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E-reputation and datamining

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CV Christophe ASSELIN - Expert Veille Internet, e-réputation, We. New generation sunproof screens - technology : sci-tech, hi-tech. We all know how difficult it can be to see a liquid crystal screen when the sun comes out.

New generation sunproof screens - technology : sci-tech, hi-tech

Suddenly, you just can’t use your phone, your camera, your digital e-reader… But Dutch company Liquivista thinks it has the answer. The technology isn’t new however. Electro-wetting was first developed in 1875. Johan Feenstra, Chief Technical Officer and founder of Liquavista told Euronews: “Electro- wetting is technology that uses electric tension in such way that it can move liquids. Digimind - Competitive Intelligence Software. HotGrinds - Serving fresh-ground opinions from the web. Mozilla Firefox.