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The significance of marine telescopes for present-day generation: Business Articles. The sea is indeed an enticing place that can be full of adventure and instruments such as marine telescope, brass compass, and etc.The antique telescope was procured in large amounts by sailors, the military people and astronomers. However, attributable to the brittle glass optics and the brass tubes that were easy to indent, not a big amount of these telescopes are to be found nowadays. Most often, these telescopes were used by sailors and had intricate optics to show the image right side up, unlike the scopes used for astronomy which have an upturned image. The hand-held telescope, also named a spyglass was focused by moving the pipes backward and forward to alter the length to get a clear image. A telescope with 3 or 4 segments was much more compact and easy to store, but a bit delicate. For sturdiness, the mariners chose the 2 section spyglass known as the single-draw telescope.

Brass telescope. Brass, Vintage, Marine & Antique Nautical Telescope in India. Blog - Marine Lamps: Find It, Buy It! Buying an antique ship lamp as a gift item is not something you usually consider. The most common reason for this is people believe it to be beyond their budget. For all those who think they cannot get their hands on an antique lamp, we have good news for you. At Collectibles Buy, we offer a wide range of antique lamps including marine lamps, ceiling lights, tripod floor and desktop lamps and lamp stands. These lamps are antique reproductions of the historical designs of the era to which they belong. They are available at pocket-friendly prices and attractive designs. Lamps Used Onboard Ships In history, ship lamps were used to provide handy, secure communication during periods of radio silence as well as other times.

Antique lamps are very popular as housewarming gifts. Blog - Buy Tripod Telescopes at the Best Price in India. Do celestial bodies amaze you? If yes, then you must be more than willing to have a telescope for yourself. You can spend hours identifying the different heavenly bodies and write about them in your blog. This is exciting, right. But, do not limit your thoughts to star gazing only when you can use a telescope for bird watching, decorating home or gifting purpose. At Collectibles Buy, we stock a collection of tripod telescopes that can be used for many purposes other than exploring what’s in the space.

More importantly, these antique decoratives are available in a price range that is affordable. What are you waiting for then? Blog - Popularity of Vintage Replicas as Gifts Items. If you think handcrafted antique showpieces are something you cannot buy for your man for the coming Valentine’s Day, you need to wake up from your slumber! Although beautiful, antique items made of wood and brass were pretty costly and seemed something only super rich could buy; they have now become a standard gift item. Collectibles Buy has been providing timeless antique replicas to their Indian and overseas clients for more than 30 years now. Our wide variety of handcrafted antique replicas of nautical and vintage items including vintage cameras, chess boards, antique telephones, ceiling lights, antique compass, ship portholes, and stone and bone jewellery.

Seems good? Buying a pair of formal trousers for you hubby or a DVD of his favourite movie are pretty good ideas but if your man is really into the classy stuff (like having a vintage brass desk lamp on his office table), he would really appreciate you taking the extra step and getting him a one-of-a-kind present. Make your loved ones feel special with nautical gifts! Nautical items are one of the most common gifts that individuals like to give on birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and farewells to their loved ones.

The reasons are quite fathomable; these gifts are striking, elegant and folkloric. They are the keys to good memoirs of a splendid past. But what are the numerous nautical gifts that you can give to somebody? Would they be of any use or would they just serve as items of adornment? Some of the mysteries spinning around such gifts clarified here. There are numerous types of nautical gifts that you can give. Although, there is no cataloging as such and every one can be presented all varieties of gifts that are considered nautical, however there are exceptional occasions and exceptional folks to whom these nautical items are frequently gifted just to mark their special existence in your life.

Having said that, let us now come to what are the numerous nautical gifts that you can give. Book Online Bridal Makeup Artists in Chandigarh. GetYourMakeup - Bridal Makeup artist in Chandigarh. GetYourMakeup - Makeup Atrist In Gurgaon. GetYourMakeup - Bridal Makeup Artist In Delhi. Top Makeup Artists in Bangalore. When it comes to the most vital days of your life i.e. your wedding day, you categorically desire to have everything to optimal excellence. Right from your dress, decoration, invite, food, location to other preparations, you make certain that everything turns out to be the most delightful ever. And the most imperative person everybody, be it your family, groom's family and the visitors anticipate is the bride.

From the dress to the accouterments a bride is wearing, everything is a subject of discussion for almost all. Being the bride, you can be assured about the dress, jewelry, footwear and all other things as you can try them and get a view. Find an expert So as to find an appropriate bridal makeup expert, you can start with probing online or take assistance from your friends, kinsfolks and colleagues. Exchange details Now, after deciding upon the makeup artist, look into their availability on your wedding day and whether they have other customers also on the same day. Alex Daisy Kids Furniture Store in India. Vintage & Antique Home Décor Online at Antique Shops India. 5 Week Skin Regime For Brides. If you are getting married this fall and wish to look picture perfect on your wedding, there is nothing more important than having a healthy, shiny glow on your skin, says a professional makeup artist from Delhi. We got a team of 5 beauty experts together and they came up with this 5 week skin regime every bride-to-be should follow to flaunt a glowing skin on her wedding day!

Week 1- Start concentrating on your diet. Add more fruits and vegetables in your patter to load up on fibres, collagen, vitamins and minerals. Hydrate your body well to flush out harmful toxins that cause breakouts. Week 2- Include at least 30 min of exercise in your schedule. Week 3- Body brushing- Get ready to pamper your skin with some soft brushing every day before taking your morning bath. Week 4- Facial- Schedule a deep cleansing facial with a professional beauty salon near you or hire a freelance makeup artists in Delhi to get one at your home. Expert Tips For Glowing Skin | topmakeupartist. A healthy glowing skin does not require you to follow a strict celebrity schedule. Sure, everything they do might have its advantages, but getting a perfectly glowing skin is not really that difficult. Follow these simple tips and your skin would become like a baby’s- soft and smooth. Assess- First off, assess the present condition of your skin and set measureable goals to achieve.

Like if you have oily skin and have pimples, the first thing on your list should be to get medication from a professional dermatologist for those nasty breakouts.Schedule facials- Depending on your skin condition, choose a facial routine and book an appointment with a beauty salon for your monthly facial. Hydrate- Water is said to be the best friend of your skin. Hiding a neglected skin under makeup is only going to let you through emergency situations and it is not generally advised by beauty experts. Makeup & hairstylist — Easy Way to Find a Professional Makeup Artist in... Inube Verification. The Right Way to Wear Blush. Ready for flushed cheeks? Good. No party makeup is complete without a blush. It is an essential element of makeup kit. A healthy heightening of the colour of your cheeks actually elevates your glowing look. So, which is the right area for the product to be applied on? Here is how you should do it. Put on foundation to perfect your face of any marks or blemishes.

To put on the perfect makeup for special event, hire the top makeup artist in Delhi. Health & Beauty. Beauty Tips That We Learned From Moms - All. Mommy knows best! She may be nagging and bossing around all these years, but when it comes to looking perfect on the most special day of your life you cannot ignore your mom’s advice. So, let’s hear it; some of the wisest words about beauty from mommies. 1) Less is more.

You will hear most mommies saying that natural look on your wedding day can work wonders. 2) Fuller brows give a better look as compared to too thin or far apart eyebrows. 3) Spare one night a week at home to take care of yourself. 4 ) Use a good body lotion in wet body, no excuses. 5) Keep your hands of your face as much as you can. 6) When it comes to diet, you will hear her say, “Everything in moderation”. 7) You may have easily ignored this but taking care of your neck is very important. 8) If you have a great hair, wearing too much makeup is not needed. 9) I blush easily naturally and so, I don’t need to wear blush.