer. Missing A Key? How To Remap & Fix Your Keyboard Layout - NameTheArticle. Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta Lyrics - BABY Song | Papon - Lyrics |

Review Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A5000) Top 5 Best Offline Maps Apps For Android Devices. Microsoft opens Office for Android preview to all. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Lyrics - ROY | Meet Bros. Anjjan, Kanika Kapoor - Lyrics. YouTube to add support for 360-degree videos in the coming weeks. 6 Growth Hack Techniques You Can Try Today. Google takes aim at AirPlay with Google Cast for audio. How To Add Numbers Row To Google Keyboard In Android Devices - NameTheArticle. Top 10 Ways iPads Are Key to Teaching Kids With Learning Disabilities. Chromebooks can now run Linux in a Chrome OS window. 4 Technologies That Have Changed Business Forever. InstaGrok: An Education Search Engine for Students. Samsung's new Milk VR app streams 360-degree video to Gear VR headset. How to Create a Bibliography in Google Documents.

Touch My Body Lyrics - Alone | Bipasha, Karan Grover - Lyrics. Want to Be Happy? Be Grateful. 4.85mm thick Oppo R5 heads to India for Rs. 29,990. 5 Things to Do Every Day in 2015 to Be a Better Entrepreneur. Tu Chale Lyrics - 'I' movie | Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal - Lyrics. Wazir Movie Trailer - Amitabh Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar & Aditi Rao Hydari. KATRA LYRICS - ALONE Movie Song by Ankit Tiwari - Lyrics. FU (For You) Lyrics - RAFTAAR | WTF MixTape - Lyrics. Tu Har Lamha Lyrics - Khamoshiyan | Arijit Singh - Lyrics. Phatte Tak Nachna Lyrics - Dolly Ki Doli | Sonam Kapoor - Lyrics. Sooraj Dooba Hai Lyrics - ROY | Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma - Lyrics. Neetu Kapoor Reveals Ranbir Kapoor’s Wedding Plans With Katrina Kaif! Questia Library - Scholarly Sources for Writing Research Papers, Essays and Homework. 5 common mistakes guaranteed to screw up your PR strategy. Facebook Dumps Bing, Will Introduce Its Own Search Tool. 7 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused.

Hot Jacqueline Fernandez Top 5 Fashion Moment. How to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale. Hangouts Chrome app updated with phone tab and better notification support. The Strength Of A Transparent Startup. When Varun Dhawan Fought With Shraddha Kapoor – And Made Her Cry! Dil Ka Funda Lyrics - Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene | Jubin Nautiyal - Lyrics. 6 Rules to Accomplish More Each Day.