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Fixers Collective NYC | Working Together to Fix the Things in Our Lives Fixers Collective NYC | Working Together to Fix the Things in Our Lives We have a Fixing Session coming up! Please join us this Thursday, January 16, 2014 at Proteus Gowanus: 543 Union Street Corner of Nevins Street Gowanus, Brooklyn Enter through the wrought-iron gates on Nevins Street, walk past Kabinet’s doors, you’ll see double doors on the left adjacent to a private parking lot.
- Bienvenue sur la page participation ! - L’action des incroyables comestibles est une initiative citoyenne ouverte à tous ! 4 – Participation | Incredible Edible Fréland

4 – Participation | Incredible Edible Fréland


Potager en carré, sur les toits, balcon, terrasse

Ripe Green Ideas (faisons mûrir les idées vertes): La Bricothèque
Terre & Humanisme fête ses 20 ans ! Notre association a 20 ans ! L’âge de la maturité, de l’émancipation, de l’ouverture à de nouveaux défis. Forte d’un nouveau projet associatif défini en 2012, Terre & Humanisme profite de cette année symbolique pour inviter le public à découvrir ses jardins et ses actions. Tout un programme ! 2014 sera l’année des festivités :


Mécénat de compétence

20-foot Urban Farm


ZERI Mario Calderon introduced me to Colombia. The projects we were able to implement from the farming of mushrooms on coffee grounds, to the construction of the world's largest bamboo structure of modern times for the World Expo in Hanover, with the test building still standing tall as a symbol of the coffee region in Manizales, would have been impossible without Mario. He taught me how to navigate ethically in a world of corruption, and accept retreat instead of defeat. He inspired me to write the fable "Can I steal less?". Based on his exemplary life style l invited him to become the godfather of my first son Carl-Olaf which he not only accepted, he came to Belgium to celebrate the arrival of my son.