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Corporate Europe Observatory. Neelie Kroes was a commissioner under Barroso for ten years, firstly for competition and then for the digital agenda until 31 October 2014.

Corporate Europe Observatory

Prior to that she had had a career in domestic politics in the Netherlands serving as minister of transport, public works and water management in the 1980s. She then took a number of corporate jobs and sat on the boards of Royal P&O Nedlloyd, New Skies Satellites, Thales Netherlands, MM02, Volvo amongst others. When she joined the Commission in 2004, Kroes listed 25 corporate posts in her official CV that she had held in the previous decade and at the time the Wall Street Journal wrote: “EU officials acknowledge that they have never dealt with a commission candidate with such extensive business ties - and potential conflicts.”

According to the WSJ, DG Competition reviewed Kroes' outside interests before her confirmation hearing with MEPs. The Wall Street Journal also reported that Special government envoy Bank of America Merrill Lynch She also said: 〓 VIDÉOS 〓 Big Pharma. En Israël, les touristes peuvent passer leur vacances à "tuer" des terroristes. Caliber 3 Shooting Range in Israel Offers Tourists Chance to ‘Shoot Terrorists’ Through innovative training, a West Bank company is offering tourists the thrill of their lives.

Caliber 3 Shooting Range in Israel Offers Tourists Chance to ‘Shoot Terrorists’

Caliber 3, a shooting range located in Jerusalem, affords Americans, among others, the opportunity to practice shooting terrorists, while learning covert skills. By all accounts, the experience is intense, thrilling and — unforgettable. Aside from aiming at cardboard cutouts made to look like radical operatives, visitors hear stories about battleground experiences and see a simulated assassination of terrorists by guards, YNetNews reports. Image Credit: Caliber 3 Guides take participants through the invigorating process. Shay, a gray-haired guide with a throaty voice, demonstrates the best way to grab hold of an assailant, while shots sound in the nearby range. It’s people like Shay who show children and adults, alike, how to operate weapons and solve crises. Indeed, this is a unique opportunity for any individuals who may find themselves visiting the Middle East. (H/T: YNetNews) Tourists venture to West Bank to 'shoot terrorists'

Thrill-seeking tourists of all ages brave West Bank shooting range to be taught by settlers how to shoot terrorists Summer camp, warfare style: Like a frozen turkey plunged into boiling oil, a group of American tourists descend from an air-conditioned van into the scorching heat of the West Bank.

Tourists venture to West Bank to 'shoot terrorists'

Flashing smiles all around, they march into Caliber 3, a local shooting range. "Move it! " the Israeli guide suddenly yells. "Destroy that terrorist," he orders them, and they charge, guns loaded, at cardboard targets. Related articles: Gush Etzion has become a hot destination in recent months for tourists seeking an Israeli experience like no other: The opportunity to pretend-shoot a terror operative.

Three seconds to take terrorist down (Photo: Alex Kolomoisky) The fact that the tourist attraction is located beyond the Green Line only intensifies the thrill for the visitors, who often appear disappointed when told by their guides that they are not in any danger.


Le Site du Zéro, site communautaire de tutoriels gratuits pour débutants : programmation, création de sites Web, Linux... Data. Le Portail Microfinance : Le secteur bancaire Guinéen a connu une évolution très mouvementée depuis l’accession du pays à l’indépendance en 1958.

Le Portail Microfinance :

Le point de départ de la nouvelle politique monétaire et bancaire a été l’abandon en 1960 de la zone franc Ouest Africaine ; ce qui a débouché en 1962 sur l’adoption d’une politique monétaire indépendante. Avant l’avènement de la 2ème république en 1984, toutes les institutions financières appartenaient à l’État à l’exception de la Banque Islamique de Guinée (BIG), qui avait été autorisée à opérer en Guinée à partir de 1980. Les caractéristiques principales et communes des banques de l’État étaient la très mauvaise gestion et la corruption.

La crise du secteur financier et bancaire était d’une telle envergure que des reformes importantes s’imposaient. Microfinance Guinea. Le podcast vidéo en 60 secondes. le podcast, c’est l’émission hebdomadaire de LibéLabo avec l’équipe d’ -- Erwan Cario, Alexandre Hervaud et Camille Gévaudan --, qui revient sur l’actualité de la semaine.

le podcast vidéo en 60 secondes

Cette semaine, on accueille Hélène Lombard -- également connue sous le pseudonyme de Ioudgine --, scénariste et réalisatrice de la websérie 60 secondes , produite par Arte et diffusée chaque jour à 19h sur Facebook.

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